The Project Circuit Design Information Technology Essay

Now yearss we know engineering was alterations twelvemonth by twelvemonth. The engineering was making for brand people in this universe acquire easier in their life. Right now we know a batch of appliance was making to do life easier. Peoples right now is more depend on engineering illustration Personal computer, manus phone, PDA and anything else. This undertaking is was about the one of celebrated appliance that is nomadic phone, it about car gate entree via short message system ( SMS ) .Usually we can see merely house at large town will utilize this car gate for front door. It because this consist of security, manner and tendency for high category degree individual. This undertaking is offer another option to command car gate because usually front gate is control by utilizing distant control.

This undertaking is combinations of two major between a micro chip PIC and the planetary system for nomadic communicating ( GSM ) by the directing short message system ( SMS ) . GSM engineerings works with any standard cell phones Sim Card from any supplier to enables us to command electrical equipment or service remotely. In other state particularly in EURO this sort of engineerings was been use in usually. Usually we can command by directing SMS or utilizing the phone call. This undertaking is about user want to command car gate house by utilizing SMS, that SMS will incorporate the watchword that was same with watchword set by proprietor house in the micro chip and the PIC will read the content of SMS and do a comparing if the watchword was sent it lucifer or non and car gate will be unfastened. This sort of engineering will assist individual that do n’t hold a distant control and does n’t necessitate to waiting outside for a long clip before car gate unfastened by person indoors.

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Problem statement

Automated gate is installed for house usually in a large town, resident will utilize the automatic gate for their house because consist of security and many more, as we know usually automated gate is controlled via utilizing the distant control or by individual inside by utilizing switch. That was make car gate is bound to entree. It can be a job is when they have a visitants or maybe their ain boy or girl they does n’t hold a distant control because distant control is merely limited to the proprietor, because of that their demand to wait for person unfastened it from indoors. Sometimes when proprietor acquiring out to someplace and hold cipher at place.


The aims of this undertaking are follows:

To develop options method to command car gate via short message system ( SMS ) .

To command car gate via short message system ( SMS ) provide by watchword.

Project Scope

Scope of this undertaking is:

Using the C scheduling linguistic communication.

Control the gate by send SMS provide with watchword.

Undertaking Significance

These undertakings offer another attack to open of house gate front door. It will give the excess method to entree the car gate. We know before this nomadic phone merely is usage for communicating between people by doing call or utilizing short message system ( SMS ) . With this undertaking we can use the map of nomadic phone by can be utilize to commanding the device with directing the short message system ( SMS ) . By utilizing this paradigm it will avoid visitant to waiting excessively long outside the house and do their easier to acquire through the car gate even though they do n’t hold distant gate. By this attack we besides can avoid offense happen because during visitant waiting outside house it can take condemnable to assail that individual.


In this chapter that research worker was discuss and come out with the aim of this undertaking, significance, undertaking range and besides the job statement.

Chapter 2


2.0 Introduction

In this subdivision we come out with the some related old undertaking and besides some diary, article and related sort of information that have information about the undertaking. All of those information is importance for us to analyze and happen what are the similarities with ours undertaking and to be our mentions for physique this undertaking. This subdivision in of import to utilize for cognize what all information and what was done by old related undertaking.

2.1 Definition of Terminology

2.1.1 SMS Controller

This undertaking is about microcontroller device that utilizing SMS nomadic phone. SMS accountant is about we are commanding any device by utilizing the SMS engineerings as a bid for any action on device it means we can command the device by anyplace and anytime you want. This SMS accountant is combination between phone and the circuit board that holding the micro chip that to read the message from nomadic phone. The information on SMS will be transfer to the PIC in circuit board. Inside the PIC have the scheduling that to read what the information of the SMS was send and measure the informations that it matches or non with the codification for the bid commanding illustration like to ON or OFF and besides the RESET map for some device.

2.1.2 Short Message System ( SMS )

Short Message Service ( SMS ) is the ability to direct and have short alphameric messages to and from nomadic telephones. SMS can besides be used as a conveyance for binary warheads and to implement the WAP stack on top of the SMSC bear. SMS was created as portion of the GSM Phase 1 criterion. SMS have a two type it is a point-to-point and point-to-omnipoint ( cell broadcast ) . Point-to-point is a dedicated nexus between the web and the nomadic station leting bidirectional messaging without operator interaction. In every SMS have restrictions of text, the maximal length of point-to-point that two-way informations conveyance = 140 Octet Data Payload Supports either: 140 bytes for binary informations conveyance ( PDU format ) 160 characters for text messaging conveyance ( 7-bit ASCII ) ( Multicom sp,2004 ) .

