The Pursuit of Happiness Essay

October 3, 2017 General Studies

Ray Bradbury’s novel. Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953 and carries a heavy message that holds true in today’s society. Happiness requires forfeit. In the novel. Guy Montag is populating a good generic life that’s surface deep. Yet Montag is looking for more or possibly merely something else. Bradbury uses Clarisse as a cardinal character that farther clefts Montag’s safe universe. He thinks he’s happy yet he knows he’s been in secret stashing books in his place. This is a unsafe game that opens up Montag’s head to thoughts and believing in a society against such freedoms.

He begins to oppugn his felicity. “Happy! Of all the bunk. ” and all of a sudden acknowledges that he’s non happy ( Bradbury 10 ) . One peep in a book during a raid leads to Montag citing “once upon a time” that consequences in dramatic life alteration all the manner down to the cellular degree. Montag’s quest for information is about unsighted and ab initio an unconscious desire. Bradbury intimations to something concealing behind a blowhole but the Montag doesn’t consciously acknowledge his illegal aggregation right off. He is so haunted with the books merely because he doesn’t know why they are hunted and burned.

Beatty seems to detect certain alterations in Montag and attempts to win back Montag utilizing pointed quotation marks from literature. This effort fails and Beatty says Montag is. “a load. And fire will raise you off my shoulders. clean speedy sure. nil to decompose subsequently. Antibiotic. aesthetic. practical ( Bradbury 115 ) ” . Beatty finally forces Montag to fire his house down after Montag’s married woman betrays him and runs off. This minute seems to supply an alibi for Montag to kill Beatty. Montag all of a sudden turns on Beatty with the fire throwster and Beatty tempts him. “Go in front now. you 2nd manus essayist. draw the trigger. ( Bradbury 119 )

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Beatty is a mirror of that cynic interior voice. When Guy hears that sentence he has a pick to doubt himself or blare through that voice on his continued flight. Guy took the opportunity many people daydream about. The chance to confront that interior critical voice and blare its searing words with a flamethrower and to allow that critic experience the fire. He has sacrificed so much. everything. and now that he’s lost it all. finally. he’s free to make anything. This disclosure proves lifelessly for Beatty. On the metro Guy was seeking to memorise an full book of the bible. he even begins to repent seeking greener grazing lands.

The numbness will travel away…give me back the old face and the old hands the manner they were. Even the smile…the old burnt-in smiling. that’s gone” ( Bradbury 78 ) . Montag can’t even fthms who he used to be. Montag has burned away everything that created his life and his evident felicity. He did this for books. He was forbidden to possess them and read them yet he still wanted to cognize why. This oppugning led him to give up everything and start over. He did non cognize that this determination would finally salvage his life. He merely wanted to be able to explicate his ain thoughts and this could assist him specify himself.

Montag’s quest for felicity in the novel truly begins at the terminal of the narrative. Montag lost everything. yet had himself genuinely for the first clip. He and his friends approach the bombed metropolis to get down a new metropolis and a new life. filled with rationalism and thoughts. His whole construct of felicity has been redefined and is no longer tied to stuffs. like telecasting. Bradbury wrote this narrative over 50 old ages ago but the message is still of import. For anyone that seeks felicity. there is no consecutive line and that losing or winning is based on the perceptual experience of the person.


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