The Re Launching Candia Milk Marketing Essay

August 8, 2017 Marketing

CDL ( Chaudhry Dairy Limited ) is one of the reputable and celebrated companies in Pakistan. CDL was established in 1984 as a private limited company. The company came up with its first merchandise Haleeb MilkA? and continued to spread out its merchandise line. In 1988, CDL introduced ‘Haleeb CreamA? which was non merely launched straight for consumer market but alsosupplied to many ice pick mills where it was used as a nucleus ingredient. The company has its caput office in Lahore and a works located 65-km from Lahore in BhaiPheru. The works is equipped with latest equipment and engineering, specialised workers scientists and professionals who assure quality at every degree of production process.Chaudhry Dairies limited is one of those who have entered the dairy industry of Pakistan and have posed serious menaces to wellestablished houses like Nestle. The name of Chaudhry Dairies limited was changed toHaleeb Foods Limited with consequence from February, 2004.

Candia is a merchandise of CDL, whichwas launched in 1999. Candia is a Gallic trade name and it is processed and packed under and licensed in CDL. Candia already is a really popular trade name in Europe and other 52 states. Now it is besides available in Pakistan ‘s major metropoliss under CDL distribution channels. CDL invested around 200 million rupees to establish Candia in Pakistan out of which 10 to 15 million were spent on its advertizements as it was launched early during the World Cup of 1999.

Candia is Europe ‘s Number One selling milk. CDL Foods Limited and Candia of France have joined custodies to convey the people highest quality milk. For the first clip in Pakistan, CDL Foods Limited has introduced milk packed in nutrient class plastic bottles. These bottles are manufactured from imported stuffs at CDL Foods latest works. They guarantee longer shelf life, highest quality and storage with easiness of usage.

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SWOT Analysis


The Major strength of Candia is the merchandise itself because there is no other merchandise with such singularity in the market.

Thickness: It is more caramelized milk in its nature.

Convenience: It is in a bottle form so it is easier to open. Just take the lid off and pour milk.


Their merchandise is disregarding female gustatory sensation ; Mostly, Men usage to imbibe thick milk as compared to Women.

The colour of the milk was xanthous therefore doing the consumers reluctant to purchase.

There is no running publicity. Merely Niche markets targeted to function the likes of N.W.F.P and Punjab.

Music plays a critical function in selling of any merchandise. Harmonizing to one research in 70 % ads, it is music, which attracts the attending of audience. The ads for Candia did non hold any music or tune in them.


Large Market is at that place because 77 % of the market portion is yet to be captured.


Haleeb bottle milk is its biggest menace since there will be a cannibalising state of affairs in the market.

Tetra Pack is the biggest menace for CANDIA because it is the merely bottled natural merchandise in Pakistan.

ReasonsWhy Candia Milk Failed In Pakistan

Harmonizing to aresearch, it was noticedthat there are countries of failings in the market attempts of Candia. Candia has non shown the consequence which was expected of it.It launched the whole advertizement disbursal in the beginning and it merely paid in for the first three months. After that, the sale of Candia milk has been falling and it isforcing the company to cut down on its promotional disbursals. Following are the major factors of its failure:


Candia milk failed to make a proper advertizement and selling run. There was barely any on air advertizement and no other medium foradvertisement was used allow alone selling.


The of import properties that Candia deficiencies are colour and gustatory sensation of the milk. The colour is non strictly white due to which people begin to believe that the milk is non pure and hygienic.


Candia does non cover all ages of group. It fails to cover all age groups. It targets the age group of 6-12. Peoples over this age barrier ; Youth and aged people, they are non targeted. The immature people aged 20-34 have a high buying power. However, they do non prefer Candia or any other packaged milk and prefer fresh milk.


Another country of failing is the pricing scheme used for Candia. Its monetary value was higher than the other trade names available in Pakistan. This did non let Candia to perforate the market efficaciously.


Packaging is the the most of import factor lending to bad gustatory sensation and colouring of the milk. Even though it has a USP packaging but if exposed in the sunshine, the milk is discolored.


The name Candia was comparatively unknown to the people of Pakistan and many thought it was some sort of confect or something of that kind. They were and still non cognizant of the original Candia, which was so popular in Europe and other 52 states around the universe. The trade name has spirit of milks instead than merely kick milk.


Another major ground for the failure of Candia is that the company has non been able to increase the deepness of their merchandise since establishing its spirits, colourss, sizes, and overall assortment. These inventions are necessary tocreate a good image of the trade name in the head of the consumer.


No inducement or price reductions areoffered to the consumers. No majority price reductions are given either. The rivals nevertheless, follow this pattern. CDL is besides non supplying deep deep-freezes and electric refrigerators to large retail mercantile establishments and departmental shops of Candia. Due to this, there are many countries where Candia milk is non executing good, particularly in countries of their mark markets. Candia milk targets the high-incomeperson life in forcing countries, which has dramatically reduced its sale.

