The Rise Of Foreign Investment In Dubai Economics Essay

By July 16, 2017 Economics


The UAE is made upon an unfastened economic system with a high per capita income and a ample one-year trade excess. Successfully they had made attempts at economic variegation have reduced the part of GDP based on oil and gas end product to 25 % . Since the innovation of oil in the UAE more than 30 old ages ago, the UAE has undergone a profound transmutation from an destitute part of little desert princedoms to a modern province with a high criterion of life. The authorities has increased disbursement on occupation creative activity and substructure enlargement and is opening up public-service corporations to greater private sector engagement. UAE had signed Trade and Investment Framework Agreement with Washington in April 2004 and in November 2004 agrees to set about dialogues towards a Free Trade Agreement with US. The state ‘s Free Trade Zones offers 100 % foreign ownership and nothing revenue enhancements – helps to pull foreign investors. The universe fiscal crisis, tight international recognition, lessening of oil monetary values, and deflated plus monetary values caused GDP to drop about 4 % in 2009.

UAE governments had tried to be blunt on the crisis by increasing, disbursement and hiking liquidness in banking sector. The crisis hits Dubai severely, as it ‘s to a great extent exposed to deject existent estate monetary values. Dubai had lacked sufficient financess to run into its debt duties, motivating planetary concern about its solvency. In February 2009, Dubai launched a $ 20 billion bond plan to run into its debt duties. The UAE Central Bank and Abu Dhabi-based Bankss bought the largest portions. In December 2009 Dubai receives an extra $ 10 billion loan from emirate of Abu Dhabi. Dependence on oil merchandises and a big exile work force are important long-run challenges. The UAE ‘s strategic program for the following few old ages focuses on diversifying and making more chances for subjects through improved version of instruction and increased private sector employment.

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Foreign investors are looking towards Dubai and the UAE now every bit immensely established, and more advanced in selling as it has the experience, the substructure and the dynamic concern environment. Similarly Dubai faces challenges to many developed economic systems which is a symbol of economic adulthood. However, this presents a new set of policy challenges for Dubai to back up ongoing strategic investings.

The rise of foreign investing in Dubai had been meteorologic and its sheer impulse plays a major function in economic wellbeing of the emirate. Harmonizing to the FT Intelligence Report, in 2008, Dubai ‘s FDI contributed $ 21bn ( Dhs77.3bn ) to the GDP, therefore positioning Dubai as one of the most attractive markets for investing. FDI magazine provinces that Dubai was besides ranked foremost in the categorization of the ‘future metropoliss for investings in the MENA part ‘ . There are still challenges to be made, but with the strength of bing concerns, and the committedness to develop the emirate further, Dubai aims to pull even more FDI in the old ages to come.

The United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) has become the most dynamic economic Centre in the Middle East and the most of import foreign trade spouse of European exporters in the Arab universe, replacing Saudi Arabia in its long dominant function. Due to its political stableness, a diversified economic system every bit good as an outstanding substructure, the UAE is an ideal location for foreign investing in the part even in times of planetary fiscal challenges. Its broad economic policy and an encouraging government for foreign direct investing guarantee a go oning, stable national economic system, in malice of worsening oil exports.

In the early phases, Dubai has developed early on into a regional hub for international trade as an of import fiscal Centre within the Arabic universe. The non-oil sector is the chief driver of the dynamic economic clime. The changeless development of the touristry and belongings sectors is underlined by strong growing figures in building, conveyance, trade and fiscal services industries. Foreign investors have felt Dubai as a location non least for its assorted foreign trade zones, a construct unique within the part.


Dubai, which attracted the universe ‘s attending late with the startup of Burj Khalifa ; the universe ‘s tallest skyscraper, has ever been a premier finish for foreign investing. The Dubai authorities has been consistent in reexamining and alining regulative model to provide to new challenges in keeping its prima place as a major commercial, industrial and trading hub in the part.

