The role of professional networking in managers profile


In today ‘s universe, where people frequently need to work together in loose partnerships to accomplish their ends rapidly, “ cognizing the right people ” is more of import than of all time. So the ability to develop and keep a wide web of “ concern friendly relationships ” is a critical accomplishment for every calling professional. Peoples with strong webs are able to acquire more things done more efficaciously that excessively in lesser clip ; they learn from others with different cognition or experience ; and are able to utilize their web as they seek to travel on in their callings.

Networking refers to developing and keeping contacts and personal connexions with a assortment of people who might be helpful to you and your calling. It ‘s a affair of acknowledging the common benefits and edifice from at that place. It is an particularly of import facet of calling direction in every industry, since it helps you maintain abreast of calling chances in your ain house, calling chances in other houses, industry tendencies, pending developments in your house and their branchings for you, beginnings of proficient expertness that you can tap and many more.

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A professional web is a practical community that, in contrast to a societal web service, is focused on interactions and relationships of a concern nature alternatively of societal interactions. Professional Networking is the creative activity and cultivation of concern relationships and friends. This is the anchor of the race of a strong and stable calling. But unluckily, for many it is one of the most ignored facets of professional development.

Professional Networking deserves the attending it presently receives. Because without cognizing the right people, we tend to lose chances to bring forth more net income advantage. Besides, non to hold the right connexions can take to professional isolation, which is surely non desirable. Some of the celebrated professional networking web sites are siliconindia, linkedin, brijj, apnacircle, kreeo, toostep etc, the inside informations of some of which will be explained further.

Fig – 6.1

Why do we need professional networking?

The most of import factor of professional networking is to increase one ‘s visibleness. Being enlisted in a B2B Directory can do one get noticed when needed. B2B directory is a critical scheme in selling if handled decently. Your web site will organize an individuality for your concern online.

Professional networking helps in making relationships among business communities. Meeting people online is the first measure in making such reciprocally good relationships. One can happen like minded people in the B2B Directory and get down joint ventures and strategic confederations. The end of client attractive force is achieved by being a portion of a B2B Directory. The following measure is to intensify the relationship created from the B2B Directory. As the trust develops, the client gets

The B2B Directory has a bulletin board where different online sellers can post their

latest events and updates. One should look for a B2B Directory that has all the of import online

Professional selling ensures that one is connected to the cardinal influencers in the market. Alternatively of being a portion of every B2B Directory, one should seek for concern to concern directories that have the people who can assist in spread outing the concern. Merely so can one acquire good returns from his investing.

The primary motivation of B2B Directory is to let one concern work with another. They reciprocally help each other to achieve their ends. Businesss have to look for other concerns to prolong themselves. For illustration, a cosmetics maker has to work with cosmetics shop proprietor, importers and other retail merchants. Professional networking through B2B Directory is going really popular with old and new concerns likewise. A newcomer discoveries such directories particularly really helpful as one can happen makers, distributors, importers, exporters and other service suppliers in any peculiar part. All the concerns are categorized by their experience, their locations, field, contact information etc. online forums are besides present in some B2B Directories. These provide valuable advice to the fledglings. Professional networking adds credibleness to one ‘s concern. It saves a batch of clip as one can entree the B2B Directory anytime from one ‘s place.

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Some professional networking sites:


LinkedIn is the largest professional web in the universe with over 75 million members and it is turning quickly.It was founded in 2002 and was launched in 2003, the site was founded by Reid Hoffman et Al. The central offices are in Mountain position, California and has its offices at Omaha, Chicago, New York, and London. When you join LinkedIn you create a profile that summarizes your professional expertness and achievements. You can so organize digesting connexions by ask foring sure contacts to fall in LinkedIn and link to you. Your web consists of your connexions, your connexions ‘ connexions, and the people they know, associating you to a huge figure of qualified professionals and experts.

Some more facts about LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has over 75 million members in over 200 states

A new member joins LinkedIn about every 2nd and about half of the LinkedIn members are outside US.

Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.

Fig – 6.3

LinkedIn groups:

Groups in linkedIn are similar to groups in other societal networking sites such as the facebook. They provide an chance for the similar minded people to discourse some issues of involvement, and of import for concern point of position. Groups can assist you construct up your leading expertness, shareA cognition, market your trade name, and turn your webs. A For get downing a new linkedin group one can shop through the group directory and so happen the group of your pick. The user can besides do a new group of his or her ain pick and give it a suited name and list it on the group directory and advertise his group.

The group can be maintained by sporadically or volitionally directing electronic mails to the group members for communicating. Many mail groups identify linkedin mail Idaho and therefore there are minimum opportunities of taking the group as spam.The group is besides provided with a group logo that can be of variable sizes that fit into the logo infinite, largely being 1*1 pels.

