The rise of Napoleon I

January 2, 2017 History

European history has been filled with many great leaders. Some were in their positions for a long time while others made their mark and the departed. Few European leaders however made the historical splash that Napoleon Bonaparte I did in France. His rise to power was nothing short of amazing. For years historians have debated how he became so well regarded in France in such a short time and have pieced together the answer. The people of France were ready, he brought them new ideas, and other nations were willing to fight at precisely the right time. All of these actions cumulated in Napoleon rising to power. .

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Throughout the years since Napoleon reigned many experts have moralized is actions. He was known as a man who would leave no stone unturned when it came to fighting a war. His need to win always outranked his compassion for human life and he thought nothing of charging forth with a blood bath waiting to happen. While this was his method of operation he also knew just when to charge and just when to wait. The popularity he gained in France had a lot to do with his ability to lead the troops in war(Asprey, Basic Books, 2000).



Before we can fully understand the impact that Napoleon had in France we first must be able to understand the man himself and where he came from. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769. His entire adult life was dedicated to the service and he received many commissions for the work he did(Napoleon, 1998). Before taking over as leader of France he racked up several battles of victory including squashing an attempted royal uprising in Paris. “Napoleon returned to France and carried out a coup against the government of the Directory to establish his own dictatorship, nominally as First Consul. The Austrians were again defeated at Marengo 1800 and the coalition against France shattered, a truce being declared 1802. A plebiscite the same year made him consul for life.


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