An country that has witnessed continued governmental attending is easing puting up of companies in Dubai to pull more foreign investing and this article aims to foreground some of the salient initiatives taken by the Dubai authorities in the really recent yesteryear in this respect.

Formal set ups such as limited liability companies entail legal and commercial benefits such as:

Separate legal individuality on incorporation ;

Incorporated entities outlive their laminitiss ;

Resources can be pooled as multiple stockholders join together to organize a company ;

Better entree to fiscal resources ;

Bigger pool of human resource and therefore more occupation creative activity ; and

Entree to particular governments for legal proceedings for case in instance of insolvency.

To ease puting up limited liability companies in Dubai, the Dubai authorities implemented the amendment in Article 227 of the UAE Commercial Companies Law ( “ CCL ” ) which marked a major displacement from the earlier legal place in every bit much as the said Article removed the demand for minimal portion capital ( antecedently AED 300,000 ) leting laminitiss of a limited liability company ( “ laminitiss ” ) the freedom to find the company ‘s portion capital which could be less than the earlier prescribed bottom line of AED 300,000.

The above amendment has affected three related conditions. One was the missive required from the bank corroborating that the investor did hold AED 300,000 ; a papers from the hearer and the last 1 was the smart bit, which is portion of the authenticating the licence. It has led to the remotion of three obstructions, promoting laminitiss to set up concerns with echt information. This has practically reduced the cost and the turnaround clip of puting up a limited liability company in Dubai. On top of this the DED has reduced by 10 % its fees for registering companies.

No admiration so that in acknowledgment of the Dubai authoritiess ‘ attempts to farther easiness corporate puting up, the International Finance Corporation and World Bank ranked the United Arab Emirates at figure 33 in its ‘Doing Business 2010 ‘ study for easiness of making concern. Dubai was besides in top conference in the Middle East Cities of the Future ranking by FDI magazine, acquiring the highest points for economic potency, concern friendliness, substructure and quality of life.

As portion of His Highness ‘ continued support for the concern community in Dubai, in a really recent development, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE on 6th January 2010 issued in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai a decree relieving companies runing in Dubai from all mulcts imposed on them for non regenerating their licences on clip. The freedom covers companies runing in particular development territories and free zones. Harmonizing to the edict companies that rectify their position before the grace period that ends in June will profit from this privilege.

This recent move, which has been widely appreciated by the local concern community, non merely reflects Sheikh Mohammad ‘s alone attack to promoting options solutions to spur activities of concerns, but besides indicates his support for little and medium endeavors which, harmonizing to the Dubai Statistical Centre, history for 98.5 % of registered endeavors in Dubai and supply employment for approximately 61 % of the entire work force, and a committedness to cut down the cost of making concern in Dubai

In sync with its e-Government enterprises, the DED has besides commenced online services for the followers:

Online payment for licence and publishing the licence straight from the DED web site

Online trade licence reclamation ;

Online reserve of name ; and

Online initial blessing for company apparatus.

In tandem with encouraging corporate apparatuss, the Dubai authorities has established a dedicated office in the DED to further drive foreign direct investing to Dubai and this is likely to increase the rate of corporate set ups in the Emirate: a formal corporate set up would usually move as depository of FDI in signifier of joint venture company or a particular purpose vehicle.

Known as the Foreign Investment Office ( “ FIO ” ) its initial success has been to ease the gap of the Middle East regional central office of Bayer Group, the Fortune 500 planetary health care, nutrition and hi-tech stuffs group with a entire initial investing of AED 80 million ( US $ 22 million ) .

During the reasoning hebdomad of December 2009 it was widely reported in the local imperativeness that a memoranda of apprehension has been signed between FIO, A.T. Kearney Ltd and Global Business Policy Council. Reports published in newspapers suggest that all signers to the understanding would work to place Dubai as the globally preferable foreign direct investing finish by developing advanced FDI policy tools and systems ; workings with taking planetary idea leaders in FDI and developing and pull offing prima FDI patterns to farther better the investing environment.