2.1.3 PIC Microcontroller

Microcontroller is a little constituent that embedded to be a portion for the other merchandise. A microcontroller is a little portion but is the of import because microcontroller is act like a encephalon to the merchandise. The microcontroller includes a CPU, RAM, ROM, I/O ports, and timers like a standardA computing machine, but because they are designed to put to death merely a individual specific undertaking to command a individual system, they are much smaller and simplified so that they can include all the maps required on a individual bit (,2010 ) .

2.2 Clarification of Related Project

2.2.1 Embedded System-Fall 2005 ECGR 5101 Final undertaking on SMS remote accountant ( Boda Vamsee Krishna Babu and Bajjuri Praneeth kumar,2005 )

This undertaking embedded from ECE 5101, this undertaking end is to command up to 8 devices by directing specific SMS message from cell phone. This is for commanding the ON-OFF the devices by no wired connexion to that topographic point. By utilizing the GSM modem it was connected to plan microcontroller which would have SMS from cell phone.

By utilizing the Personal computer is connected to microcontroller by utilizing the consecutive communicating through RS232 can be used for monitoring and transmittal of the control signal to the modem. Using the AT bid to remote the functionality of modem.

This undertaking utilizing SKP16C62P starter kit plus, this contain the microcontroller and it usage for commanding the external devices connected as per SMS received. These undertakings besides use the GSM modem, GM28 from Sony-Ericsson. It is used for having the SMS from the nomadic device and so to convey to the SKP.

This undertaking was embedded by old undertaking and it was same construct and map with the undertaking of “ Auto Gate via SMS ” but the difference is that undertaking was build to command up to 8 devices.

Figure 2.1 SKP Stater Kit

Figure 2.2 Block Diagram for Project description

Figure 2.3 GSM GM28 modem

2.2.2 Bantam Planet: a planet-wide, wireless I/O input ( Alberto Ricci Bitti, neodymium )

This undertaking is about the SMS accountant, it about to command the device by utilizing the SMS text. In this undertaking it has a two manner communicating that the first side it is from user that will direct the bid to the receiving system in SMS text that contains a few words like illustration “ exchange on motor ” and “ reboot remote waiter ” . After the receiving system get the SMS from transmitter and it will treat to the microcontroller and after that it will give back the respond to the user that to advert the bid was receive.

In this undertaking it utilizing the Ericsson T10S GSM phone as the receiving system of SMS, that phone will be set to the computing machine by consecutive interface and by utilizing the “ AT ” bid for start the communicating between phone and computing machine in HyperTerminal.

Figure 2.4 Show the SMS bid send

Figure 2.5 Response to command petition Samarium

That undertaking is look like same map with this undertaking of “ Auto gate via SMS ” but by utilizing the difference of device and besides the service. This undertaking is merely for one communicating that merely receives the SMS and run the undertaking and lone uses the few character of word. This undertaking was use the GSM faculty for the receiving system of SMS.

2.2.3 SMS Remote Control ( SMSrc ) . ( Serasidis Vasilas, 2006 )

In this undertaking the research worker usage the phone by Sony Ericson to be the receiving system for the SMS. That undertaking is looking simple by utilizing the phone and one circuit board. The hardware of the circuit it ‘s really simple, because the communicating port of Ericson mobile it ‘s working at theA 5 Vs with AT bids like the modem commands, but for nomadic phones.

This undertaking will read the SMS in the PDU format that will change over the figure of SMS. The PDU decode procedure take 7 bytes ( 8bits ) and change over them to 8 bytes ( 8bits ) by adding oneA nothing at the start of each byte. The PDU format is use bytes with 7bit length.

Figure 2.6 Undertaking of SMSrc

This undertaking is utilizing the ‘0 ‘ and ‘1 ‘ for the context of SMS for commanding the device. That means the bid will put to figure ‘1 ‘ to be on and ‘0 ‘ to be off.

It was different in undertaking “ Auto gate via SMS ” we look by the device that was use, this undertaking is use the GSM modem to be the receiving system of SMS and will utilizing the TEXT format of SMS.


