The Problems Of An Unknown Identity English Literature Essay

October 7, 2017 English Literature

As one knows adult male with power is non ever successful until they know their interior ego. Sophocles ‘ narrative of King Oedipus is regarded as a chef-d’oeuvre in the greatest of all Grecian calamities. He portrays Oedipus as the male monarch of Thebes who is proud, comfortable, and powerful. His journey in this drama moves Oedipus from the pursuit for a remedy from the pestilence to a hunt for his ain individuality. As the drama progresses Oedipus is brought upon several hints that show him that the jobs in his life are all due to his unknown individuality. Oedipus ‘ unknown individuality causes him to be damned three times. It besides causes him to go emotionally unstable and hurt non merely himself but others. Along with emotional and physical effects, an unidentified individuality becomes the ground to the ruin of Oedipus ‘s. The fact that Oedipus remains nescient of his ain individuality, in malice of his sight, is a warning to his ruin. In hunt of his individuality, Oedipus ‘s unknown individuality becomes the obstruction that harms his life because he takes portion in activities that injury is repute.

Oedipus ‘ unknown individuality led him to implement iniquitous workss upon his life that the people of Thebes and him are unfamiliar with until the terminal of the drama. Oedipus is first iniquitous in casting blood of an old adult male. In the drama Oedipus, Oedipus tells Jocasta:

“ … So, without my parents ‘ cognition, I went to Pytho ; / but came back defeated of any answer/ To the inquiry I asked, holding head alternatively a tale/ Of horror and wretchedness: how I must get married my female parent, And go the parent of a bastardly brood, / An offense to all mankind – and kill my father./At this I fled off… When I came to the topographic point where three roads articulation, … The leader approximately ordered me out of the manner ; … And every adult male of them I killed. ( pg 47, 789-815 ) ”

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Oedipus had killed an old adult male that was about to kill him out of self-defense. Equally small as he knew, Polybus and Merope were non his parents and the adult male he killed was his male parent and the original male monarch of Thebes. He was labelled iniquitous in slaying and became the ground to why his metropolis suffered from a expletive and famishment. As a consequence, his unknown individuality caused him be hated because he snatched the roof off several people. Furthermore, Oedipus was besides iniquitous in matrimony. In a conversation with the Messenger, Oedipus says, “ Loxias said I was foredoomed to do my female parent [ , Queen Merope ] my married woman… . ( pg 53, 996 ) ” He had thought that he was destined to get married his female parent Merope as the prognostication stated. He was kept off from the fact that he was Jocasta ‘s boy, which allowed him to get married Jocasta. However, this matrimony turned out to be unethical within Greek, harming the repute of Jocasta and Oedipus. Along with being iniquitous in get marrieding his female parent, he was iniquitous in holding childs with his female parent. Oedipus was cognizant of this wickedness when he explains to the people of Thebes, “ Cithaeron! Foster-mother! Did you shelter me/ For this? Could you non allow me decease that blink of an eye, / Alternatively of salvaging me to state the world/How I was got? … My blood – will they retrieve what they saw, / And what I came that manner to Thebes to make? / Incestuous wickedness! Breeding where I was bred! ( pg 64, 1390-1404 ) ” Oedipus ‘s unknown individuality makes him detest himself for coming to Thebes and now he wonders what to name his kids. His unknown individuality makes him perpetrate a offense of holding incest with his female parent and go forthing his daughters/sisters in a topographic point where no 1 will get married them. Oedipus ‘s deficiency of cognition towards his individuality makes him complete these horrid workss that inquiry his character.

