The Restoration Period Of Jonathan Swift English Literature Essay

September 9, 2017 English Literature

Jonathan Swift was born in the Restoration Period and reflects it in his verbal force, exaggeration, and expressed sexual and excretory footings ” ( Rogers, 1987, p. 231 ) . Rogers ‘ account to Swift ‘s authorship is uncovering. A figure of people seem to non cognize who Jonathan Swift was ; what he wrote ; what he did ; anything. They had been losing out on one of the best ironists of his twenty-four hours, perchance all clip. From his sarcasms of England governing Ireland to his sarcasms of Man ‘s failing, he created some of the greatest narratives anyone has of all time read or heard.

Jonathan Swift lived from 1667-1745. Swift was born in Dublin and lived in Ireland for most of his life, but his parents, Abigail Erick and Jonathan Swift, were English. His male parent was an lawyer at King ‘s Inn. His male parent died seven months before he was born, which led many to theorize that it had an influence on his authorship ( Group, 1998, p. 190 ) . He was really ill as a kid and developed Meniere ‘s disease, which affects the interior ear. He lived with his nurse in England for a few old ages when he was immature due to his female parent ‘s meagre net incomes ( Merriman, 2008 ) .

After his stay in England, Swift went back to Ireland and lived with his uncle who sent him to Kilkenny Grammar School from 1674 to 1682 where he met William Congreve. He so received a M.A. grade from Oxford University in 1692. He attended Trinity College in Dublin the undermentioned old ages. Trinity College about denied him his grade due to misbehave ( Kilvert, 1997, p. 1196 ) .

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He was ordained as a priest in 1694. He was employed as a secretary to Sir William Temple ( Rogers, 1987, p. 231 ) . In 1695, he became Prebend of Kilroot. He foremost published under the anonym Lemuel. By 1700, he became Chaplain to Lord Berkley. He was awarded his Doctor of Divinity grade in 1701 ( Kilvert, 1997, p. 1196-1197 ) .

At age thirty-seven, Swift publishedA A Tale of a TubA andA Battle of the Books. As he grew older, he became more involved with political issues and his sarcasms became more barbarian ( Merriman, 2008 ) . Part of this was the many dirts and “ behind-closed doors ” activities of the nobility ( Rogers, 1987, p. 231 ) . He publishedA Gulliver ‘s TravelsA at age 60, which has been adapted to both phase and movie, and spawned multiple subsequences. In 1728, a adult female he had been a wise man to, and some believe a lover, died, ensuing in a diminution in Swift ‘s health.A Swift donated a 3rd of his income to charity and when he died, left all his money to construct a infirmary. He was rather beneficent for the clip he lived in ( Wikisource, 2010 ) .

Section 3

InA 1667, the Dutch fleet defeated the English in Medway River. The pacts of Breda among Netherlands, England, France, and Denmark were made. The undermentioned twelvemonth, aA ternary confederation of England, Netherlands, and Sweden formed against France and Newton built his first reflecting telescope ( Group, 1998, p. 191 ) . During the new decennary, theA Secret Treaty of Dover between Charles II of England and Louis XIV of France to reconstruct Roman Catholicism to England was made. From 1672-1674, theA 3rd Anglo-Dutch war continued. William III became swayer of Netherlands the same twelvemonth. ByA 1673, Test Act aimed to strip English Roman Catholics and Nonconformists of public office. 1675 saw the building on St. Paul ‘s Cathedral Begin ( Rogers, 1987, p. 231 ) . InA 1677, William III, swayer of the Netherlands, married Mary, girl of James, Duke of York, and inheritor to the English throne. Two old ages subsequently, Act of Habeas Corpus passed, prohibiting imprisonment without test and Parliament ‘s Bill of Exclusion against the Roman Catholic Duke of York was blocked by Charles II ( Merriman, 2008 ) .

The Whigs reintroduced the Exclusion Bill and James II was King of England and VII of Scotland. Johann Bach was born the same twelvemonth. James II disregarded the Test Act and appointed Roman Catholics to public office. Then he issued the Declaration of Liberty of Conscience, which extended acceptance to all faiths ( Group, 1998, p. 191 ) . England had its ‘Glorious Revolution ‘ and Parliament issued Bill of Rights and established a constitutional monarchy in Britain. William III and Mary II became joint sovereign of England and Scotland until 1694. The Toleration Act granted freedom of worship to dissidents in England ( Rogers, 1987, p. 231 ) . Over in America, the Salem Witch Trials began in Massachusetts. 1707 brought about the brotherhood of Scotland and England to organize Great Britain ( Merriman, 2008 ) .

Section 4

Gulliver ‘s Travels, A A Tale of a Tub, A A Modest Proposal, A Battle of the Books, A Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers, A The Drapier Letters, The Journal to Stella, Writings on Religion and Church Vol. 1, Three Sermons and Prayers, A andA English TongueA are all written by Swift. Possibly Swift wrote the sarcasms he did because of turning up in such an backbreaking clip and topographic point in Ireland. Bing a hapless kid, with no male parent, and being under English regulation would surely act upon most authors.

A Modest ProposalA is a sarcasm of the English regulation of Ireland in which Swift forms a deliberate determination to hold certain people be designated “ breeders ” whose kids would be eaten for the good of the people. “ Clearness, cogency, masculine simpleness of enunciation, are conspicuous in the booklet, but true originative power told theA Tale of a Tub. “ Good Supreme being! What a mastermind I had when I wrote that book! ” was his ain exclaiming in his latter old ages. It is, so, if non the most amusive of Swift ‘s satirical plants, the most strikingly original, and the 1 in which the compass of his powers is most to the full displayed ” ( Britannica, 1911 ) .

Gulliver ‘s TravelsA is a narrative about a adult male who becomes a physician, travels around the universe on ships, and learns new information about different sorts of civilization. However, the chief focal point of the narrative is when the ship, on which he resides, clangs into a stone and he swims to shore, go throughing out a stat mi onto the island. When he awakens, he discovers he has been bonded to the land with rope and that the dwellers of the island are merely six inches tall! Their male monarch so sends for him to be brought to the land and this is where his satirical abilities begin to demo.

Section 5

A A A A A A A A A A A A Jonathan Swift, despite his infantile sense of wit, manages to jab merriment at the nobility and demo the common mans through allusions and concealed mentions what their higher-ups are truly like.A Gulliver ‘s TravelsA is one of the best books and finest sarcasms by any writer. The usage of bogus events in the narrative, which merely so happen to associate to a existent life event that happened between the Whigs and Tories in England, was mastermind.

A A A A A A A A A A A A Swift had a troubled childhood to state the least, non every bit unusual as Edgar Allan Poe ‘s, but surely non normal. He had an interesting life crammed with faith, but non love. His, as some believe, love died a few old ages before he did. He wrote more plants than a batch of writers and published rather a few under anonym. Jonathan Swift, in many heads, holds the rubric of “ Greatest Satirist of All Time. ”


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