The Renaissance Was A Time Of Great Peace History Essay

The Renaissance was a clip of great peace and prosperity. Work force were making art, composing literature, and doing dramas. Did you know that the Renaissance was the most celebrated clip of art production in history? There were festivals all the clip and barely any war. Normally, the people could step outside their front doors without being viciously murdered. A batch of new and utile engineering was made in this all right epoch. Why was this? Since when was the universe in a clean plenty province to really hold merriment and amusement? How were work forces like Shakespeare able to bring forth such superb literary plants? Well, there are a couple grounds why the Dark Ages eventually ended and the Renaissance came to be. The first epoch of major drama production was due to the rise of the Renaissance, and the deficiency of wars and civil struggle gave work forces like Shakespeare the opportunity to bring forth literature.

Why was there no drama production or any major signifier of amusement before this clip period? Well there are three words that answer this inquiry: the Dark Ages. Upon the autumn of Rome, the universe turned into a helter-skelter and out of control barbarian cavity. There were changeless wars and there was seldom any clip of peace. The Catholic Church even ruled the authorities! There was besides something called the jurisprudence of the feud. The jurisprudence of the feud was where there were household wars and scores. An enemy would kill your household if you killed theirs. That whole system of retaliation killing did non assist either. It created a clip period where there was no order and no peace. Therefore cipher had the clip or will to flush compose for others amusement since they were so concerned with basic endurance.

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The feudal system kept much freedom off from the common people. Therefore, how could the people have avocations if their lives were run by the authorities? There were really small cases where people really could compose for amusement. Beowulf is a great illustration of this. There is a nice illustration of the jurisprudence of the feud in Beowulf. In the narrative, the monster Grendel killed many soldiers from Herot. Therefore, Beowulf came in and killed Grendel. Grendel ‘s female parent got huffy and attacked. Because she attacked, Beowulf went down and killed her. This is a great illustration of the jurisprudence of the feud. Beowulf was one of the lone narratives written for amusement during this clip. It was really rare for person to hold a opportunity to compose as a profession. Even in this narrative, it is about war, force, hatred, and retaliation.

This is how the feudal system worked: There were three different civil categories. The male monarchs and the other assorted royalties had all the proficient power, although they were often manipulated by the Catholic Church. Anything they say goes. They were the lone 1s who had reasonably nice lives. After that, there were the Godheads of manors, knights, and retainers of the male monarch. These were the work forces who owned belongingss of land given to them by the male monarch. They hired helot to work the land, but put them into debt so they were forced to work at that place for the remainder of their lives. Then there were the helot, slaves, and provincials. They were tied to the land and lived in complete poorness. They were points to be bought and sold. They meant nil in the long tally. To sum up the whole system of things, cipher had any say in things. It was wholly turned upside down. Because people were either illiterate, or could non talk in another linguistic communication, the Catholic Church fundamentally ruled everything and everyone. It was a really long clip before the Bible was translated into English. If the Catholic Church were the lone 1s who could construe the Bible, so they could do people think whatever they wanted them to.

Finally, the people started to pick up on it. Geoffory Chaucer wrote the Canterbury Tales. In these narratives, he has assorted people of different professions going on a pilgrim’s journey together. In that narrative, Chaucer tells everyone that the Catholic Church is a bogus and does everything for power and money. Other than that, there was really small signifier of authorities and wars were more plentiful than nutrient. The mean individual did non hold clip for merriment ; the lone thing on his head was how to last the following hr. This was their lives ; their sad being that they lived twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours until the clip of their decease!

So how did the Dark Ages stop? How did the epoch of anguish interrupt off to uncover the clip period known as the Renaissance? “ The work forces of the Renaissance idea of their clip as one in which mankind changed basically. ” ( Hale 11 ) Well, there are a few universe altering factors that helped carry through this. First of wholly, there was the black pestilence. The black pestilence, spread by rats, wiped out most of England ‘s population. This awful event obliterated the feudal system. Since there were so small helot and slaves left, the Godheads and knights of the manors really had to pay the helot for their service. The helot got out of debt and started to populate normal lives. As a consequence, they became the common citizen. They were non needfully affluent, but they at least got some rewards for their difficult work. Thingss were looking better for the lower category and that was where everything started.