Based on this chapter research worker can acquire information and cognition about the undertaking field with the some research of the related undertaking that was done earlier, research worker can cognize what the differences between techniques ; equipment and besides package are being usage in old undertaking. With this research it will assist researcher easier to making the undertaking.

Chapter 3


3.1 Introduction

Methodology is of import portion of the any undertaking it because a undertaking methodological analysis tells that what we have to make, what are the measure should we following in the current period that steering the undertaking from the first measure until the last measure to finish the undertaking. In this undertaking development we are utilizing the Phases in research undertaking of methodological analysis to finish this undertaking. This methodological analysis is utilizing the construct of waterfall. With this methodological analysis it have a five phases to finish the undertaking and it was a Problem definition, Information assemblage, place undertaking demand, development and the last phase is result and determination. This methodological analysis was choose because it easy to follow the measure in every phase as a usher to finish the undertaking. Methodology is really of import in every research because it will guarantee the research consistent in development and to avoid the undertaking run out from the path. Furthermore it ‘s used to steer the research worker to finish a undertaking stage by stage and make non blend up everything in the same clip.

Searching for device that will utilize

Searching for information assemblage

Start develop the undertaking

1. Hardware development

2. Software development

Information assemblage

Identified Project Requirement



Problem Definition


Figure 3.1 Phases of research undertaking

3.2 Information Gathering

In phase of information garnering the research worker is roll uping the all information ‘s that was similar to the undertaking and by seeking in the cyberspace like diary, article and old related undertaking. All the information ‘s must be related with the field of SMS accountant and besides the GSM accountant that similar with the maps of this undertaking. This phase besides for the research worker survey of the hardware that will utilize and besides the package will been use. This stage is really of import because research worker can acquire tonss of information can be utilize for complete this undertaking.

3.3 Identify Project Requirement

After done with the 2nd stages and travel to 3rd stages, it is identify undertaking demand. This undertaking is holding two procedures of development, that is hardware and besides the package development. In this phases researcher must place what alls of equipments will be need to finish this undertaking included the hardware and besides the package that will be usage for this undertaking. By some aid from the expert that truly was assisting the research worker to place the hardware and besides package that can be usage. For the Hardware constituent of this undertaking can acquire by bargain with on-line dealing from one seller that is that is the company providing for the digital electronic constituent and for the package research worker can acquire the installing from cyberspace by download the package for free. These stages besides can assist researcher to find about the budgetary for this undertaking, overall budget for this undertaking is around RM800.00. Below are the lists of hardware and package demand on this undertaking.

3.3.1 Hardware Requirement

In this undertaking at that place have a 4 chief constituents hardware that required. This undertaking is utilizing the microcontroller PIC 16F877A, Global Message for Mobile communicating ( GSM ) , DC geared motor and besides the LCD screen.

a ) Microchip PIC 16F877A

For this undertaking research worker is utilizing this microcontroller as a chief portion to plan the undertaking. The PIC16F877A has 8K word of plan flash, 368 bytes of informations memory and 256 bytes of informations EEPROM. It has a 40-pin PDIP. This microcontroller is utilizing the consecutive communicating of managed security service supplier ( MSSP ) and besides cosmopolitan synchronal receiver/transmitter ( USART ) (, 2010 ) .

Figure 3.2 Diagram of PIC

This microcontroller have demand to back up is SK40C that to back up the PIC16F877A 40-pin, It is designed to offer an easy to get down board for PIC MCU user. This merchandise will utilize the USB ICSP PIC Programmer V2010 for transportation the scheduling to the PIC.

Figure 3.3 USB ICSP PIC Programmers V2010

B ) Global Message for Mobile ( GSM )

In this undertaking research worker usage this merchandise for the short message system ( SMS ) receiving system. This merchandise will link to the circuit board and will direct the information of SMS to the scheduling in PIC. This merchandise will be connected to pc via consecutive interface and the HyperTerminal application will utilize to commanding the GSM engine by directing AT bid.

For the HyperTerminal application have a job that because before this we are utilizing the window 7 that the HyperTerminal is non longer in the portion of window so we must put in the window XP for utilizing the HyperTerminal for set up this GSM it because HyperTerminal merely include in window XP and below. HyperTerminal still can be use with window 7 but need to purchase the package from online in cyberspace.

