The Resources And Capabilities Of Kodak Commerce Essay

October 21, 2017 Commerce

The Eastman Kodak company, otherwise known as Kodak, provides imaging merchandises and services to the photographic markets. It was founded in 1881 by a adult male named George Eastman, who created the first dry home base expression which he so patented. Eastman believed that new merchandises should be extremely user friendly and should be targeted at making regular mundane people, doing picture taking something everybody could make and bask.

By 1884 Kodak had become a popular family name. George Eastman ‘s early success was due to one of his first creative activities, the axial rotation movie, Eastman believed that this creative activity would be ‘as convenient as the pencil ‘ . In 1888 George Eastman put the first simple camera into the custodies of the universe consumer with the slogan “ you press the button, we do the remainder ” ( Eastman, 1988 ) . Eastman developed rules and values in order to do Kodak a success, these steering rules and values are ; low cost mass production, the importance of quality, international distribution and the belief that growing can merely be achieved through uninterrupted betterments in research and development. George Eastman besides expressed Kodak ‘s competitory doctrine as, “ Nothing is more of import than the value of our name and the quality it stands for. We must do quality our contending statement ” . ( Eastman, 1988 ) .

By 1902, Eastman Kodak was bring forthing 80 to 90 per centum of the universes

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Celluloid movie. By the 1930s, the company operated tonss of immense, specially designed film-making machines at its Kodak Park works.

The Eastman Kodak company has continued to turn and alter with engineering, making new merchandises and procedures to do picture taking simpler and more attractive. Today Kodak is known non merely for picture taking but their images are used in commercial selling across the universe and the amusement sector, enabling the usage of engineering, imagination and information to alter how people and concerns communicate with each other.


Administrations are non indistinguishable as they have different capablenesss. If an administration is to derive a competitory advantage, it will make so on the footing of capablenesss that its challengers do non hold, or have difficulty in obtaining.

Strategic capableness is the resources and competencies of an administration needed for it to last and thrive. Kodak is a market leader but to go a market leader Kodak had to accommodate and alter with the universe as new engineering became progressively superior. The biggest job with an addition in engineering was the digital age. Kodak was the market leader in pre-digital age imagination and picture taking which included movie, photo paper and chemical development. The digital age brought the development and addition of engineering to which Kodak could non vie.

The Kodak Value Chain Pre-digital Age

The diagram below demonstrates Kodak ‘s strength in about all countries of the traditional picture taking procedure.

movie camera

picture camera

Image gaining control





– Retailer processing

at retail shops

– reissues

( Gavetti, 2005 )

To get the better of this of import phase in the company ‘s life rhythm Kodak had to mention back to the initial guiding rules and values George Eastman developed for the company which were low cost mass production, the importance of quality, international distribution and the belief that growing can merely be achieved through uninterrupted betterments in research and development. By utilizing these rules and values as a usher to better the company and push themselves into the digital age, the diagram below shows the alterations that needed to be made in order for Kodak to successfully come in the new age digital market.

The Kodak Value Chain Post-digital Age.

– At place: pressmans inkjet consumables, paper

– Online ( paper )

– At retail shops

– Online ( electronic mail, Internet )

-digital camera

– Video camera

– Movie camera


Image gaining control





– Digital Camera ‘s package

– Scanner at place

– Booths at retail merchants

– Digital mini-labs

– Online services

– Difficult disc

– Floppy disc / Cadmium

– Removable storage ( e.g. Memory stick )


– Central processing unit use


*coloured box shows Kodak was merely partially involved at this phase.

( Gavetti, 2005 )

To derive a competitory advantage, administrations must shift themselves in order to take advantage of a altering market, or in some instances hold on to their normal resource base. There are two different positions, the Resource Based View ( RBV ) , otherwise known as the ‘inside out position ‘ and the Market Based View ( MBV ) , otherwise known as the ‘outside-in position ‘ .

