The Promotional Activities For Promoting Of M Brand Marketing Essay


The subject of my term paper is denims and I have to do my ain trade name merchandise and besides to fix the imc program and put all the promotional activities for promoting of m trade name. It is a new trade name to the market and there are many rivals which are good set up in the market with their existing merchandises and new products.So, I have to do the strong finding and enters into the market with my new merchandise and I will chiefly concentrate on the jeans.So, For come ining into the market I have to analyze the all the facets of the market or you can state the environment so I can do my ain importance in the market.

First, something about the company: –

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  • Name of the company: – LUCKY BRAND JEANS
  • Tagline “you follow tendency, tendency follow LUCKY JEANS”
  • Operationss Covering Asian states
  • Manufacturing workss ludhiana
  • Website

Strong finding of the Lucky trade name denims company or Principles: –

  • Credibility and integerity
  • Fair traffics with our clients
  • Work is worship
  • Spirit of societal services and human regard


Lucky trade name denims have the mission to supply the best merchandises to the users and accomplishing the aims of our company and doing the trade name image and providing merchandises at best rates as we can supply.

IMC ( incorporate selling communicating ) theoretical account

Situation Analysis

This is my first measure in this measure I have to analyze the denims market and analysing the client demands and market tendency of the denims in order to supply best merchandises to the consumers with profitableness monetary values. The company must hold to understand its external and internal state of affairss including the client, market environment and the companies ‘ capableness to doing the new merchandises.

Market Cleavage:

Jeans has segmented their market into two distinguishable groups. The two sections are grouped by the type of productthey chose. Although Jeans are spliting the market by merchandise type, it is efficaciously spliting the market by age every bit good since the clients who purchase the usage graphics Jeans tend to be older than the group preferring the ready-madegraphics. While this is non a difficult and fast regulation, it is a reasonably accurate generalisation.

Ages 14-25 ( 69 % are pupils )

Ages 24-45

Target Market Strategy:

Now for aiming the market for our merchandises we are traveling to open our salesrooms and the contract to the individuals who are interesting in our concern. For this we are foremost including the chief large metropoliss of Punjab like Ludhiana, Jalandher, Amritsar, Patiala etc. Chandigarh is the chief hub of the readymade apparels and besides opening the mercantile establishments in the chief metropoliss of the provinces. First we expand our concern all over the India after that we are accomplishing the ends to supplying our merchandises to other states. This is of import because fundamentally Lucky Brand merchandises are most of the Jeans and youngerpeople tend to have on them often.


There are two types of placement: and When a company uses a publicity to re-position, the advertizement will try to acquire the merchandise ‘s mark market to alter the manner they think about it. If a publicity is used for the intent of de-positioning, the advertizement will take to acquire the company ‘s mark market to alter the manner they think about a viing merchandise or company.

We have to analyze about 5c ‘s.

1. Company:

  • Merchandise line
  • Image in the market.
  • Technology and experience.
  • Culture.
  • Goals.

2. Celebration:

  • Distributors.
  • Suppliers.
  • Alliances.

3. Customers:

  • Market size and growing.
  • Market sections.
  • Benefits that consumer is seeking, touchable and intangible.
  • Motivation behind purchase ; value drivers, benefits vs. Costss.
  • Decision shaper or decision-making unit.
  • Retail channel – where does the consumer really buy the merchandise?
  • Consumer information beginnings – where does the client obtain information about the merchandise?
  • Buying procedure.
  • Frequency of purchase, seasonal factors.
  • Measure purchased at a clip.
  • Tendencies – how consumer demands and penchants change over clip.

4. Rivals:

  • Actual or potency.
  • Direct or indirect.
  • Merchandises.
  • Positioning.
  • Market portions.
  • Strengths and failings of rivals.

5. Climate ( Environment ) :

  • Political & A ; regulative environment – governmental policies and ordinances that affect the market
  • Economic environment – concern rhythm, rising prices rate, involvement rates, and other macroeconomic issues
  • Social/Cultural environment – society ‘s tendencies and manners
  • Technological environment – new cognition that makes possible new ways of fulfilling demands ; the impact of engineering on the demand for bing merchandises.