Research Material

The construct of ‘packaged milk ‘ has grown over the last decennary and is acquiring progressively popular. The questionnaire that we floated diamonds this as 62 % of the people said they consumed packaged milk whereas 38 % did non.

One of the chief grounds for the increased tendency, as depicted by our questionnaire was the people ‘s concern for hygiene. A big per centum, about 46 % of the people said they consumed packaged milk since they thought it was much more hygienic. About 20 % ought for it based on its convenience, 15 % as per the recommendation of their family/friends and 18 % because of its longer shelf life.

Harmonizing to our questionnaire, 40 % of the people believe that they consider costly milk trade names to be lead oning and make non carry through their quality standard. 23 % perceived such a trade name to be of higher quality, 29 % were apathetic and a negligible 8 % idea they would see it as aiming a specific market section.

Approximately 36 % of the people said that a melody or a jangle could single-handedly be the most of import factor in doing them notice or remember an advertizement. 16 % said that the subject of the ad would be that of import factor, whereas the continuance, frequence, and endorser scored 20 % , 18 % , and 10 % severally.

5. As per the stats that we received from our questionnaire, 49 % of the people believe that the colour of the milk itself affects their purchasing determination. Whereas 38 % disagree with this and a mere 13 % were non peculiarly certain on either one of thee.

Upon inquiring, what kind of packaging did the consumers preferred to purchase the milk in, to half ; 54 % of the people said they preferred it in a bottle. The staying favorite otherwise, intending they preferred the packaging to be either in a pouch or a tetra battalion. The per centums were 16 % and 30 % severally.

A high per centum of the consumers, 35 % , errand the diverseness in spirits offered in a milk trade name to impact their purchasing wonts of devouring a peculiar milk trade name. Whereas 26 % said that, the catchiness of the advertizements itself increases their opportunities of taking milk trade name. Apart from that, a comparatively similar sum of consumers were affected by the popularity, type and pricing of the milk trade name.

The medium of advertizement that the consumers thought hooked them the most once more, had more or less the same per centums. However, 39 % of the people said that, it was non merely one medium of publicity but it was alternatively the merger of all these means together, the combined advertizement through all these mediums that caught their attending the most. The mediums being Television, Magazines, Radio, Social media and Signboards.

In conformity with the informations that we gathered from the questionnaire, Candia as a milk trade name is seen/recalled by 39 % of the people as a trade name that was non promoted a batch allow entirely extremely advertised. About 15 % of the people remember it as being extremely priced, 13 % as popular, 15 % as aiming a mark market, and 18 % as a trade name leaving high quality.

10. A reasonably high sum of the people recommended that Candia ought to utilize a much more tricky subject, along with a nice jangle, something that clicks the heads of the people and corsets in their caputs. They besides proposed that Candia should publicize its trade name much more than it already does so that the people are more cognizant of the trade name. Apart from that, they projected the possibility of success of Candia if they targeted non merely the childs or a specific mark market but a mass market alternatively.

Changing Consumer ‘s Percept

Consumers come across many merchandises daily but do non ever retrieve them all. The 1s they recall are normally the 1s they have experienced or merely the 1s theyare exposed to.There are some merchandises to which they get exposed in such a manner that the memory of that merchandise stays with them. Such merchandises have properties like brassy packaging or something unusual. Other such factors include the manner the merchandise is promoted, how it isadvertised, and who endorses it. The medium used for advertisement dramas an of import portion in the acquisition and memory of a consumer refering a peculiar merchandise. The frequence of a telecasting ad might be more than a print ad or a hoarding and that telecasting ads incorporate the sense of sight and hearing. It is seen that most consumers over clip associate the merchandise with a jangle or tune used in the ad as it seems to be insistent and catchy in nature. The motto, “ Candia – General-purpose milk – The best for your household ” shows that the company is seeking to place the trade name as holding a high quality in the consumers mind and right for everyone in the household, besides picturing a alteration of lifestyle.This indicates that Candia has now employed a more aggressive promotional attack and is seeking to be more persuasive and exposing a new trade name personality and attitude.

Candia has looked at similar factors in its re-launch as antecedently it was missing ; a musical telecasting ad therefore non steeping the consumers in the ad itself. Its new ad has a really tricky melody and triggers the “ happy temper ” . In add-on, the manner the advertizement is shot is rather different from its rivals that exist in the market. They typically show how the milk is processed and tested or merely demo a household utilizing milk organizing a narrative ad. Harmonizing to the study, Candia is recalled as a lowly promoted milk trade name, hence Candia has now engrossed in heavy promotional activities to carry the consumers. Besides the fact that how the ad would be shown, at what times and at what frequence has been looked at by the company as it plays a critical function. Excessively much repeat of the ad tends to rag the viewing audiences so maintaining that in head it shall non be repeated at short intervals alternatively it would be aired at the peak times at which people watch telecasting. Furthermore the hoardings along the route are put up in such a manner that while driving or passing by that country it comes within the threshold and is easy viewed by everyone who passes by.

