The Plot of The Book of Ruth

January 18, 2017 General Studies

The main introduction in this essay is to point out the different character’s personality, the internal and external issues and what causes the conflicts between them. Bringing out the violence that occur in the characters environment. Both the external and internal conflicts are going to be analyzed and comparing the incidents between these three books, which are chosen, and giving a view if the characters manages to solve their conflicts. Although to get more clearness of why there are violence at all and to see what their relations to one another. Putting everything together and give the reader a theme; a point and meaning what the subject is. The books chosen for this paper are The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton and The Quiet American by Graham Green and the play Oleanna by David Mamet. .

The Book of Ruth.

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If we look at the first thing in The Book of Ruth we see how a young girl, whose name is Ruth is growing up in a underprivileged environment in Honey Creek with her mother May and her brother Matt. Ruth is the main character in the book and she is telling the story by her own words how she is growing up in this unhappily poor society without human intervention. She finds a comfort and relieve with her Aunt Sid. Aunt Sid is the positive character and she is giving Ruth attention she never had and a dream of a better life encourages Ruth a lot. Ruth external conflict is a weakness of character and she is not being independent to handle the circumstances in a mature way. She is a very passive character. Not once is she trying to change her life or improve herself; she simply accepts her life as it is. Unfortunately Ruth has not that many opportunities in life like her younger brother and she is living a life filled with dreams and hope to becoming someone she can be proud of and she is wanting to live up to everybody’s expectation. But sadly this is not happening in Ruth’s reality. May is not giving Ruth any attention like she is giving Matt.


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