Figure 3.4 GSM Module

By utilizing the “ AT ” or “ at ” prefix must be set at the beginning of each bid line. To end a bid line enter & lt ; CR & gt ; . By following the manual of device it has tonss of “ AT ” constellation but in this undertaking we merely concentrate for a few merely that are related to this undertaking. That is how to read the SMS, cancel the SMS and demo the SMS.

For the overview of “ AT ” bid research worker put in tabular array all the illustrations:

List of table 3.1 AT bid for GSM

degree Celsius ) Dc Geared Motor

These undertakings require a motor to utilize for unfastened and shut the gate for make the paradigm is more clear position. In this undertaking SPG30-60K Dc geared motor will be use. This motor has a entire velocity 58 revolutions per minute and the 254.8 torsion. This motor is look suited for this undertaking

Figure 3.5 DC Geared Motor

vitamin D ) LCD screen ( 16×2 )

For this undertaking research worker usage this LCD screen for the easy position and easy to run this undertaking. This LCD will expose the word that debut of this undertaking. ( 16×2 ) is means that 16 CHAR and 2 ROW of show in screen

Figure 3.6 LCD ( 16×2 )

The list below are summarize that all the hardware requirement specification and besides the extra tools that will being utilize in this undertaking.


Operating System XP

Microsoft Office 2007


PIC 16F877A accountant board

GSM faculty

Power supply for GSM

DC geared motor

Adapter power supply for circuit board

RS 232 overseas telegram connexion

USB ICSP PIC Programmer V2010


Cup board





Cello tape

Software Requirement

MP LAB IDE v8.56

In this undertaking research worker will utilize the package of MP LAB IDE v8.56 that for the programming the PIC. MPLAB Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) is a free, incorporate toolset for the development of embedded applications using Microchip ‘s PICA® and dsPICA® microcontrollers. MPLAB IDE runs as a 32-bit application on MS WindowsA® , is easy to utilize and includes a host of free package constituents for fast application development and super-charged debugging. MPLAB IDE besides serves as a individual, incorporate graphical user interface for extra Microchip and 3rd party package and hardware development tools. Traveling between tools is a catch, and upgrading from the free package simulator to hardware debug and scheduling tools is done in a flash because MPLAB IDE has the same user interface for all tools (, 2010 ) .


This application will be usage to proving for the GSM faculty, in this it require RS 232 overseas telegram connexion to link between GSM faculty and laptop. For this application research worker got some job that HyperTerminal is non longer portion of window in Operating System of window 7. So researcher demand to utilizing the window XP for utilizing this application.


3.4.1 Hardware Development

In these stages of development of undertaking it will hold a two section of development. First, research worker must wait until the hardware development done before to develop the portion of programming to PIC.

PIC scheduling

Electric Circuitry

Mechanical Structure

Hardware portion

Software portion

Figure 3.7 Show that division of development

3.4.2 Project Flow Diagram

As was reference in chapter 1, this undertaking is design for the commanding the car gate via SMS. By the diagram below show that the measure involves from the beginning of procedure from directing SMS until the gate unfastened and will be automatic near. User need to direct the SMS to the GSM faculty as the receiving system of SMS and will be plan by the PIC for read the text of the SMS was send by user. PIC will look into the text of SMS that it is match or non with the watchword that was set in the scheduling of PIC. If the text is match the car gate will open automatically in few 2nd following the clip set in scheduling. If text on SMS in non fit with text in PIC and the procedure will stop and besides gate is non unfastened. Procedures will travel back to the first that require user to direct a new SMS. Figure below show the flows diagram of the undertaking.


Sending SMS

Gate Open


SMS received to the GSM faculty

Not fit



Checking the SMS


Match with the watchword

Gate stopping point

Figure 3.8 Flow chart of the procedure.

3.4.3 Undertaking Architecture

Diagram below show that the architecture of this undertaking, it about three stages that first is from transmitter as a user that will direct the short message system ( SMS ) with contain of text as a watchword to the receiving system, this phases is will depend on the Telco connexion services. Second stages is portion of receive the short message system ( SMS ) and will read the short message system ( SMS ) . The last stages is motor, motor will car open the gate with some period of clip and after that will car shut the gate to the old place.

Figure 3.9 Show the undertaking architecture.

