The Role of communication Essay

August 29, 2017 Communication

Communication has many functions and maps. It helps people to inform people of your ideas thoughts and sentiments and assist them to understand them excessively. It besides can be used to assist people in an emotional and societal manner ( doing friends. socializing etc. ) . Communication can besides be used to measure a patient’s status. construct a swearing a respectful relationships and actuate them. All of these will assist the patient’s self-pride and will assist to cut down barriers between professional and service users

Types of communicating


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Communication I split up in to two chief countries verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communicating has a figure of influences that need to be considered when covering with communicating in a Health a Social Care puting. Pitch. tone voice rate of bringing and the linguistic communication used can all hold a important impact on the communicating taking topographic point. For illustration if I were to talk to an aged patient in a attention place in at a speedy rate and with a crisp tone. this would likely comprehend as rude or uncaring. This is said because the aged individual may experience like you have non got clip to care for them. Good verbal communicating will assist lend to supplying a good service to wellness attention users and assist to guarantee effectual pattern in wellness attention scenes such as infirmaries. twenty-four hours attention Centres and places for the aged.


Non-verbal communicating is all other signifiers and methods of pass oning. It consist of things such oculus contact. organic structure linguistic communication. manus gestures. propinquity and position. These different countries can once more hold a important impact on the communicating taking topographic point. For illustration. person who is talking to a patient tilting frontward or standing over them with a fixed regard may be perceived a threatening or chilling. If you were to stand at a good distance giving the patient infinite. stood with an unfastened position and made good oculus contact. this may assist the patient experience more comfy. Care workers can larn a batch from the non-verbal communicating that takes topographic point. If they understand the messages they are sent they can assist to run into the demands of the wellness attention puting more expeditiously.

Interpersonal communicating

Peoples come from and huge array of civilizations and backgrounds. they besides have a different degrees of apprehension and cognition. This is why it is of import to recognize that people communicate in different ways and because of this they may react better to different methods and ways of pass oning. Peoples may pass on in a manner that is perceived rude or objectionable but in world this is merely the manner they speak. Recognizing that people’s demands and penchants when pass oning can assist care workers to better the quality of service they provide. For illustration in a infirmary the nurse may state we need to make a ‘venesection’ this may confound and worry the patient as they may non recognize what that is. The nurse could alternatively state we are traveling to ‘take blood’ to look into out what traveling on interior. By replacing the proficient Jargon with slang may assist the patient to more rapidly place what is traveling on and experience more comfy with the process that is about to take topographic point.

Good Practice

Good pattern when pass oning with a client or professional in a wellness attention puting is to understand the context of the communicating taking topographic point. The mode in which you deliver your communicating should be influenced by the state of affairs that you are in. For illustration when speech production to a professional attention worker or director you would talk in a formal manner utilizing appropriate and complex linguistic communication. However. when talking to an sick patient you may experience it is more appropriate to talk in a soft tone and usage less formal linguistic communication. Changing the manner that you deliver the verbal communicating that takes topographic point reassures the participants taking portion and shows them that you understand and can run into their demands.

It is besides highly of import to listen when pass oning. By listening and decrypting the information being sent through verbal and non-verbal communicating you will be in a better place back up the people that you care for. A good thought when hearing is to rephrase or reflectively listen. This involves repeating what has merely been said but in a different manner. For illustration in a GP surgery if a patient claims that his dorsum is aching a good response would be to state ‘I am sorry to hear you back is aching hopefully we can do it better’ . By repeating the statement you are demoing the client that you have heard them and understood their job. This reassures them and makes them experience more confident in the service they are having.

The Role of effectual communicating and interpersonal accomplishments

By run intoing the demands of the communicating taking topographic point you will guarantee that the service users are reassured. confident and happy with the service they receive. It will besides lend to a more efficient and effectual wellness attention puting as the service users will be happier with the interventions they receive. If hapless communicating are to take topographic point so people are traveling to stop up frustrated. confused and in worst instance scenario offended. If service users are non happy or confident with the service they receive this will hold a negative impact on wellness attention puting as the repute of the staff and scene will be reduced. In add-on to this effectual interpersonal accomplishments will ease a better integrity across the workplace. Peoples who can pass on efficaciously and who can utilize show good degrees of interpersonal accomplishments will give be able to present a clearer and more refined message. Example: If a staff member is experiencing frustrated they should non allow this impact the quality of service they provide. It is unjust to maltreat person if you’re in a bad temper. Effective interpersonal and communicating accomplishments would let that individual to understand this and assist them to move suitably.


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