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April 4, 2019 Media

The first approach used to promote health education is Mass Media. Mass Media is used to promote Health Education to the public to make them aware of any problem or issue. Mass Media can be found in different places and presented in many ways, this can be Television, Radio, posters, newspapers and social media. However, there are many other types of media. In the past and now there have been different campaigns that have helped promote health education such as, mental health, smoking and many more. Various campaigns use fear to get their message across to the public and for it to have effect such as making the point that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can increase your risk of getting liver cancer and lung cancer is another effect for smoking. An example of a mass media campaign used to promote health education is the “NHS Anti-smoking” campaign. This type of advertisement is intended to encourage people who smoke to stop. The Mass media approach has advantages and disadvantages. Mass media has the advantage to target a wide audience, therefore it can be an effective way to promote health education however, you cannot see the outcome of your advertisement to see if it has been successful or unsuccessful. Another advantage of using mass media to promote health education is that you raise matters and create awareness about certain health issues this means people see these advertisements and are motivated to change their health habits. On the other hand, to promote health education through the use of mass media can have high costs because of advertisement, so mass media can be very cost effective. On a whole I believe that the mass media approach is used a lot in health promotion, I believe this because it can be used world-wide, county-wide or in villages, towns and cities.


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