Furthermore, Oedipus ‘ unknown individuality destroys the trust between people and himself taking to negative effects. His unknown individuality gives him excessively much celebrity that in the terminal all he is left with is shame. There was one time when the Priests told Oedipus, “ … great and glorious, we seek/ Your aid once more. Find some rescue for us/ By any manner that good or adult male can show./ We know that experience of tests past gives strength/ To present advocate. Therefore, O greatest of work forces, / Restore our metropolis to life. Have a attention for your celebrity… ( pg 26, 38-43 ) ” As presented in this state of affairs the people of Thebes had no thought that Oedipus was responsible for their pestilence and dearth. However, as Oedipus ; unknown individuality is revealed the people of Thebes advise Oedipus that “ It would hold been better to decease than unrecorded in sightlessness. ( pg 63, 1370 ) ” Oedipus ‘ deficiency of cognition towards his individuality makes him lose power and trust over Thebes, he is hated by God and no 1 wishes to see him in populace. Furthermore, his unknown individuality causes him to lose religion within himself. This is seen when Oedipus “ … snatched out [ the aureate broachs ] /And push, from full arm ‘s length, into his eyes – / Eyess that should see no longer his shame, his guilt, / No longer see those they should ne’er hold seen, /Nor see, unobservant, those he had longed to see… . ( pg 61, 1268 – 1272 ) ” Oedipus ‘s unknown individuality is eventually clear as glass and this causes him to blind himself viciously because his eyes gave him nil but treachery. Furthermore, Oedipus ‘ unknown individuality makes him go a wreck. This can be examined when Oedipus with his weaponries around his kids calls to Creon, “ No! Never take them from me! ( pg 68, 1526 ) ” Oedipus ‘ individuality one time once more has given Oedipus a penalty. Unfortunately, he was destined to populate afar from his kids because he can non be trusted with anyone ‘s life. Oedipus ‘ unknown individuality back stabs him once more and his relationship between people becomes weaker and weaker.

Furthermore, Oedipus ‘s cardinal job causes him to miss proper communicating accomplishments and lose his connexions with people in the metropolis of Thebes. Oedipus becomes really aggressive and rough towards Creon because he felt his individuality was being questioned. He sardonically asks Creon, “ Well, sir? What brings you here? / Have you the face to stand before my door, /proved schemer against my life, stealer of my Crown. ( pg 40, 532-635 ) ” Oedipus believed that Creon was out to acquire the place of the male monarch and framed him of being the existent slaying. Once once more Oedipus ‘ deficiency of cognition towards his individuality has made him “ believe ” he is being framed. His individuality caused him to confront shame towards Creon and made Creon his enemy. Another case in the drama where Oedipus goes ballistic was when he talked to Jocasta as if she were a amah in his castle. As Jocasta is about to go forth Episode three, Oedipus told her, “ Nonsense. I must prosecute the trail to the terminal, / Till I have unravelled the enigma of my birth/ … There is nil to fear. Though I be proved slave – born/ to the 3rd coevals, your honor is non impugned. ( pg 55, 1052-1058 ) ” Oedipus ‘ challenge was to happen out his true individuality. Therefore, he began to province that Jocasta was being a selfish individual. His unknown individuality troubles him to detect who he truly was, go forthing him to confront Jocasta ‘s decease. In add-on, Oedipus suspected Teiresia ‘s penetration and sightlessness to be false. He mocked Teiresia ‘s by utilizing barbarous linguistic communication. He told him, “ It has – but non for you ; no non for you, / shameless and brainless, sightless, mindless drunkard! ( pg 36, 372 – 373 ) ” Oedipus ‘s individuality has made him deny the truth Teiresia ‘s presented him with. He became ill-mannered and once more began to believe that he was above all because he could see. Therefore, his unidentified individuality led him to obtain aggressive communicating accomplishments.

The fright that Oedipus ‘s unknown individuality can make something so awful that there was no manner to do things right once more led him to harm many including himself. He is destined to carry through iniquitous workss. He besides loses the trust of people when he realized that his unknown individuality has brought him nil but day of reckoning. Oedipus, as everyone knows loved the people he spoke with, but when in hunt for the remedy to the pestilence and his individuality he spoke violently to people that play an of import function in his life. Overall, Oedipus ‘ unknown individuality is his cardinal job because that is what led him to his failure.


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