The Psychological Transformation Of Jean Valjean English Literature Essay

September 7, 2017 English Literature

The character I have chosen for survey from Bille August ‘s movie, Les Miserables, is Jean Valjean. As the chief supporter of the narrative, Valjean starts out as an ex-convict who went to prison for stealing staff of life, but after an brush with a sort bishop, he makes of import alterations in his life. Jean Valjean went through many psychological alterations throughout the film Les Miserables which molded him into a better individual because of the clemency that was extended to him by the Bishop of Digne at a clip when Valjean was least deserving of it ; from that point on, he became a morally unsloped citizen who showed compassion and clemency on others.

Throughout the film, Les Miserables, Jean Valjean goes through many distinguishable life-changing stages that permit him to turn from a loathsome of a adult male to a honest adult male. Jean Valjean ‘s first psychological change took topographic point during his 19 old ages in prison for stealing a loaf of staff of life. He went in as a wholesome and straightforward adult male, but came out of gaol screening hatred and scorn to society. While in prison, Valjean endured maltreatment and, in bend, dedicated himself to get the better ofing related mistreatment in society. Because of inhuman treatment shown to him at that place, Valjean discovered a new degree of physical strength and, more-so, a new emotional concentration through his freshly found cause of societal justness. Whether Valjean knew it or non, he was approximately to undergo another large psychological transmutation that would alter his life everlastingly.

The Bishop of Digne played a immense function in the psychological alteration of Jean Valjean, even though he was merely in the movie for the first twosome proceedingss of the film. Right off the chiropteran, the low bishop shows Jean something that he has n’t experienced in a twosome decennaries ; the power of love and regard. When the bishop saved him from the governments after get awaying from prison, Valjean came to deeply esteem his great kindness and assistanceaˆ¦so we thought. While the bishop and his married woman are kiping, Valjean, still stuck in his ruthless ways, starts stealing all of their Ag utensils. At this point all I could believe was, “ how could he make this to such a nice household who gave him a topographic point to remain? ” But it gets crazier. The bishop hears the commotion traveling on, so he goes to look into it out merely to happen Jean Valjean stealing from him. Valjean ends up pluging the bishop in the face, strike harding him on the land, unable to travel as Valjean flights. The following twenty-four hours, the constabulary force caught Valjean with all the Ag he had stolen, and brought him back to the bishop ‘s house ; this was the turning point in Valjean.

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The bishop shows an act of clemency on Valjean by stating the governments that Jean did n’t steal any of that material, but he merely merely gave it to him. This catches Valjean wholly off guard ; he does n’t understand why the bishop would make this, so he inquiries him on why he saved him. The bishop responds by stating him something that would alter his hereafter forever: “ And do n’t bury — do n’t of all time bury, you ‘ve promised to go a new adult male. You no longer belong to evil. With this Ag, I ‘ve bought your psyche. I ‘ve ransomed you from fright and hatred. And now I give you back to God ” . It was so when Valjean eventually saw the beast, vile of a adult male he was, and the honest, self-denying adult male he could go if he puts the bishops moral fibre into action.

As nine old ages elapsed, Valjean was compelled towards a life of unity, and accordingly, he became a well-thought-of leader and comfortable man of affairs. After the metropolis of Vigau bankrupted five old ages prior, Valjean decided to purchase and renovate the metropolis ‘s brick mill. At the clip of the purchase, Valjean had been named city manager of the metropolis. Obviously Valjean wanted to do something of himself, and besides wanted to assist others make something of their ain lives by purchasing, running, and offering occupations at the mill to the people of the town. This is the first, of many, psychological alterations we see in Valjean since the promise he made with the bishop.

Extra grounds that farther supports his transmutation comes in the subsequent scene where Javert and Captain Beauvais are walking through Valjean ‘s mill. Javert asks the inquiry, “ The work forces and adult females work individually? ” Captain Beauvais replies, “ Yes. Monsieur le maire redesigned the mill in order to maintain the sexes apart. He cares about honest working adult females and wants to protect their virtuousness. ” Valjean had a high respect for adult females workers despite the fact that many work forces did non value adult female as of import parts in society. He says, “ I do n’t desire our ladies to be exposed to corruptness. ” This is another moral transmutation that Valjean has gone through.

There have been a overplus of features that Valjean has adopted over the old ages. Another trait he embraces is compassion. Fantine, a worker in his mill who had to turn to prostitution to back up her girl after being fired without Valjean ‘s consent, was treated dissipatedly by work forces of the metropolis and later unjustly accused by Javert as he sentenced Fantine to six months in prison. When Valjean heard about this, he took clip out of his dark to do his manner down to the constabulary station to take attention of the state of affairs and put things directly. Not merely does Jean put her free from gaol, but he takes her into his place, merely as the bishop had done for him, to care for her while she was really ill. He besides paid to acquire Fantine ‘s girl, Cosette, to be sent up to remain with him and Fantine. But before Fantine gets to see her girl, she passes off from illness. Valjean shows a farther act of compassion by following Cosette and caring for her in topographic point of her female parent. These were merely a few actions which demonstrated Valjean ‘s newfound idiosyncrasy of compassion, and yet another psychological change in Jean.

And yet Jean Valjean was still ready for more alteration. One twenty-four hours Valjean learned that a adult male named Jean Valjean had been found guilty of a offense. He knew that this could n’t be true because his name was Jean Valjean. After wrestling with his scruples, he decided to go to the tribunal instance where he revealed that he was the existent Jean Valjean, therefore let go ofing the indicted. Valjean says to the justice, “ I am the adult male you want. I am Jean Valjean. I wish I could maintain my oral cavity shut and allow this hapless wretch suffer for me, but continue with the probe Monsieur. You will happen farther cogent evidence that I am Valjean. ” This was a immense determination that he made, since the governments learn that he is an flight inmate ; coercing Valjean to, one time once more, to be an absconder from the jurisprudence. This means that he would hold to release all the things that he had accomplished in his professional life, but by submiting to a criterion of psychological unity, by making what is right and true, Valjean made one of the most poignant psychological alterations in his life.

Sacrifice, what is it? Harmonizing Webster ‘s New Collegiate Dictionary forfeit is defined as, “ The resignation or devastation of something prized or desirable for the interest of something considered as holding a higher or more urgent claim. ” The ultimate forfeit is shown towards the terminal of the film which shows Valjean ‘s true character. After several old ages of running from Javert and the jurisprudence, Valjean find himself in an challenging state of affairs. Valjean has Javert, who has been seeking to stop his life of all time since he was in gaol, with his custodies tied, a gun to his caput, and a opportunity for him to eventually stop his life. What does he make? He merely lets him travel. Valjean spares Javert ‘s life for some really straightforward, but touching grounds. Valjean is nil like Javert. He does non encompass the same abomination or the desire to win like Javert does. Jeans merely “ wants to populate in peace. ” This brave determination by Valjean exemplifies how far Jean has come since the beginning of the movie. Merely as the bishop showed clemencies on Valjean, he besides demonstrated that same act of clemency on Javert ; even when he least deserved it.

Even today, people ‘s positions on life are changed for the better when they ‘ve been shown Acts of the Apostless of love, compassion, and clemency. This is depicted in Les Miserables as Jean Valjean goes through many psychological alterations which shape him into, literally, a wholly different individual for the good. He was extended clemency when he least deserved it, and in-turn, became a morally unsloped citizen who showed compassion and clemency on others. I hope that through this paper you ‘ve been inspired to get the better of obstructions and difficult times in your ain lives and are able to utilize your troubles to model you into a better individual.


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