The resource based position of scheme is the competitory advantage and superior public presentation of an administration which is explained by the peculiarity of its capablenesss. In 1959 Dr Edith Penrose developed the thought that houses compete on resources and non their market positioning which supports the resource based position. Another protagonist of the resource based position were Prahalad and Hamel who in 1990 suggested that, “ resources that are valuable, rare or are in some signifier hard to copy organize the core-competencies that enable an administration to vie successfully ” .

In 1985 Michael Porter ‘s Competitive Strategy diary suggested that houses should persistently take their environment as the get downing point in order to find an appropriate scheme, therefore back uping the market based position.

In 2003 Kodak decided they needed to use the market based position as a scheme to eventually revolutionise into the digital age. Kodak made many changes and alterations in order to successfully derive a portion in the new market.

Dynamic capablenesss are an administration ‘s abilities to regenerate and animate its strategic capablenesss to run into the demands of a altering environment. Dynamic capablenesss may take the signifier major strategic moves such as acquisitions or confederations by which new accomplishments are learned. In 2004 Kodak completed the acquisition of Scitex Digital Printing, and sold its distant feeling systems to ITT Industries. A strategic partnership was formed with Verizon Wireless. The Eastman Kodak ‘s company besides acquired voting rights in Chinon Industries, through its Nipponese subordinate. Kodak acquired the image detector concern from National Semiconductor, and besides closed its works in Australia. At the terminal of 2004 Kodak, Fuji Photo Film and Konica Minolta Photo Imaging formed a image file awaying Kodak and sharing standard group ( to enable the saving of digital exposures and gesture images on Cadmiums, DVDs and other types of media ) .

To turn to the development of the information age in cellular engineering Kodak achieved an understanding with Cingular Wireless and Nokia to develop services for nomadic phones with cameras.


A resource is ‘a individual, plus, stuff or capital which can be used to carry through a end ‘ . Tangible resources are ‘the physical assets of an administration such as works, labor and finance ‘ . Intangible resources are ‘non-physical assets such as information, invention and cognition ‘ . To prolong a competitory advantage a house must hold ‘unique ‘ resources.

Kodak has many resources. When the company was founded George Eastman patented the creative activity of the dry home base expression, this plus was the beginning of the success of Eastman Kodak as a market leader. George Eastman was himself one of the chief resources of the company ; it was his thoughts, inventions and creative activities that created the company and made it the success it is. He non merely created the start of picture taking but he created a usher for the company, a set of rules and values for the company to follow to be successful. Kodak ‘s company logo is a resource as Kodak was the first to incorporate its name and look into a symbol with their ruddy and xanthous trade frock coloring material. Employees such as directors with valuable cognition are an of import resource particularly directors that have been hired since the managerial re-structure who have up to day of the month cognition in the digital age. Of class all the other workers and employees ( labor ) are merely every bit of import to maintain the company traveling, workers with the necessary accomplishments and experience that run the company and workss in a successful and efficient mode. Kodak has a batch of equipment, some of which Kodak has had to alter and has had to be updated since the alteration and increase in engineering in the digital age. Finance is besides a chief resource as without it there are a batch of other resources you can non hold ; finance affects the full running of the concern. Innovation is a cardinal resource, non merely was it of import for the creative activity of the company but it is critical for the hereafter of it. ‘To a greater or lesser grade, inventions either enhance or destruct competences that a houses already possesses ‘ ( Utterback, pg183 ) . An illustration of invention by Kodak is the razor blade scheme that George Eastman applied at the beginning of the company. Kodak sold cameras at low monetary values in order to bring forth net income from the gross revenues of movies for the cameras.

The digital age shook the Eastman Kodak company. Kodak was stuck in the past non unable but unwilling to alter with the remainder of the universe as engineering increased and advanced. Kodak had the ability to take control when the digital market emerged but chose non to because they believed nil could be as pioneering or as popular and as the movie. The beginning of the alteration into the digital age was in 1981, Sony launched the debut of the first filmless digital camera called the Mavica. Movies were going outdated and this was what Kodak needed to gain.

Had Kodak taken control and made the alteration at the right clip, Kodak would be in a wholly different state of affairs, nevertheless Kodak was excessively late to recognize the demand for alteration and when they eventually realised they needed to alter in order to last they were slow to respond which in the terminal cost them the market leading.