Another factor that led to the Renaissance was the campaigns. The terminal of the campaigns made people of Europe aware of all the other foreign states around them. They started to merchandise with different states and that created a batch of going that was ne’er at that place earlier. Besides, the barbarous wars that were taking topographic point for so long died down for the most portion. Most of the wars were merely household members killing each other for the throne. That was about it. This opened up many chances for the common citizen.

The last factor is this: a Protestant reformation started. Martin Luther and others led people to the truth about what the Bible truly says. The Bible was translated into all the people ‘s linguistic communication, and because of the deficiency of wars, some people were really get downing to go literate. The Protestants caught on to the Catholic ‘s money cozenage and did non follow their hapless traditions any longer. As a consequence of the Protestant reformation, missionaries were being spread far and broad. Foreign states were hearing the message of the Gospel and the Renaissance truly began. Because of the autumn of the feudal system and the deficiency of wars, work forces began to populate normal lives one time once more. This is where amusement and literature started to turn. Men would compose poesy, create plants of art, and write dramas. This is where William Shakespeare comes into drama.

William Shakespeare was born in April, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, about one hundred stat mis north-west of London. He died in Stratford on April 23, 1616 and was buried on April 25, 1616. William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway on November 27, 1582, or at least that is when the matrimony certification was issued. Shakespeare was 18 ; Anne was 26. She was eight old ages older than him. He was an histrion, a poet, a dramatist, and possibly the most superb literary worker of all clip. Some of his most celebrated dramas are the undermentioned: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar. “ In the drama of Henry the Fifth, written for the Globe, Shakespeare called the theater a Wooden O. ” ( Russell 10 ) He wrote one hundred and 54 sonnets all of which were in iambic pentameter. William Shakespeare ‘s dramas are still being performed to this twenty-four hours. Most of Shakespeare ‘s dramas were acted out in the Globe Theater.

The Globe Theater is where all of the dramas would be performed. “ The merely other edifices at all similar theatres were the spheres used for shows of bull and bear baiting. ” ( Russell 11 ) It was a big round theatre that was unfastened to the elements. The ground it did non hold a roof is because there was merely non plenty illuming in that clip period. It was a immense signifier of amusement in that age and still is to this twenty-four hours. The theatre was located merely outside of town. This was a scheme to acquire as many people at that place as possible and it worked admirations. “ Its unit of ammunition form, together with the tallness of its three tall narratives, made the Globe a land grade for stat mis about. ” ( Russell 11 ) When there were dramas traveling on, there was ever a peculiar seating agreement. The lower category people would stand right in forepart of the phase, and the royalty would acquire to sit up on the sides. When the royalty would sit up on the sides, it was non merely for their ain amusement, but it was besides to give everyone a good position of them. They wanted to be seen by all the people. When Shakespeare would compose dramas, he ever did it to butter up the male monarch or queen. He would either alter history in his dramas to do the male monarch expression better or merely do made up dramas for them. The dramas were besides really personal and people friendly. The people on phase would interact with the people in the audience a batch. Besides, there were no drapes on the phase, so there would be other things to divide the scenes. This is how the theatre system worked.

To sum it up, this is how Shakespearean literature came to be. Because of the autumn of the Dark Ages and the rise of the Renaissance, work forces like Shakespeare were able to compose literature for other people ‘s amusement. The Globe Theater was constructed to demo dramas and public presentations to the people. The Renaissance was a clip of peace and prosperity for Europe. Its plants of art and literature are still being used today. These are grounds why the Renaissance cleared the manner for a whole new manner of life, and changed the universe forever.



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