Benefits of utilizing LinkedIn:

Pull off the information that ‘s publically available approximately you as professional.

Find and be introduced to possible clients, service suppliers, and capable experts

Create and join forces on undertakings, gather informations, portion files and work out jobs.

Be found for concern chances and happen possible spouses.

Derive new penetrations from treatments with likeminded professionals in private group scenes.

Discover inside connexions that can assist you set down occupations and close trades.

Post and distribute occupation listings to happen the best endowment for your company.

Stairss to Making an effectual LinkedIn Profile:

These guidelines are the bare necessities for a LinkedIn profile. There are a million ways to do your profile phenomenal. But with these 5 pillars, you will get down to construct the foundation for a successful profile.

1. Headline

Be descriptive! Pack your headline full of descriptive words that will assist people happen you. Having “ Fiscal adviser at a square old company ” does n’t cut it. Alternatively write something more interesting like “ Money Making Expert: Helping Persons Become Financially Free ” .

2. Uniform resource locator

Custom-make your URL with your name! LinkedIn provides you with a generic URL of Numberss and letters. By custom-making it to your ain name, you trade name yourself and besides knock yourself up on hunt consequences when person searches for your name. You can besides add this to your email signature and other societal networking sites for mention.

3. Picture

Let people tie in your face with who you are! No 1 wants to link with a clean image. So by seting up a exposure, you humanize your LinkedIn profile and allow people cognize that there ‘s a existent individual behind the profile.

4. Web sites

When adding your web sites, ever click “ Other ” so you can custom-make the rubric of your links. You want to depict the existent URL. For illustration, alternatively of snaping “ My Company ” , I put “ My LinkedIn Book ” .

5. Drumhead and Fortes

These are easy to jump over, but they ‘re really of import! In the Summary, tell people a spot about who you are and what you are passionate about. Alternatively of the “ existent universe ” sketch, you can be a small more personal on LinkedIn and it really benefits to your cause. The Specialties subdivision is where you can name all of the things that you do best ( Internet Explorer. Blogging, public speech production, on-line selling, athleticss direction, inventing, merchandise development )

There is evidently more one should make one time they finish these 5 stairss, but this is a must for every profile and a good topographic point to acquire started.

What ‘s Following?

Continue to update your profile and add new connexions. The more updates you make and connexions you add, this will make three things:

1. When you update your profile you are doing it more complete and in melody with what your current ends are. You want to do certain you do n’t hold something on there from six months back that is n’t relevant to your work experience today.

2. When you add new connexions you make, this increases your 2nd and 3rd degree connexions. For those of you new to LinkedIn, this increases your range to a larger web where you can happen and be found be more persons.

3. Every clip you update something on your profile, or add a new connexion it shows up on all of the place profiles of your direct connexions. This creates another chance for people to read your name, build personal trade name equity, and think about your for a perchance chance

SiliconIndia: India ‘s professional networking portal

Fig – 6.4 Fig – 6.5

They have over 2 Million members, and see more than 50,000 new members added every hebdomad A­- thatA?s 50,000 new personalities, new accomplishments, and new connexions A­- each hebdomad. SiliconIndia is IndiaA?s largest community of professionals and thereA?s a LOT of corporate cognition that can assist speed up your callings. It merely takes a minute to acquire started. It merely takes seconds and is FREE. All you need is an email reference and a name. You can blog every bit much as you want for free, your web log would be read by 1000000s of Indian professionals.

Fig – 6.6

Some of the characteristics of SiliconIndia:

Reach a broad web:

Tweet that you are looking for a occupation, and you have automatically notified perchance 100s ofA occupation searchA assistants. Everyone you have “ friend-ed ” or you follow has a web of their ain, and therefore your message could impact many times the figure that really read the message.

Personal trade name is rapidly represented:

Potential employers can take a speedy glimpse at your societal web activity to state where your involvements lie. If your personal trade name is apparent in your activity, they instantly can mensurate your cognition and passion in the field. Make certain that your profile and updates reflect positively on what type of employee you are and your desire to work in your chosen field.

Creates the conversation:

Social networking allows for easy conversations, perfect for if you have occupation hunt inquiries. For illustration, if you have a inquiry about interviewing, resumes or screen letters, inquire via societal networking, and you will see a broad assortment of advice rapidly. The advice may conflict, but the assortment of sentiments and treatment that may stem from that will merely beef up your concluding merchandise or interview.

SiliconIndiaA?s members post hundred of web logs and intelligence provenders related to callings, their industry updates, engineering, athleticss etc every twenty-four hours. These are articles about engineering, HR, startups, retail A­- you name it. If itA?s a profession thatA?s turning in India, the members of SiliconIndia are actively sharing cognition about it.