Consumer Decision doing procedure

Jeans is a merchandise that undertaking as a merchandise for people with certain life styles and certain properties and behaviour from different age group, Jeans being a low engagement merchandise wo n’t section the market on base of income degrees. The general purchase determination procedure for our merchandise and how our publicity will assist to accelerate the procedure is given in front. denims have certain properties and entreaty to it that makes a consumer to purchase it or even search about it. A jeans merchandise purchase goes through certain stairss before it is eventually bought.

Need acknowledgment – intrinsic & A ; extrinsic:

Most of our clients are the immature coevals and the man of affairs they do n’t hold the really much clip for anything they have really busy agendas therefore an intrinsic demand for the merchandise would automatically come when exposed to the merchandise

Extrinsic: this demand will be created through the advertizement which are alterations clip to clip and Air Combat Command. To the man of affairs needs

Purchase hunt

Model ( which Clothes )

Configuration ( ingredients )

Features ( in which he find the quality )

Evaluation of options

This is besides a most of import portion of the purchasing procedure, our merchandise would be bought rationally merely if some value is seen along with the monetary value comparing etc. our denims mercantile establishments are in many cities.we are supplying the best quality of the merchandise with sensible rates so the consumer do n’t hold any sort of vacillation to buy the merchandise so in this measure all is depend upon the client Air Combat Command. To his gustatory sensation, like, tendency as the public demand we make for them.


The purchase portion of the procedure is extremely dependent upon the handiness of the merchandise. Since our merchandise is available at already in our mercantile establishments, where entree to our mark market is really easy.

Post purchase determination

It is the determination when the consumer uses our merchandise. This all is depend upon the satisfaction if the consumer so the company promises them to supplying the best quality merchandises with good sensible rates.

Selling Mix


  • Brand name – : “LUCKY BRAND JEANS” TRENDZ follows us
  • Size/Models – : we supplying all sizes to the clients
  • Design – : Design is non ever same alterations acc. To demand, gustatory sensation and the tendencies
  • Monetary value

Price Air Combat Command to the merchandises quality

  • V 1299-1599
  • V 1699-1999
  • V 2599-2899

Topographic point

I will open “LUCKY BRAND JEANS” salesrooms in large metropoliss every bit good as in urban countries and its handiness is foremost in the national.


Ad, gross revenues publicity, direct selling, public dealingss, personal merchandising, cyberspace selling and other unconventional media, I will utilize all this for advancing my merchandise.

Benefits of Promotion & A ; Ad:

  • Gross saless Increases: with the advancing the most of import benefit to the company it is the sale increasing tool as the advertizement visual perception by the public, people wishing increasing and gross revenues additions.
  • Brand Equity: trade name equity is mainly trades with how much the consumers know your merchandise and likes more and the association of a certain merchandise with a peculiar company or trade name name. Positive trade name equity is really good for the company.
  • Positioning: It is fundamentally means the doing a good place in the market so supplying best services to the market and doing the good image of the companies and do a good place in the market.
  • Merchandise Launchs: Merchandise launches are one of the most common utilizations for publicities and advertizements. For this we are traveling to establish our merchandises with some of the cricket stars and the theoretical accounts to establish our merchandises.
  • Corporate Image: Corporate image is how the public perceives a company and what they believe a company stands for. Many times, a promotional advertizement related to corporate image aims to assist with harm control or crisis direction.

Beginning, Message and Medium


We are supplying the best quality denims to the client. So we are utilizing the cricketers to advance our merchandise and the local stars for the local publicities like in Punjab we are promo tote our merchandise with the top Punjabi vocalists like jazzy B.

The famous person we are utilizing for the publicity is

  • Yuvraj Singh


The message of the promotional ad is that we are supplying the best stuff merchandises and the best scope for our consumers and we have in the initial phase so we have to supply some offers besides so the people can pull to our merchandise and trade name.


  • Television will be the most of import medium because company wants to demo the strength of the merchandise.
  • I choose internet it is best for the advertizement and the immature coevals entree it easy
  • Bill boards and billboards will be used for the local publicities
  • Particular magazines of Clothing and magazines celebrated in young person will be used as a medium.
  • Showrooms which are holding assorted trade names, company can advance through them.