3.4.4 Project Circuit Design

In this faculty design, microcontroller was built in board that was connected to other device. The circuit board is connected to the 12V power supply and it is regulated to 5V utilizing on-board electromotive force regulator 7805. The regulated 5V is connected to VDD of pin-11 besides grounded to VSS trough pin-12. The board is designed to provide the 12V and 5V to other faculties as good through their interface.

Figure 3.10 Show circuit of diagram

By looking for the diagram that shows overall of the undertaking conventional. The chief portion is the PIC 16F877A that is the encephalon of this undertaking. This PIC contains of 40 port that in every difference map. On that diagram besides we can see at that place hold 2 more micro chip that is L293D that this micro chip is for the motor Dc Geared and another one of micro chip is MAX 232 that is for the GSM faculty.

In that diagram besides we can see the LCD ( 16×2 ) that means the length of LCD is 16 character and 2 rows. This undertaking besides contains of doorbell and led. This undertaking besides have a three button that is was SWA, SWB, and SWC that for the usage of manually apparatus that three button was for enter, left and right. This undertaking has seven interfaces on LCD that is BATTERY, GATE, RS232, GSM, READ, DELETE and RUN. All of that can be choose by the switchA, switchB, and switchC. By looking to the diagram above we can see each of map for each pin input/output was connected to the each map. Table below will give item about each map of input/output.

Table 3.2 Function assigned to each I/O pins of PIC Microcontroller.

Pin Name

Pin #




Input signal from switch Angstrom



Input signal from switch B



Input signal from switch C



End product to LCD informations



End product to LCD informations



End product to LCD informations



End product to Buzzer



End product to LCD informations



End product to LCD informations



End product to LCD informations



End product to LCD informations



End product to PWN and RPM



End product to open gate



End product to shut gate

3.4.5 Software Development

While PIC scheduling can be simplified by utilizing a C or BASIC compiler, or merely assembly linguistic communication. Researcher is utilizing Microchip ‘s MPLABA® IDE is one of the best Incorporate Development Environments ( “ IDE ” ) available for any micro accountant and it is free. The MPLAB application can be downloaded from Microchip ‘s web site as the figure show below. This Microchip ‘s web site is ever upgrading the MPLAB to the new version. For this undertaking research worker is utilizing the MPLAB IDEv8.56. C: Users
iktoDesktopFYPgambar fypUntitled.jpg

Figure 3.11 show the web page to download the MPLAB IDE

3.4.6 Setup the undertaking

We need to make new MPLAB IDE undertaking before get downing to get down the composing the scheduling. By this we besides need to take the PIC that will we utilize to plan for our undertaking. It shown in the figure 3.12,3.13,3.14 below.

Degree centigrades: Users
iktoDesktopFYPgambar fypstart project.jpg

Figure 3.12 show demand to new Project.

Degree centigrades: Users
iktoDesktopFYPgambar fypselect pic.jpg

Figure 3.13 show we need to take PIC microcontroller

Degree centigrades: Users
iktoDesktopFYPgambar fypselect language.jpg

Figure 3.14 Show choose of Language Toolsuite.

After finish all the apparatus of the new undertaking we can get down to compose the plan in that image we can see the declaration that was use by the research worker in the scheduling. We need to follow all the stairss because if non we ca n’t roll up our undertaking scheduling.

Figure 3.15 Example of coding defines variables.

For the portion of to read the short message system ( SMS ) research worker use the IF ELSE for comparing the text was send in short message system. Researcher utilize the watchword of totaling for this undertaking that is ‘1 2 3 4 ‘ for brand is easy to retrieve and it non complicated.

Figure 3.16 Examples cryptography of IF ELSE.

In some state of affairs if text of SMS is does n’t fit with the watchword was set in the scheduling and it will look on the LCD screen that is ‘ACCESS DENIED ‘ and gate will non open until the receiving system acquire the another message.

Figure 3.17 Examples Coding of Denied Access

3.4.7 HyperTerminal

GSM faculty demand to setup by utilizing the HyperTerminal, that becomes one issue to the research worker because HyperTerminal is easy to acquire merely in window XP and below. Right now HyperTerminal is no longer in Windowss but the application can be download from cyberspace. GSM can link to computing machine by utilizing the consecutive connexion. To put up the GSM can utilizing the “ AT ” bid to pass on with GSM in HyperTerminal.

First we need to open the HyperTerminal and it will inquire to salvage the file name. It was a normal for every clip utilizing the HyperTerminal.