A great tool for composing

It ‘s easy to make great stations with It gives you a platform to showcase your composing accomplishments to your possible employers, portion your thoughts and ideas with 1000000s of professionals and acquire their position point.

Categorize and label your stations includes an easy system which allows you to categorise and label your stations while you write them. They automatically create archives based on your classs and add them to their planetary ticket system and their ticket surfboarder, so you get excess traffic as other people interested in the same subjects as you will happen your station and leave remarks on your web log.

Get featured on home page & A ; e-newsletter

SiliconIndia features the high quality web logs on home page everyday. These web logs are chosen by column squad after reexamining them. As a featured blogger you besides get visibleness among two million professionals of SiliconIndia community through SI Dailydose ( e-newsletter ) which is sent every twenty-four hours to all the members on their electronic mail registered with SiliconIndia.

Get assist whenever you need it

If you have inquiries about utilizing or widening your web log, they ‘ve got some of the most antiphonal support about.

High quality web logs through column control

SiliconIndia is the lone professional blogging site in India which ensures merely high quality web logs are published for the readers and filter out the debris content. Panel of editors at SiliconIndia put uninterrupted attempt for editorial control on the web logs and besides features the best web log in Editor ‘s Choice class to promote them on top.

The web logs and provenders let you remain on top of whatA?s traveling on in your field. You can discourse the article, ballot on it so others see it, or inquire inquiries A­- all for your calling. But with the advantages of the SiliconIndia comes few disadvantages:

Blurring of Personal and Professional Lifes

When utilizing societal networking in a occupation hunt, do certain your profile is the best possible representation of you. Untag abashing or implying exposures, and believe twice approximately implicative or controversial commentary in your position updates. Appear professional and mature, and you will make a great digital feeling.

Awkward Current Employment Situations

If you are presently employed, be weary of utilizing professional networking to openly recommend for a new place. If your supervisor is incognizant of your occupation hunt, she will be caught off-guard if she sees you openly seeking for a occupation, and may oppugn your committedness to your current place and employer. No affair the state of affairs, you ne’er want to fire Bridgess, so make sure you have spoken with your supervisor about your programs prior to proclaiming your desire for a new place on line.

It creates mechanised practical environment

Some times it may go on that people get so much addicted to online communications that they feel it hard to speak face to face. For doing a strong and long permanent professional relationship its really of import to change over on-line communications in to a physical one.

Introduction: SDN

SAP Developer Network ( SDN ) is an acronym for the SAP Developer Network. SDN is an on-line community for SAP developers. It is a resource and coaction channel for SAP developers, designers, advisers and planimeters. SDN Hosts forums, adept web logs, a proficient library, download a codification gallery, E-learning catalog, a Wiki and more. All these support unfastened communicating between active members of the community, which includes more than 1,820,000 members.

SDN is the topographic point to happen information non merely about SAP merchandises and engineerings, but besides about IT Practices and IT Scenarios mentioning to day-to-day operations

Geting Started: SDN

SAP Community Network – which includes SAP Developer Network ( SDN ) , Business Process Expert ( BPX ) Community, University Alliance Community ( UAC ) and Business Objects Community ( BOC ) – has a diverse and turning rank. By fall ining SDN, you ‘ll hold entree to over one million subject togss that will:

Provide information and preparation resources to accomplish your ends ;

Give you entree to the power of true co-innovation.

The SAP Developer Network ( SDN ) offers deep proficient content and expertness for SAP developers, analysts, advisers, and decision makers on SAP Net Weaver. SDN members enjoy a robust aggregation of proficient content on a scope of SAP subjects as explained in the debut.

And the more you take part, the more you will be rewarded in the SDN Contributor Recognition Program. Once you begin lending, you ‘ll see the benefits of join forcesing with your equals. You ‘ll besides happen ways to lend your ain cognition and expertness, rising your repute and acknowledgment within the community. Plus, you ‘ll gain points every clip you contribute to the forums or web logs. You can find the degree of battle that works for you.

As a non-member, you have the chance to listen and larn from others in the community.

As a member, you have entree to sole content, such as eLearning Sessionss. SDN members have entree to SAP portals and systems via Single Sign On. You can besides subscribe up to have a bi-weekly.

As a Top Subscriber who earns 250 points per twelvemonth, you participate actively in the community.

As an SAP Mentor, you are a leader in the community who is on a regular basis called upon to portion your expertness.

Each degree of engagement offers you the opportunity to construct your repute and hike your profile – non merely within SAP, but for your company and clients every bit good. Potential clients and other members will seek you out for your expertness in a peculiar country.

SAP Community Network Success Story

Infosys relies on the SDN forums and web logs to rapidly decide integrating and constellation issues, while remaining current with emerging engineerings.

