The Poem The Caged Bird Sings English Literature Essay

In today ‘s society many people struggle with the feeling of being under lock and cardinal, unable to make and forestall any ends made for themselves. Both the Poem I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and the vocal, Caged Bird both discuss this quandary in much the same manner. A farther expression into both verse form and vocal at manus serves to supply a better apprehension of the symbolic significance behind the caged bird.

The first lines of the verse form discuss what a free bird does. Angelou writes, “ The free bird springs / on the dorsum of the air current / and floats downstream / till the current ends / and dunk his wings / in the orange Sun beams / and darings to claim the sky ” ( 1-7 ) . With these words we get a existent sense of centripetal experiences from giving the air current a back, to doing the beams of Sun something that can be touched or dipped. This adds to the strength and impact of the verse form right from the start. Noteworthy features of the free bird can be seen here every bit good. It leaves no rock unturned and is non afraid to seek new things. It has a sense of escapade that is alone and has a combat spirit. When the author says that the free bird “ dares to claim the sky ” she stating that the free bird does n’t wait for anyone to state it to make something before it does. It does what it wants and this defines its freedom.

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The free bird is brought up later on in the verse form for a 2nd clip. This case describes what the bird is believing approximately. It has dreams and can conceive of and freely think of other things beyond himself and his environment. The writer writes, “ The free bird thinks of another zephyr / and the trade winds soft through the sighingA trees / and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-brightA lawn / and he names the sky his ain ” ( 22-25 ) . The ability of this bird to declare the sky as belonging to him shows assurance and confidence. This bird knows what it wants and non even the sky is the bound.

The caged bird on the other manus is really different from its free opposite number. The reader is introduced to the 2nd bird rather dramatically. This serves to demo the extant of how contrasting the two animals are. Maya Angelou writes, “ But a bird that stalks / down his narrow coop / can seldom see through / his bars of fury / his wings are clipped and / his pess are tied / so he opens his pharynx to sing ” ( 8-14 ) . The line that stands out the most is the fact that the birds ‘ wings are clipped. Wingss give birds freedom to wing above the remainder. It allows them to acquire from one point to the other. It is the ideological independency. Opening his pharynx to sing besides gives a affecting image of hurting and hurt. Largely the caged bird is suppressed. More is stated about the calls of the caged bird. It is a piercing sting of a vocal that spreads far and broad. Although the vocalizing is full of hurting, choler and fright, the bird sings of “ things unknown. ” The caged bird craves to larn about its milieus. It dreams of a better life.

The issues of dreams and ends come into inquiry with the caged bird every bit good but in a different manner. The writer writes, “ But a caged bird bases on the grave of dreams / his shadow shouts on a nightmare shriek / his wings are clipped and his pess are tied /so he opens his pharynx to sing ” ( 26-29 ) . These lines paint such a graphic image of dreams that can non be fulfilled for which other ground. A grave, for case, is a symbol of decease. A grave of dreams is instead inexorable. It shows an environment where dreams ca n’t be fulfilled. Alternatively of happy and positive dreams they are incubuss alternatively, incubuss that keeps the caged bird grounded.

These two birds nevertheless serve to typify much more than what lies on the surface. As examined, the coop keeps the bird locked in unable to get away and bask the freedoms life has to offer. Maya Angelo grew up in a clip and topographic point where African Americans were segregated by jurisprudence and were to a great extent discriminated against. These unjust Torahs are similar to the manner the coop keeps the bird locked in. Besides the caged bird sings and shout a awful melody. This was a manner of rebellion and protest of the captivity. A batch of African Americans at this clip besides used music as their agencies of rebelliousness against unlawfulness. These vocals although insignificant to foreigners served as a agency of freedom.

The history behind this piece by Maya Angelou is a true index for its significance, nevertheless many have grown to utilize this verse form to typify different obstructions in their lives. This verse form can stand for a broad scope of things from society, physical barriers, fright, dependence or any negative behaviour. The free bird can so stand for the yearning and desire for a better manner of life. A better life is a cosmopolitan desire.

One such creative person that has taken the thought behind Maya Angelou ‘s verse form and turned it into a piece of art that represents her life is singer Alicia Keys ‘ vocal, Caged Bird. Keys portions the same hurt and negative feelings of being locked in a coop that she does n’t hold the key to. She sings, “ Right now I feel like a bird / Caged without a keyA / Everyone comes to gaze at meA / With so much joy and rivalryA / They do n’t cognize how I feel insideA / Through my smiling I cry ” ( 1-6 ) . Her coop here is the stares of society and the eyes of a alert populace over her life. On the surface she is happy and puts a smiling on, but deeper down in the surface she is hard-pressed and saddened to the point of cryings.

In the following lines Keys elaborates by stating us precisely what they ‘re making to her. “ They do n’t cognize what they ‘re doin ‘ to meA / Keeping me from flyin’A / That ‘s why I say thatA / I know why the caged bird sings ” ( 7-10 ) . Alicia knows that society has locked her in a coop and that the lone thing she can make is sing. Music is a release for her to get away the restraints put on her from society ‘s alert oculus. Just like in Maya Angelou ‘s verse form, music is freedom and the key to unlocking and acquiring past your coop. In “ Caged Bird ” , Alicia Keys personifies her vocal and gives it the ability to wing. It gives her a consolation from the feverish life she leads. “ Let herA / Fly, fly flyA / For the whole universe to seeA / She ‘s like caged birdA / Fly, flyA / Ooh merely allow her flyA / Just allow her flyA / Just allow her flyA / Spread the wingsA / Spread the beauty ” ( 17-26 ) . This is leting for her spirit to be set from her coop because of the power to look deep within oneself and happen what it is that elevates him or her. In this instance Alicia Keys uses music.

All in all, both verse forms and song service to supply a relevant piece of art that can defy the trial of clip. Both manage with easiness to animate a mass of people to break their lives by utilizing the power of words, an honor prominent writers merely dream about accomplishing.



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