Figure 3.18 Interface of HyperTerminal

After done with first one, research workers need to take the connectivity of the consecutive port. Normally we choose the COM1.

Figure 3.19 show connexion of series

The 3rd one is researcher demand to put the spot per second and besides the flow control. In this research worker use the 9600 and flux control is none.

Figure 3.20 Set of spot per second and flow control

After that all set was done, now HyperTerminal can be usage. For the first one to pass on with the GSM we type the bid “ AT ” and we will acquire the respond from the GSM “ OK ” . By utilizing the GSM research worker can take that want to utilize the TEXT format or the PDU format. In this undertaking research worker use the TEXT format by type the bid AT+CMGF=1, that figure is for the format if 0 it for PDU format and if 1 it for TEXT format.

Figure 3.21 Respond from GSM to HyperTerminal

By that research worker will direct the SMS to the GSM and the SMS will be store at memory figure one.

Figure 3.22 Show that SMS was received and shop

By utilizing the bid read the SMS “ AT+CMGR=1, [ 0 ] ” from HyperTerminal we can see the respond and it will expose the some information about clip, phone figure of transmitter, day of the month and the last is the context of SMS that is 1234.

Figure 3.23 Show the text of SMS in HyperTerminal.

In the scheduling linguistic communication all the set up of GSM faculty can be done by utilizing the cryptography and term that we can acquire from manual of GSM faculty from the web site merchandise.

Degree centigrades: Users
iktoDesktopFYPgambar fypuart.jpg

Figure 3.24 Show term for set GSM in programming

After acquire all the portion of programming done eventually we need to prove that all the device working and the scheduling is besides success. We can look into if the scheduling is right or non by roll uping the cryptography. If the scheduling does n’t hold error the word “ Build successful ” will be appear.

Figure 3.25 Compiling was success in MPLAB

After the scheduling done and we need to reassign to the PIC by utilizing the connection. First we need to link the USB ICSP PIC Programmer V2010 overseas telegram transportation to the laptop by USB port and besides to the circuit board.

Figure 3.26 show that to link the USB ICSP PIC Programmer V2010

After chink that point “ connect ” we must wait until the PICkit 2 ready before we transfer the scheduling to the PIC. This figure below that show the PICkit 2 is ready to direct the scheduling to the PIC in circuit board.

Figure 3.27 Show that connexion is success

We can see that the advancement of directing the scheduling to the PIC by the icon “ Programming Target ”

Figure 3.28 Show the reassigning the scheduling

After the procedure of programming done we must let go of the USB overseas telegram transportation from circuit board. We can get down run the undertaking and proving that it is run with right or non.

3.5 Decision

This chapter of methodological analysis is about the measure that the research worker follows as a usher to complete this undertaking. We already know that have 6 stairss from the beginning to stop of undertaking.

Chapter 4


4.1 Introduction

In this chapter it will cover that activity of proving the device that it is archive the aim or non. This chapter besides we can cognize that how much our undertaking is working.

4.2 Result and Testing

This circuit board was build with the button reset and besides the switch on/off button that can be use if anything happen during the testing device. Button reset is working to reset the PIC micro accountant and on/off switch is will cut of the power supply to the board.

This undertaking was holding a seven interface that we can take by utilizing the switch A, B, and C. It was a battery, gate, RS232, GSM, read, delete and the last one is run.

Figure below will demo all the 7 ( seven ) interface and besides accounts of each map.

Switch C

Switch B

Switch over Angstrom

Figure 4.1 Show interface of battery

This interface for battery, by pressing the switch B is working as enter. We can cognize the V of power supply that was usage.

Switch C

Switch B

Switch over Angstrom

Figure 4.2 Show interface map of Gate

This interface of gate map to seek that gate is working or non. We can seek by pressing the switch B and we can take to travel the gate to the left by pressing exchange A and move to the right with switch C.

Switch C

Switch over Angstrom

Switch B

Figure 4.3 Show interface map of RS232.

This interface was usage for proving the Rs232 connexion between the device and GSM faculty.

Switch over Angstrom

Switch B

Switch C

Figure 4.4 Show interface map of GSM

This interface is for proving the GSM that we want to cognize if the GSM memories already have a information or non.

Switch over Angstrom

Switch B

Switch C

Figure 4.5 Show interface map of Read

This map can be use to read the message if we want to cognize that GSM is already have or non. Because we need to unclutter the old message before we can run.