Fig – 6.7

New entrant in the market: Kinetic Glue

What is Kinetic gum?

Kinetic gum is a new venture by an Indian enterpriser Vivek Paul, Kinetic gum merge the professional and societal networking and aline more with the administration end.


Locate & A ; Nurture Expertise Rich Profiles

Kinetic Glue offers a wholly alone rich profile that lets you showcase all aspects of your personality – from professional to personal. Declare an country of expertness, add recommendations, download printable sum-ups.

Expert Spotting

Know who the experts are in any peculiar country and see if others endorse their expertness.


Construct a strong profile by integrating recommendations from co-workers and exposing them on your profile.

Personal Network Expander

Search for co-workers from the same yesteryear companies, alumnas from the same college, batch-mates from the same category or people with similar involvements. A strong analytics engine runs in the background fiting your involvements with others and suggesting contacts that you should do

Engage & A ; Motivate Powerful acknowledgment characteristics

Kinetic Glue ‘s powerful societal acknowledgment characteristics keep members motivated and promote them to take part and showcase their capablenesss.

Opinion Leader Tracker

Like what person has to state, but do n’t cognize them plenty to go a contact? Simply track them, and maintain up with them.

Regular electronic mail updates to increase battle

A web digest and the option of having your newsfeed in your inbox supports you in changeless touch.

Engagement heightening analytics

Let the system heuristics propose contacts, groups and treatments of involvement to you.

Easy, Fun Usage Personal Home page

See updates from all your contacts and remark on them in one convenient topographic point.

Multiple Microblogs

Have the flexibleness to give three different types of updates on the site and via samariums.


The whiteboard is your particular infinite with your contacts – like a ‘wall on steroids ‘ as one of our users put it.

Feed Reader

Add provenders from sites that you enjoy with one chink and read updates on Kinetic Glue.

Custom puting for privateness and communicating

Choose what parts of your profile can be seen by contacts or by everyone. Decide if you want to accept invitations, who can see your contact list and who can see your activity on the site.

Collaborate & A ; Communicate Seamlessly Groups

Create or fall in groups – from a undertaking squad to a proficient subject, from a music genre to a societal cause. A rich set of characteristics makes Group coaction truly flexible and productive.

Multiple Poll Types

Run polls with your contacts, your Group or the full web to acquire and portion instant feedback. Multiple canvass types let you pick the most suited 1

Launch or follow public or invite-only treatments

Establish a public treatment that allows the full web to take part or curtail the treatment to a choice few. Follow all responses on electronic mail and/or SMS.

IM Chat

Find out which other contacts are on the application at the same clip, and communicate with them by instant message.

Event Management

The event direction characteristic allows you to schedule and go to events and pull off the attendee list.

Social Classifields

Buy and sell within your sure web through feature-rich societal classifieds.

Interact via SMS & A ; Email Mobile Integration

Whatever sort of phone you have, you can remain active on the site with rich electronic mail and sms functionality.

Rich Email Integration

Get updates and station right from your inbox.

Rigorous Security

Kinetic Glue is built for the endeavor and addresses all your security concerns.

Review inquiries:

Q.1 What is a B2B directory?

Q.2 How do you find who to add to my LinkedIn web?

Q.3 How do find if person you know already uses LinkedIn?

Q.4 What is LinkedIn and how to happen LinkedIn groups to fall in?

Q.5 How can one hunt occupations on LinkedIn?

Q.6 How can one create stations with SiliconIndia?

Q.7 In what manner does kinetic gum justifies its name?


Professional networking

We are all “ freelance ” now. Today there is perfectly no occupation security. We are populating in an ageA of corporate retrenchment, and free-lance advisers, or self-employedA workers are turning by the twenty-four hours. Networking is one accomplishment you need toA pattern to acquire in front and survive these unsure times.A


Wisdom in a Nutshell:

1. Networking is indispensable for both new occupations and businessA contracts.

2. Effective networking is 12 times more effectual than answeringA


3. Ad is going uneffective except on a big graduated table


4. Networking helps you find concealed chances and can put youA apart from the


5. An indirect attack is better than a direct 1. Use someoneA you know to present

directly to your mark without a go- between who will set in a good word for you.

6. You can get the better of your natural shyness, your fright of usingA people and, your fright of



The 3 cardinal networking techniques are:

1. Construct a web of spouses to maintain an unfastened oculus and ear for newA chances

for you.

2. Reach targeted persons in two ways: straight or indirectly.

3. Build visibleness by raising your profile. Travel to every socialA assemblage you perchance can.


Constructing your web is an on-going procedure. You need to increase yourA scope of contacts invariably. LinkedIn and SiliconIndia are professional networking portals for constructing an effectual profile to do a grade on the professional forepart.




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