Competences are the accomplishments and abilities by which resources are deployed efficaciously through an administration ‘s activities and procedures. Core competences are competences used to accomplish competitory advantage in ways that others can non copy or obtain.

Competences are created as administrations combine worlds and engineering. If correlated together absolutely these competencies will alter over clip as both cognition and engineering develops. Chandler worked and developed this theory further in both The Visible Hand ( 1977 ) and Scale and Scope ( 1990 ) . The nexus between worlds and engineering can be seen within the Kodak company, for illustration, late Kodak have made alterations to their managerial construction which has enabled them to derive new directors with cognition and experience in digital picture taking and Kodak ‘s uninterrupted networking scheme facilitates concern chances with like-minded concern people. An illustration of networking for Kodak is when George Eastman marketed the first commercial transparent axial rotation movie in 1889, the impact ranged beyond consumer and professional picture taking. For one thing, it enabled discoverer Thomas Edison to develop the first gesture image camera in 1891, and by 1896 Kodak was marketing movie specially coated for gesture image usage.

Prahalad and Hamel ( 1990 ) said, “ Resources that are valuable, rare or are in some signifier hard to copy organize the core-competencies that enable an administration to vie successfully. ”

The knowledge-based position creates a new competency to the organisation which is the ability to make and portion cognition which gives the organisation a competitory advantage. Grant believes that competences are created from the incorporation of cognition. However an of import point has to be made, it does non count how much valuable cognition you have or how expensive your equipment is worth if you do non cognize how to utilize your resources expeditiously.

As a common regulation, competency-enhancing inventions are merely every bit likely to develop from established houses as from foreigners. Competency-destroying inventions, nevertheless, about ever come from foreigners.

The necessity to develop new competences in expectancy of future developments is an of import factor of long-run concern success and George Eastman seems to hold recognised this demand which is one of the grounds why Eastman is besides recognised as a successful pioneer.


The Eastman Kodak company was described as, ‘an illustration of repetition strategic failure – it was unable to hold on the hereafter of digital rapidly plenty, and even when it did so, it was implemented excessively easy under a uninterrupted alteration scheme and finally it did non suit coherently as a nucleus competence ‘ ( Mendez,2005 ) .

It is astonishing to believe how Eastman became a planetary market leader alternatively of the Germans, as the Germans were the leaders in the scientific discipline of optics, chemicals and design of cameras. However German merchandises were normally expensive and produced in little Numberss whereas George Eastman struck a desirable balance between cost and quality. For illustration, Eastman rapidly replaced his original Kodak camera with his No. 1 theoretical account because the former shutter system was inherently dearly-won to do. Eastman focused on his fiscal and HR on an international mass market and large-scale production. There are some similarities with Eastman Kodak and Henry Ford who incorporated the Ford Motor Company in 1903.

“ A house is said to hold a competitory advantage when it is implementing a value making scheme non at the same time being implemented by any current or possible rivals ” . ( Barney, 1992:102 )

When Thomas Edison asked Eastman to bring forth a particular movie for the freshly invented gesture image camera, Eastman already had the competences needed to develop it, he merely had to lengthen and beef up his strips of movie and add holes to link the film camera ‘s sprocket.

The importance in the development of new competences in expectancy of future developments is a critical factor of long-run concern success.

All of George Eastman ‘s early efforts at color picture taking failed, and these failures encouraged him to set up R & A ; D in the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratory.

The thought of competence is indispensable to the endurance of all houses as they encounter alteration. During the clip it took for the transmutation of the Eastman Kodak company to transform into the market leader it is, many other successful companies disappeared in a clip of technological alteration.

The capablenesss, competences and resources of a company are the cardinal factors that give a company the competitory advantages to enable them to be successful and addition market portion. This has been evident throughout the research taken on the Eastman Kodak company. However even with these capablenesss, competences and resources, no affair if you are a market leader or a little company hardly breaking-even, if you do non utilize these competitory advantages expeditiously and make non recognize the demand for alter your company is traveling to endure merely as the Eastman Kodak company did.

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