Switch B

Switch C

Switch over Angstrom

Figure 4.6 Show the interface map of delete.

This map can we utilize to cancel the information if in the GSM memories already have the SMS.

Switch over Angstrom

Switch B

Switch C

Figure 4.7 Show interface map tally.

In this map that we can run the undertaking, after we pressing the switch B LCD will expose the word for “ SMS WAITING ” if we want to call off the trial we can press back the switch B and it will endorse to this interface. If we want to travel to the other map we can pressing the switch A and switch B for the left and for the right.

Researcher will set up the device beside the theoretical account of house that will utilize during the presentation. It merely for add-on for it look like existent state of affairs.

Figure 4.8 Show the overall undertaking paradigm

We can get down the undertaking by on the button on the circuit board. The word of “ SMS WAITING ” will look.

Figure 4.9 LCD show device waiting for SMS

At this phase this circuit board is waiting for any SMS to be sent. If the board is having the SMS the LCD will demo the info on screen.

Figure 4.10 LCD show SMS received

After the circuit receive message the PIC will look into the text of SMS that will dwell a two determination that it will open the gate or the PIC will giving responded that the entree denied by the PIC.

Figure 4.11 LCD show SMS was look intoing.

LCD will look the respond of “ ACCESS DENIED ” if the text of SMS was non same with the watchword set in the PIC.

Figure 4.12 Liquid crystal display shows that entree denied

If the text was lucifer with watchword set in the PIC, LCD will expose the consequence “ SUCCESS ” .

Figure 4.13 LCD show undertaking run success

The following action is the LCD will expose the consequence that gate will be “ Gate Open ” .

Figure 4.14 LCD show that gate unfastened

After the gate unfastened and it will automatic near by hold in a few 2nd and eventually the plan will get down once more from waiting for SMS. The SMS text was send earlier will be car delete for the memory agreement to the following SMS.

4.2 Decision

On phase of development and testing was a batch of obstruction and it truly necessitate of patient to through the full obstruction, Researcher ever needs to seek once more and once more for proving that undertaking is truly working with that what was planed.

Chapter 5


5.0 Introduction

In this chapter will give decision about this undertaking and besides some recommendation for the characteristic research.

5.1 Decision

A engineering is ever altering in every twelvemonth. Everything device was produced in the universe is tried to do utilizations go easier and non complicated to human. By the alterations of engineerings become advance our life can go more easy by utilizing the nomadic phone to commanding the device by send the SMS ( short message system ) .

This undertaking is successful require the aim that to open the gate by directing the SMS and provided with the security watchword. This undertaking is merely for options to the user control the gate beside the distant control. This undertaking is small bit expensive to be done because of the monetary value of device, the overall budget involve in this undertaking is around RM800.00 and is look expensive to implement. But therefore undertaking is for the paradigm possibly in the hereafter can be use because we ca n’t aspect the monetary value of device in future. This undertaking besides need a nomadic web connexion to run this and we already know that everything will be charge and will subtract the history prepaid or station paid of user. But this undertaking is merely a paradigm for alternate to opening car gate. Possibly in future we can use the program from TELCO that particularly focus on this method.

5.2 Recommendations

This undertaking successfully done and archive the aim. However, this undertaking can be farther more developing to do it more security and look more arranged. Below are the few recommendations for the characteristic:

This undertaking was develop depend on device merely non include the database and the interface for more easy to carry on and incorporate of security. By this undertaking anyone can direct SMS by provided with watchword. Using the database we can acknowledge the phone figure from transmitter.

This undertaking is utilizing the phone engineerings and short message system ( SMS ) it was affecting the payment in every dealing. This paradigm can be farther more by utilizing other engineerings in phone like BLUETOOTH that non affect the cost in every dealing.

5.3 Drumhead

Alhamdulillah this undertaking was complete and archive the aims. This undertaking is another method and option for user to command the gate house beside that utilizing the distant control. All the stairss of development were being shown in stage by stage in chapter 3. Consequence and Finding that show the undertaking was run successfully. This undertaking can being utilize in future because it was following the engineerings that we know phone can be the chief portion of our life by alls thing can be control by phone. We have to more utilize the utilizations of nomadic phone because we know nomadic phone is being one of the of import thing in our life. GSM accountant is a broad major that we besides can utilize for commanding other digital electronic device.


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