“The Road to Hell” Case Analysis Essay

August 6, 2017 Management


This instance starts simple and becomes complex in nature as you get closer to the terminal of Matthew’s interview. John Baker an Englishman is the main applied scientist of the Caribbean Bauxite Corporation of Barracania in the West Indies. Baker is given a undertaking to prepare his replacement into his place within 30 yearss of go forthing to his new place as production director of Keso Mining Corporation. Young Barracanian Matthew Rennalls is being groom for as his replacement to take over every bit main applied scientist. The lone thing that stood between the passing of the torch was the concluding interview “The Road to Hell” for Mr. Baker. His aim was to hold a smooth passage for his replacing and do sure he continued with harmonious workplace civilization of self-respect and regard to fellow coworkers.


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After reexamining the instance. it was realized there were multiple jobs race. perceptual experience based on anterior history between the two civilizations. and communicating. Mr. Baker assumed he ne’er got as close with Matt due to racial differences. While Matt ne’er let Mr. Baker truly. acquire to cognize him because of the cultural differences between the older Englishmans and Bacarranian people. While seeking to convey a since of integrity Baker communicating was entirely one sided based on the Englishmen’s point of view and non the Bacarranian people. His purposes were missed in his comparing of how long the Western Europe and the United States had been making commercial commercialism 300 old ages versus the Baccarranians 50 old ages. What he intended as a compliment to them Bacarrania come oning so fast came off as a back handed smack to Rennalls’ people. If Barker would hold been more direct in his concerns of desiring to hold a more sincere friendly relationship with Matt. the decomposition of the working relationship may non hold happen. It was besides apparent the past cultural prejudice that Matthew had against European exiles was doing him to experience defensive towards them as whole.


With the rise in globalisation and the Goliath of Multinational Corporations. There is a batch being lost in interlingual rendition. As we move up the perpendicular ladder in our concern with more and more diverseness in the workplace. Our communicating for this workplace variegation has moved horizontal. I am happening the more we communicate the less we understand one another. For illustration. the ways we communicate in United States and United Kingdom versus Asian and Middle Eastern states differ. See Table 1 below that shows the difference in low context civilizations versus high context civilizations.

In order to accomplish cultural synergism in a diverse group they must come together for a common end. Rennalls’ and Baker both ab initio had synergy at work. with there like wit and are both first-class applied scientists. However. the cultural difference is what has divided them. Rennalls nor Baker is a racialist by their actions or definition of the word. The two work forces suffer from cultural pride. Baker pride was shown in his since of British high quality of cognition and patterned advance over the centuries in commercialism experience. While Rennalls pride was rooted in the regard to Barracanian people and state. This political orientation has destroyed growing of many states and concern in their growing.

Therefore. both men’s perceptual experience of each other is what destroyed their relationship. Baker perceptual experience of Rennalls started with the since of ne’er truly acquiring to cognize him every bit good as he would hold like to. Besides. from the production director Hutchins. Jackson the senior draughtsman. and Godson he had developed a repute for being ill-mannered to exiles. In Rennalls defence can sympathize with his position and reaction because as a adult female of colour I been in his places. I have besides been in Baker places as an exile working in the Middle East. The perceptual experience of Rennalls from his English carbon monoxide workers was he was ill-mannered and hard to work with. But. if that was genuinely the instance Baker would hold gotten the same impression signifier working with him. On the other manus Rennalls was viewed by baker as being rude and insensitive to the Bacarranian achievements in commercialism.


For instant short term consequences. Baker needs to see with Rennalls instantly to offer an apology. Then explicate his true purposes in the conversation to both Matt Rennalls and his male parent. Besides. offer to widen his stay to assist guarantee a smooth passage of Matt’s leading as Chief Engineer. By making so that will let him to buffer any challenges against and allow him cognize he truly supports and believe in his abilities to lift to the challenges of the place. Baker merely wanted to shut the distance between the two. But he missed his chance non holding cultural diverseness categories to hold a better apprehension of the Bacarranian people and the civilization of the West Indies. He was cognizant instantly that the cultural distance between Englishmen and Bacarranian’s was much greater than any other exile experience he has had before. Yet he ignored the chance to shut the spread.

Long term consequences will necessitate that Organizations implement assorted methods of preparation to guarantee everyone in a diverse work environment is communicated to decently. Many organisations impart practical. real-life preparation to learn employees how to manage state of affairss those arise due to cultural differences. The organisations can utilize the undermentioned cross-cultural developing techniques: •Environmental briefings: to supply information about history. geographics. clime. schools. authorities. economic system. etc. •Orientation in civilization: to familiarise the employees with value systems and civilization of the host state. •Cultural learner: is a programmed acquisition technique that is designed to expose employees of one civilization to some of the attitudes. imposts. etc. of another civilization. •Language preparation: to learn colloquial linguistic communication accomplishments. •Sensitivity preparation: to develop attitudinal flexibleness. •Field experience: to give first manus exposure to another civilization ( Hodgetts and Luthans. 1994 ) .

As the figure of adult females. minorities etc. in the work force addition. so will their influence as consumers. Hiring adult females. minorities. disabled. etc. will assist the organisations to tap these niche markets ( Mueller. 1998 ) . I feel this is something that Continental Ore should implement into all is subordinates Caribbean Bauxite Company of Barracania. Keso Mining Corporation every bit good as Continental Ore in the Far East. As a transnational corporation they have duty to guarantee harmoniousness on every degree of their work force. To stay competitory. organisations must develop long-run intercession schemes instead than short-run solutions or schemes. Directors have to take the barriers which prevent the organisations from developing and using to the full just systems that allow work force to accomplish its full potency ( Kundu. 2001 ) .


Consequently. if these two are able to do damagess this could associate a atrocious public dealingss issue for Continental Ore as a whole in Barracanian community. Any possible for new commercialism with a community in its babyhood of commercialism would let their rivals to take their existing every bit good as any new market portions. Besides. their repute could be injures abroad because if this incident hits the international community ruddy flags would be placed when making concern with the parent corporation every bit good as its subordinates. As for the Bacarranian. if this is non settle tact and finesse their communities fiscal earning could besides be affected until they could bring forth new concern in this country. How they move base on balls this with Rennalls and his male parent being the Minister Of Finance. They could lose the ability to be a solvent state. When a state additions its independency it takes decennaries to be seen as a force in the international community financially.

Besides. even it could even hold it ain people turn on them because you could impact their ability to gain. If this becomes bigger than a two soft adult male misconstruing. As the expression goes The stating is thought to hold originated with Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who wrote ( c. 1150 ) . “L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontes et desirs” ( snake pit is full of good wants and desires ) ( Ammer. 1997 ) . An earlier stating occurs in Virgil’s Aeneid: “facilis prolapse Averno ( It is easy to travel to hell ) ” . Both are slackly translated to twenty-four hours “The route to hell is paved with good intentions” ( Mawr. 1885 ) .


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