The Rocking Horse Winner Story English Literature Essay

Love, money, felicity and fortune are four simple words that people live for and decease for at times. This is best portrayed by Paul, a immature small male child in D. H Lawrence ‘s ‘ short narrative titled ‘The Rocking Horse Winner, who moves heaven and Earth to win his female parent ‘s love and to salvage her from bad fortune. In portraying an flush family that is hungry for more money, Lawrence fictionally critiques the modern society ‘s mercenary nature. Hester desires material wealth to the skip of the most valuable things in life like felicity and love. These two subjects of fortune and love will be decidedly analyzed in this paper by carefully measuring two major characters ; Paul and Hester.

The narrative sparks fad and tumult, particularly among the traditionalist lovers of money who think that money is the fuel to every traveling wheel in life while on the reverse ; some people consider love and peace as their primary demands in life ( Lawrence 8 ) . As it is ever said that money is the root of all immoralities, Lawrence in this short narrative thematically propounds this stating and asserts in many ways that money is a force that can take to devastation. The full narrative is about love and fortune. When Paul asks his female parent the ground for their household ‘s poorness, Hester says it ‘s all because of his male parent ‘s bad fortune. More so, irrespective of this, Paul still believes that he would be lucky and this belief is heightened by the susurrations he hears in their house stating that there must be some more monies. His lone hope for halting the susurrations is happening more money.

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Paul apparently is the chief character in this short narrative. He strongly believes in fortune and is rather determined to delight his female parent. This motivates him to crazily sit an elderly rocking Equus caballus that he kept in the sleeping room hoping that he would finally be lucky plenty to cognize the victor of the race ( Lawrence 13 ) . Time comes when a prevailing race of that twelvemonth is held in Paul ‘s part and Paul like a lunatic in chase for fortune rides his Equus caballus for the whole dark. This consequences to his decease as he unhappily dies before having his award of fortune of 8000 lbs. Paul does all this to turn out to his female parent that she excessively can happen fortune for their male parent. However, he fails to recognize that in siting the Equus caballus all dark long, he would hold an atrocious monetary value to pay.

Hester on the other manus enters into matrimony because of love though the love finally fades off. She is unable to love her ain kids and all through her life ; she loves no 1 but herself. Furthermore, the closer she gets to love, the more she keeps rejecting it ( Lawrence 16 ) . This is clearly demonstrated by her rejection for her boy Paul even after acquiring excessively near to him ; she could non love him but merely rejects him ( Lawrence 118 ) . She has a difficult bosom of rock that even gets harder every clip she is surrounded by her kids, particularly Paul, who happens to be rather sensitive and to the full determined to win his female parent ‘s love. Despite Hester ‘s inability to show love and fondness for her kids, the vicinity perceives her as an model female parent who dearly loves and attentions for her kids. They barely know the hurting she that she is traveling through inside because of her inability to love anyone, including her ain kids ( Lawrence 118 ) .

Harmonizing to Hester, success means accretion of wealth adequate to hide her household ‘s insufficiencies. Her household is pine awaying in poorness and at that place ne’er seems to be a manner of extinguishing it, although the household does non look hapless to the remainder of the vicinity because Hester spends every penny she has and at times even more to dress the poorness in their house ( Lawrence 219 ) . She conceals the fact that her income and that of her hubby is non plenty to prolong the high societal profile that she has adopted for her household ( Lawrence 219 ) . After holding a conversation with his female parent, Paul believes that the lone manner to purchase her female parent ‘s love is by acquiring lucky since he knows that his female parent loves their male parent despite his bad fortune.

Harmonizing to Hester, fortune is the lone manner to get and roll up money. Based on this impression, Paul believes that fortune would convey him plentifulness of money which he would give to his female parent and do her happy in order to derive his female parent ‘s love in return. However, his female parent ne’er appreciates anything Paul does but alternatively ; she becomes greedier, accordingly neglecting to love her kids ( Lawrence 108 ) .

Although Paul wins his last race, his female parent ne’er believes that he is lucky and that really, his winning contributes to the bad fortune of his female parent. He dies without of all time cognizing whether or non his female parent loves him as decease denies him the lone thing he of all time wished for in his full life ; love. Hester on the other manus loses the lone one individual who of all time genuinely loved her and besides loses the lone manner to happiness that of all time crossed her way, her boy ‘s money ( Lawrence 66 ) .

In decision, it is clear that that money can ne’er purchase love or felicity since loving person is non merely a feeling but a determination. Without doing a determination to love and giving in to feeling of love, person may ne’er attest his/her love for other people no affair the sum of money they shower her/him with. Love can boom without money and still can boom with money if the money is spent sagely. Greed will ever hold its effects in the long tally and hence, people should ne’er abandon those they are supposed to love because of stuff wealth.



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