The Progression Of Desertification In Vietnam Environmental Sciences Essay

July 18, 2017 Environmental Sciences

Vietnam is blessed with heavy wood, tropical Lowlandss, and farming areas. Besides there is sun radiance all twelvemonth unit of ammunition in Vietnam doing this an ideal country for farming area. It is astonishing but more than half the land is used for cultivable land ( 17 % ) , lasting harvests ( 4 % ) , lasting grazing lands ( 1 % ) , woods and forests ( 30 % ) .[ 1 ]Besides Vietnam is home to at least 10500 species of vascular workss, and 1534 known species of amphibious vehicles, birds, mammals and reptilians.[ 2 ]Between 1990 and 200 Vietnam really gained an norm of 236, 200 hectares which is 2 % of re-afforestation rate per twelvemonth.[ 3 ]As the old ages went by to 2000 to 2005, the forest easy decreased by 18.5 % which is 2.06 % yearly.[ 4 ]In entire Vietnam gained 2,568,000 hectares ( 38.1 % ) of wood and lost 299,000 hectares of primary wood from 1990 to 2005.[ 5 ]Although Vietnam has great heavy wood and great agriculture conditions, the truth is the state loses 20 hectares of farming area to drouth and desertification.[ 6 ]In add-on, Vietnam has no concentrated desert countries or degraded land thought out the state, but instead spread throughout the state. Vietnam has 9.3 million hectares of land presently desertified, 5 million hectares of barren and about 2 million hectares under menace of debasement.[ 7 ]These Numberss are merely the beginning of desertification in Vietnam, if this major issue continue, it will go a catastrophe.

Causes of Desertification

Figure 2 – Some of the dispersed countries of desertification in Vietnam.Desertification is the procedure which changes productive land into useless land.[ 8 ]Some causes of desertification may go on when there is a desert nearby a cropland and takes over as clip base on ballss. Other natural happening happens when there is dry conditions and inundations can take fertile surface soil. Some happening caused by worlds is the remotion of trees, and when husbandmans use hapless farming methods such as seting harvests in the same topographic points ( which absorbs all the soils foods ) or allowing animate beings feed in the same country twelvemonth after twelvemonth. Desertification is causes both by nature and by humans.biopact-desertification-modelling.jpg image by biopact3

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The clime alteration in Vietnam has lead to warmer temperature and sea degrees rises which causes extended inundations in the countries. Besides many of husbandmans in Vietnam are really hapless so traveling from country to country is highly hard, as consequence they use really hapless farming methods such as seting in the same country and allowing their animate beings feed in the same countries. The Logging and slash-and-burn agricultural patterns contribute to desertification and dirt debasement. On the other manus, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ‘s Forestry Department say “ uncontrolled forest development and drawn-out drouths in many topographic points, particularly the cardinal, cardinal Highlandss and North-western parts, are said to be the chief factors that are increasing the gait of desertification. ”[ 9 ]Besides motion of sand stretches causes soil eroding in the states. These natural and unnatural events are the ground Vietnam has a major issue with desertification.

Figure 3 – Affect of desertification on local farmers.Side Effect of Desertificationhttp: //

The obviously side consequence from desertification is altering heavy beautiful woods into a useless waste land. For husbandmans, the dirt becomes less useable because there is non alimentary in the dirt for workss to turn. Many of the works species are lost because the disentangled dirt may bury the workss or leave their roots exposed.[ 10 ]There will besides be a major nutrient loss due to the fact the dirt is non suited for turning nutrient ; this will do economic jobs and famishment. People nearby will be affected implosion therapy, hapless H2O quality, dust storms, and air pollution due to desertification.[ 11 ]Animals that live in the woods are either endangered or nonextant because their places are being destroyed. Desertification does n’t impact merely worlds, but it affects the workss, the animate beings, and even the Earth around it.

World ‘s Desertification Assistance

All over the universe there have been major instances of desertification. These instances has come to the attending of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ( MARD ) which “ is co-ordinating with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency ( SIDA ) and the World Conservation Union ( IUCN ) to hike information airing and preparation to increase public consciousness of environmental protection and anti-desertification. ”[ 12 ]The ministry has developed plans “ to develop woods, upgrade irrigation systems, protect H2O beginnings and prevent inundations, and taking to cut down poorness in the desertification-affected countries. ”[ 13 ]In 1998, Vietnam has joined the United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification ( UNCCD ) ; the state has received aid from the members of the UNCCD in the battle against desertification.[ 14 ]With Funding from the World Bank, The Global Environment Facility ( GEF ) and the Trust Fund for Forest ( TFF ) , Vietnam has been mapping out a plan on pull offing forestry land in a sustainable mode.[ 15 ]With the aid from the UNCCD member states and the 192 million USD, Vietnam has developed a plan relating to desertification to turn 5 hectares of wood, and cut down poorness.[ 16 ]Desertification is a major issue and these states are all seeking to forestall it from go oning.

Figure 4 – UNCCD ‘s proposed program against desertification for Vietnam.biopact_biochar_climate-change.jpg image by biopact3

Vietnam ‘s Desertification Prevention Plan

Figure 5 – Forest Conservation Program in actionAccording to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam has focus on anti-desertification program against desertification. There are 7 million hectares of lands at hazard of desertification and 850,000 hectares being affected by salt H2O, drouth or sand storms.[ 17 ]The program for anti-desertification “ focuses on five steps: forestalling forest devastation, advancing sustainable forest direction, bettering degraded dirt, implementing undertakings on forest planting, advancing direction of H2O resources in drouth affected countries, and constructing a warning system to extenuate the impacts of drouths in rural countries. ”[ 18 ]This has made Vietnam the 134th state to fall in the battle against desertification.

Figure 6 – a adult females contending against Desertification in Vietnam

There is besides a plan assisted by the IUCN to educate the people on sustainable issues. The types of sustainable uses the people will larn from these plans include Business and Biodiversity, Climate Change, Communications, Forest Conservation, Marine and Coastal, Protected Areas, and Water and Wetlands.[ 19 ]If the people were to follow what they learned in these plans, they would non merely educate themselves, but could besides assist with the battle against desertification.


Figure 7 – Contribution of different economic sectors to GDP, Year 2000Many of us think a major environmental issue occurs when we see the consequences, but what we truly see is the catastrophe we did n’t assist halt. In Vietnam, there is a raising issue on desertification which is non really noticeable because there are n’t any concentred comeuppances. Alternatively these countries are filled with beautiful wood, lowlands, wetlands, farming areas, and mountains. Many of us think there are no concerns because more than half the land is still functional land, but for the people in Vietnam they realize one time desertification takes over, there ‘s no turning back. Vietnam took actions and joined the universe in the battle against desertification ; they hope to forestall desertification from taking any more of their land. Desertification is a really unsafe environmental issue because once it attacks our land, the procedure is impossible to change by reversal. Vietnam is get downing the battle with desertification right from the beginning, the start of the first lost tree.

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Figure 8 – Land Utilization and Vegetation Map of Vietnam

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