The pros and cons of teen sex Essay

Sexual activity. or the deficiency at that place of. will ever be a subject among teens. Teenss day of the month. and teens have relationships. Most of these relationships will necessarily come to a point where 1 must take whether to prehend the minute and have sex with their spouse. or they will put criterions in front of clip stating they will non hold sex until matrimony. Every adolescent is either on one side of the fencing or the other ; they either will hold prenuptial sex. or they will abstain. These two stances shed visible radiation on why sex is out of control today. what the universe thinks about sex. and what faith says about sexual immorality. The facts are apparent: teens have sex. It seems about impossible to cipher the figure of teens who are really holding prenuptial sex. because. of class. they don’t wish to squeal. Some teens though. have no pick but to squeal because their actions lead to terrible effects such as gestation. Forty-three Percentage of adolescent adult females become pregnant at least one time earlier age 20 ( Internet 1 ) .

That fact entirely concludes that the pick of waiting for sex is in close running with the pick of non waiting. In the United States entirely. more than 2. 800 striplings become pregnant each twenty-four hours. 1. 300 of these misss give birth. 1. 100 have abortions. and 400 have abortions ( Internet 1 ) . These amazing facts prove that sex may be considered out of control among teens today. In the olden yearss. around the Victorian period. sex was far from the subject that it is today. Besides. during this clip prenuptial sex was unthinkable. What happened between so and now that caused such an tumult? The universe says that sex has become out of control because it was hushed for so long. But. for the last 20 old ages. sex has most rebelliously non been hushed. If hushing up had been the cause of the problem. airing would hold set it right. But it has non ( Lewis 92 ) .

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As the universe talks more and more about sex. and as the effects of gestation Page 1 lessening through birth control methods. the issue of sex starts acquiring out of control. Birth control has had a immense impact on the addition of sexual activity. But. it wasn’t until the early 1970ss that it became an issue in America. In 1972 the Supreme Court wholly legalized birth control ( Corfman 3 ) . Besides around this clip came the innovation of the pill. This wonder drug wholly revolutionized the manner worlds viewed sex. Peoples were no longer afraid of sex since the effects of gestation about vanished. Intercourse was promoted as an look of love. and since so has become a insouciant matter to most of the universe. The universe position provinces that intercourse is simply the ultimate manner to show love. This statement wholly isolates sex from matrimony and downsizes it to go about equal with a buss which is besides an look of love.

All about is heard the stating that sex is nil to be ashamed of. This platitude is largely true. but that does non intend sex should be talked about so openly. In fact. speaking about the sex in the province that it is now should about be black. C. S. Lewis uses a great illustration to show this point. Lewis says that there is nil to be ashamed of in basking nutrient. but there would be everything to be ashamed of if half the universe made nutrient the chief involvement of their lives and exhausted clip looking at images of nutrient and drooling and creaming their lips ( Lewis 92 ) . As the sexual amusement industry continues to turn people continue to degrade sex until it reaches the point of being about meaningless. They view sex in the black manner that Lewis refers to. Becoming obsessed and controlled by their physical lecherousness. they let their emotions and desires control their actions. Naturally. sex is a desire of every human being. The manner that humans command this desire is what separates the universe position from the Christian position. The universe promotes prosecuting impulses and desires ; prehending the twenty-four hours.

A great illustration from the universe position is Andrew Marvell’s verse form. Page 2 To His Coy Mistress. In this verse form Marvell possess a great love for a adult female. Rather than waiting to hold his Mistress. he wants her instantly. For he says time’s winged chariot is travel rapidlying nigh because he wants his kept woman to see at that place may non be much clip left. Marvell wants her so much that he talks about rupturing pleasances. This phrase gives the image of wanting something. such as a gift. so much that it must be instantly torn into instead than easy opened. Seizing the twenty-four hours comes into drama in the last line. we can non do the Sun base still. Since he can non halt clip and feels it coming nearer. he wants to prehend the chance before it passes him by ( Marvell 241 ) . Seizing the twenty-four hours is a great slogan. but harmonizing to many faiths it should non be applied to sex. particularly before matrimony. The bulk of Christians abstain from prenuptial sex based on what the Word of God says.

Of class non every Christian obeys what the Bible says in respects to sex ; and. non everyone who abstains from prenuptial sex does so based on Biblical beliefs. But. for the interest of the subject. this half of the paper will presume the abstention stance because of what the bible says about the topic. The first stance on sex and matrimony held by Christians is that the two can non be separated. Lewis once more gives a great illustration of nutrient to demo that it is wholly unnatural to divide two things God created to be together.

He states that Christians do non believe that there is anything incorrect with sexual pleasance. any more than there is with the pleasance of feeding. But Christians do non believe that one should insulate sexual pleasance and seek to acquire it outside of matrimony. any more that one should seek and acquire the pleasances of gustatory sensation by merely masticating and ptyalizing it out once more. instead than get downing and digesting ( Lewis 97 ) . The World has wholly separated sex and matrimony ; idolising sex while degrading the importance of the compact of matrimony. Page 3

To Christians. a healthy attitude towards sex starts with a high position of matrimony. For it says in God’s Word that Marriage should be honored by all. and the matrimony bed unbroken pure. For God will judge the fornicator and the sexual immoral ( Hebrews 13:4 ) . Christians esteem matrimony and take it really earnestly. Bible believing churches do non believe in divorce. except of class in utmost instances. These high criterions of matrimony motivate people to believe extremely of sex. Guarding the sacredness of the matrimony bed occurs by declining to steal from it while individual. Having complete intercourse is non the lone manner to steal from the matrimony bed. Any kind of sexual immorality that God does non hold with bargains from the sacredness of sex.

The bulk of people these yearss are stealing from the sacred gift that God has given for worlds to see during matrimony. Sexual activity and matrimony are really religious things. When person commits their life to Christ they die to self. and go alive in Him. Therefore the adult male is non his ain. his Body belongs to God and he should honour him [ God ] by flying from sexual immorality ( 1 Corinthians 18-20 ) . When two people that belong to Christ marry and have sex they become one ( 1 Corinthians 6:16 ) . It joins a twosome in an inseparable manner. that is why divorce is non an option. After the two become one. if they are to disassociate it is like cutting up a life organic structure.

Therefore sex is every bit much a religious enigma as it is a physical fact. Whether person chooses to believe this statement or non: sex is a serious action with really serious effects. No affair what stance a individual takes in respects to abstinence. everyone must see the facts that sex is out of control. Either people need to be smart when indulging in prenuptial sex. or they need to abstain wholly. It has come to the black province where it now stands because people have abused the frightened gift God created to be experienced merely between a hubby and married woman.



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