While publicizing it is of import to maintain in head to somehow affect the consumers and trip their centripetal receptors instantly to capture their attention.Candia in its ad has done the same, the tune used in it instantly grabs attending and besides the innovativeness in the ad, the construct of stop gesture used in the ad is interesting and visually appealing and makes certain that the spectator tickers till the terminal as it seems to be exciting seeing a bottle of milk traveling on its ain. Companies tend to utilize more than one centripetal entreaty and the most of import in a telecasting ad are both sight and hearing as in the Candia ad. Therefore, this can be counted as a competitory advantage for the company.

Until this day of the month, the consumers tend to retrieve Candia as the first milk trade name in Pakistan that was launchedin a fictile bottle. Keeping that in head, while re-launching, Candia used this and changed the form of the bottle a spot, so that it stays at the differential threshold degree. Harmonizing to the study, 54 % of the people preferred to purchase milk in a bottle with a grip, therefore Candia made the alterations required.

Candia & A ; Consumer Related Factors

Candia was introduced in Pakistan in 1999, and although, when launched, it had high outlooks attached, it failed to present. If it were to be re-launched, Candia would hold to alter its overall perceptual experience in the heads of the consumer. Factors like Self-Concept, Self Esteem, Personality and Life manner of the consumer and overall consumer attitude do hold an impact on the gross revenues of a certain merchandise. Hence, Candia should concentrate on these constructs to understand their consumers in a better wayand to do their merchandise more appealing to the consumer head.

Self Concept- The term self-concept is a general term used to mention to how person thinks about or perceives him or herself. The self-concept is how we think about and measure ourselves. To be cognizant of oneself is to hold a construct of oneself. The self-concept is a really complex construction. We describe properties of self-concept along with dimensions such as content, positiveness, strength, and stableness over clip and truth. In the subject of consumer behaviour, people derive their sense of ego at least partly from the goods and services they consume. Through the ingestion of the symbols contained in merchandises, consumers attempt to heighten their self-concepts by utilizing merchandises to pass on peculiar personal features to themselves and others.

When it was foremost launched, Candia chiefly focused the younger coevals. If it were to be re-launched now, it should aim people of all ages. They should show themselves in a manner that everyone can tie in himself or herself with Candia. Nestle is a trade name that was really successful in making so. It should foreground how it is healthy, because a major part of the market is childs and they should concentrate on pulling the female parents and concentrating on how the ingestion of Candia is good for their childs can make that.

Self Esteem- The term ego esteem refers to the positiveness of a individual ‘s self-concept. Peoples with low self-esteem feel that they will non execute really good, and they would seek to avoid embarrassment, failure, or rejection.

If Candia were to re-launch it would hold to be after its schemes out in such a manner that the consumers feel that devouring Candia would be good for their image. When asked in a questionnaire whether the colour of the milk was of any relevancy to the consumer a bulk of 49 % said yes. This affected the self-pride of the consumer as they felt that the milk that they were devouring as non pure/ healthy. Candia should be after their schemes out in a manner that people would experience good about devouring it and experience that they made the right determination in taking Candia as a trade name.

Personality- Each individual has personality features that act upon his or her purchasing behaviour. By personality, we mean a set of separating human psychological traits that lead to comparatively consistent and digesting responses to environmental stimulations. Personality isoften described in footings of such traits as assurance, laterality, liberty, respect, sociableness, defensiveness, and adaptability. Personality can be utile variable in analysing consumer trade name picks.

The thought is that trade names besides have personalities, and consumers are likely to take trade names whose personalities match their ain. We define trade name personality as the specific mix of human traits that may be attributed to a peculiar trade name.

1. Earnestness ( earthy, honest, wholesome, and cheerful )

2. Exhilaration ( make bolding, spirited, inventive, and up-to-date. )

3. Competence ( dependable, intelligent, and successful )

4. Edification ( upper-class and capturing )

5. Ruggedness ( outdoorsy and tough )

Candia should travel for the personality attributes of Sincerity and Competence. As the trade name would be aiming the mass, the consumers should experience that what they are devouring is good for them and the trade name would give good value.

Lifestyles- Lifestyles defines a form of ingestion and reflects a individual ‘s picks on how to pass his/her clip and money. In an economic sense your lifestyle represents the manner to elect to apportion income.

Candia should strategize in a manner that the consumer feels that they are able to run into high criterions of quality and suit their sensed life styles within the disposable income that they have.

Consumer Attitude- An attitude is a sensitivity to measure an object or merchandise positively or negatively. We form attitudes towards merchandises and services that frequently determine whether we will buy them or non.