IMC aim

  • IMC plan will carry through based on communicating undertakings required to present appropriate massage to the mark audience.
  • To do most of the mark audience cognizant about the product..
  • Achieving our ends every bit fast as can
  • Making the trade name image of the merchandise and the company.
    • Ad topic: denims
    • Creative Subject: “trend follows Lucky Brand Jeans”
    • Ad job: It needs consciousness and place in the rural market.
    • Merchandise features:
    • Reasonable monetary value
    • characteristics
    • Well and attractive designs
    • quality
    • Advertisement Aim: To aware the lucky trade name denims
    • Target Market: Peoples of age group from 14-35.
    • Competition: Spyker, UCB, Lee, Wrangler and Levis
    • Supportive Selling Point:
    • Discount
    • Free gifts and Quality
    • offers

Ad procedure

Ad scheme: To aware the denims and place in the market.

Large Idea: – Jeans are the forever for everyone tendencies coming in the way of denims.

Creative executing: in the advertizement we use famous person is Yuvraj Singh, So famous person is really celebrated in the India every bit good as outside the India all the people believe on these famous person.

Tacticss: This ad run will make mark audience through all the distinct mediums

Rational Appeal will be used in advertisement Political campaign:

  • Rational entreaty promises that the merchandise will present certain benefits.
  • They woo the concluding side of the encephalon.
  • Focus will be on monetary value, public presentation and quality.

Message Formats:

A I will utilize the undermentioned message formats:

  • Factual / News: It is an information rich message format that conveys in a consecutive forward mode the facts. Here the intelligence will be “More Quality and low price” .
  • Comparison: I will compare the T-Shirt with other dearly-won trade names like Nike Adidas and Levis. I will concentrate on monetary value and features to demo this comparing.
  • Problem solution: Here the ad will get down with the job which will be portrayed as a hero, provides the solution.

Aim of media are:

Target Audience:

The first aim of a media program is to choose the mark audience: the people whom the media program attempts to act upon through assorted signifiers of trade name contact. The mark houses can be:

  • The mark audience is frequently defined in footings of demographics and psychographics.
  • Merchandise and Brand Usage.
  • The Size of Target Audiences.

Communication Goals: After media contrivers define the mark audience for a media program, they set communicating ends. They can be:

  • Reach, Frequency and Gross Rating Points.
  • Frequency Distribution, Effective Frequency and Effective Reach.

Increase client cognition of merchandise characteristics.


Today in this technological universe there is non even a individual individual who does n’t watch Television. Interests can differ like some similar find, some like emotional play or amusing play, and some similar world shows. By utilizing telecasting I can make maximal audience and the message can be easy conveyed every bit good as easy understood by the consumers. Audio/visuals create involvements and aid to retrieve the message. In instance Jeans maximal people ware the fabrics harmonizing the Trends and other famous person. So if we show the advertizement in Television the people more cognizant about it.

Advantage of Television

  • Reach Larger Audience than Newspaper
  • Television Ads have Visual Appeal
  • You can Take Your Audience Anywhere
  • Television Ads can Motivate the Consumers
  • Reach Targeted Audience


Some people are fond of listening music. Radio is helpful in aiming or directing our message to these people. It is besides really of import beginning of reassigning message. It is suited for every one of all ages and personalities. It will be used throughout the twenty-four hours particularly during first-come-first-serve hours such as in the forenoon and after work.

Advantage of Radio

  • Radio ad is inexpensive to bring forth, particularly when you compare them to other signifiers of advertisement like telecasting.
  • They create a permanent feeling, in portion because you ‘re paying to run them repeatedly over a specific clip period.
  • Radio musca volitanss give you an chance to state a narrative about your concern in a merriment, entertaining manner.

Magazines and Newspapers Role

  • National newspaper: Newspaper that circulates the full state is called national newspaper. We will give advertizement in danik jagran, Danik Bhaskar, Tribune, Hindustan times, the times of India so that people come to cognize about the T-Shirt. We will publicize its characteristics, monetary value, accessories that will be provided with it so that people get attracted towards the merchandise.
  • Local newspaper: we will give advertizement in local newspaper like Punjab kesari, Jag Bani etc.
  • Particular audience newspaper: in this we will aim on specific group like industries, man of affairs etc. hence, we will give advertizements in hebdomadal newspaper like Sunday times etc.

Print Ad on Newspaper

Print Ad on magazines

Ad on holodings of the offers



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