As a starting point AT Kearney has conducted an independent study of around 1,000 senior functionaries of foreign houses and a study based on the responses received in this study has been published really late. The study suggests that 80 % of the respondents, which included CEOs and presidents of companies, are non merely committed to remaining in Dubai, but are besides pitching up for enlargement in the short to average term: a decision that negates the idle pessimism being advanced by a subdivision of Western media.

Dubai free zones have been a success narrative in pulling foreign direct investing and any treatment on the topic would be uncomplete without their mention.

Growth, peculiarly in industrial sector in Dubai, sheds visible radiation on the important importance of industrial free zones for economic development in the part. Free zone, such as the Jebel Ali Free Zone – UAE ‘s first free zone, established in 1980 in Dubai – has encouraged the constitution of more free zones, unleashing an industrial revolution.

Free zones in Dubai have acted, and go on to make so, as a accelerator for foreign investing by offering inducements such as:

100 % foreign ownership: free zone companies do non necessitate a local spouse, as is the instance with most international companies in the Middle East.

No recruitment/sponsorship jobs: the free zone authorization besides acts as the nominal patron of the staff whom companies may wish to engage, but companies are free to enroll for themselves if they so wish. However, employees can be provided by the free zone authorization harmonizing to client demands. There are no ordinances sing the employment of subjects.

100 % repatriation of capital and net incomes: no corporate revenue enhancements are imposed and repatriation of both net incomes and capital is allowed.

No currency limitations: Dubai ‘s trading tradition, established over many old ages, is based on the free flow of capital and net incomes and the absence of exchange control. The free zone derives the same benefits.

No corporate revenue enhancements for 50 old ages: companies runing in a free zone are exempt from corporate revenue enhancements for a lower limit of 50 old ages, renewable for a farther 50 twelvemonth period.

No personal income revenue enhancements: there is any personal revenue enhancement within the free zone countries.

Readymade installations: Each free zone would supply ready- made installations for investors. These installations include air- learned warehouses, cold shops and a modern container cargo station. These are backed up by experient staff, computing machine monitoring and control systems, computerized stock list control, modern narrow-aisle racking and lading handling equipment, supported by extended services which include promotional re-packing and shrivel wrapper.

Free zones can offer more inducements as compared to a limited liability company incorporated on mainland Dubai in footings of shareholding and dedicated services for companies involved in peculiar commercial activities, such as, wellness ( Dubai Healthcare City ) , media ( Dubai Media City ) and fabrics ( Dubai Textile City ) , to call merely a few. In fact soon there are 30 six free zones ( bing and proposed ) .

It has been reported that while the trade volume and pecuniary value for exports from free zones stood at 5,076,067,064kg and AED 59.8 billion in the first one-fourth of 2009, the corresponding figures for industries located outside the free zones was 10,508,982,710kg and AED 12bn. Similarly, in the 2nd one-fourth of 2009, the entire pecuniary value of exports from free zones stood at AED 63bn while it stood at AED 116bn for companies registered under Dubai commercial Torahs. This so reflects Dubai ‘s success narrative as a premier finish for foreign direct investing.

With the continued committedness of the Dubai authorities to do Dubai a premier finish for foreign investing as reflected in the practical stairss taken by it towards doing corporate set ups easier, we steadfastly believe that Dubai ‘s attraction as a hub for foreign investing will go on to turn in the old ages to come.


The HSBC group, being one of the taking groups that have undergone batch of transmutations in this full exercising of puting up of successful concern and they have faced several challenges including the Islamic banking regulations to that private banking and investings in that part.

The benefits of making concern in this zone:

Duty free and revenue enhancement free services

World category substructure

Gateway to all major metropoliss and markets

Easier foreign exchange and trade installations

Governmental support and broad policies

The disadvantages faced by the group:

Banking regulations have to be different

Traditional selling of merchandises can non be accepted

Language barriers

Restriction on citizenship and in-migration

Loans and involvement will non be accepted.


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