The scheme that Candia should follow should concentrate on it being a “ safe ” trade name. The consumer should believe of it as a trade name that would present value and is able to run into high criterions of Quality. Candia was criticized for non utilizing really effectual publicities. This resulted in the consumers organizing a really negative attitude about the trade name. They should concentrate on their publicities and they need to keep consistence among their promotional messages.

Deriving Competitive Edge over Rivals

Dressed ore on the consumers and seek to understand their physical and emotional desires.

Introduce a broad scope of merchandises that can be consumed by all age groups.

Try to understand the economic, geographic and societal factors which affect the diets of the consumers and seek to concentrate on the nutritionary and wellness value of the merchandises.

Alsoin the long tally dressed ore on the lower-income consumers and do their merchandises available at low-cost monetary values while supplying a diet counterbalancing the local dietetic lacks and including relevant nutrition.

Try to understand the motives, modus operandis, determination devising and buying wonts of the clients by passing clip with the people

Has to go a more market oriented company to understand the client or market demands and green goods merchandises consequently to accomplish the organisations ends.

Should seek to make a trade name name every bit strong as ; “ A Nestle trade name name on a merchandise is a promise to the client that it is safe to devour, that it complies with all ordinances and that it meets high criterions of quality ”

Candia can seek to be at the head of developing new customer- centric wellness merchandises and aline their researches consequently with consumer and concern demands.

Should utilize publicity as one of the major beginnings to make their clients to do them cognizant of the different merchandises introduced in the market and the value of the merchandises introduced.

Candia should follow a publicity mix with a perfect blend of several different publicity tools to advance the value of its merchandise and do the clients aware of their different merchandises.

Ads should be attractive through all the possible media. Internet is one of the latest media and should be used by Candia to advance their merchandises, where they have different web sites hosted for different merchandises. Different schemes for each merchandise like on-line competitions and distribution.

Through public dealingss Candia can seek to convey to the attending of all the clients and organisations concerned about the assorted issues or concerns and the current attack they are taking towards these concerns.

Candia should follow a favourable selling channel, which is most appropriate for the consumers.

They should seek to concentrate on distinction scheme. They differentiate their merchandises with their rivals by giving them better client satisfaction and quality with in an acceptable monetary value bound. They cut down the hazard of complexness of supply concatenation and lower attraction for discount houses to follow this distinction scheme

In add-on, Candia must keep a good client relationship harmonizing to the gustatory sensation and demand of the emerging market.

Corrective Actions To Be Taken By The Company

Buyer behaviour and preparedness:

Candia ‘s market portion was worsening and there was a demand to do a rejoinder policy to beef up the trade name and this can merely be done through publicity mix to do an image in the heads of the people.

Ad scheme:

During summers, as the milk production diminutions because of low supply of natural milk from dairy farms, the supply decreases, which increases the demand for packaged milk, it was recommended that the direction should stress on a Pull scheme as Candia now may be used as an alternate merchandise. Ads, print media, electric media run, etc.must be used for the heavy publicity of the merchandise.

Gross saless publicity scheme:

During winters, push scheme was recommended by giving inducements to the consumers because the milk supply is good and the competition is intense.

Personal merchandising tools:

Emotions- gross revenues force should aim the emotions of parents and carry them to choose Candia as imbibing milk for their childs.

Direct selling tools:

It was strongly recommended that Haleeb nutrients must hold an effectual web presence in this synergistic universe. To advance the full site, an on-line selling plan was launched. A comprehensive, extremely targeted group of finish web sites was chosen for the plan. The web site was registered with yahoo hunt portal and a figure of tactical elements helped drive on-line consciousness and enquiries into the plan

Internal Communication:

Over the old ages, organisations have now started understanding the importance of internal communicating in accomplishing corporate ends and aims. We strongly believed that by implementing the above-named schemes the direction has been capable of heightening corporate profitableness ; make a resonant trade name name of Candia.

Positioning scheme:

Candia has a current placement scheme that Candia milk is largely meant for imbibing intents. It is steadfastly believed that the direction has modified the merchandise placement and has positioned it as being a multipurpose milk trade name that can be consumed by all age groups.

Promotion scheme:

Following ways were adopted for the publicity of Candia that was helpful for the betterment of the sale of Candia


Television played an of import function for the publicity of Candia a selling budget was spent on the ad on different Television channels for the publicity of that merchandise.


Haleeb Foods advertised Candia Milk in all reputed day-to-day newspapers like Jung, Dawn, Din, Nawa-e-Waqat, The Nation etc.

Sign Boardss

Sign boards and hoardings can besides play a critical function in the publicity of Candia. Neon Candia marks can be easilynoticed by the oculus and must be displayed on most attention-getting locations in the metropoliss.


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