“The Role Of the Teacher” by Irving Layton critique Essay

August 21, 2017 General Studies

The essay ‘The Role of the Teacher’ written by Irving Layton reviews the current province of our of all time criticized school system. The writer shows us how we view the jobs of the school system and explains how and why we place fault on instructors. He shows how ‘penny-pinching school boards ‘ ( p145 ) are the existent 1s to fault and non the Teachs whom are the easiest to face. ‘A feeling has grown that schools and universities are non accomplishing that which they were intended: viz. . the enrichment of the persons life by giving him the tools of ego betterment and the cultivated head to utilize them ‘ ( p145 ) is how most people view the school board and what the writer is seeking to discourse. The writer uses a logical form and an expositive intent. The writer uses sentiment based format for this essay.

Irving Layton uses metaphor in his essay. ‘books have become objects of wonder ; like an atomic heap. something heard about but ne’er seen ‘ ( p145 ) This sentence lets people relate with the point that writer is seeking to acquire across to the reader. The reader now has a mental mention or nexus to what is being described so he can now better understand what he is reading. This stylistic device is used efficaciously in this essay.

‘Knowledge spills over like a H2O from a apparently unlimited fountain. ‘ ( p146 ) This is a good usage of imagination. By using this description of eternal cognition to a fountain or waterfall the reader can do a mental image better leting him to grok precisely what the writer is seeking to discribe. It is really difficult to understand what endless cognition would be like. so the writer puts a image of a fountain spiting cognition everlastingly. doing the thought more plausible to the reader.

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The writer did non utilize excessively many stylistic devices to turn out his point. The few that were used merely made the facts easier to hold on. The essay was based on sentiment and the author. used really relevant subjects to acquire his point across and do the reader sympathetic to his positions.

Personal sentiment is the chief structural device used throughout the essay. ‘If instruction means anything. it should intend the creative activity of persons with a strong sense of societal responsibility… ‘ ( p146 ) Since this essay is in the
Writing To Pursued subdivision of the book the essays must hold facts and sentiments to travel the reader to the authors sentiment. The essay is depicting the mistakes of the school system. this is the writers sentiment. Since it is sentiment based it can be argued that the school system is in a good status. ( I wouldn’t )

The essay was really effectual because it used many relevant subjects and thoughts. It decently adjusted the incrimination from the guiltless instructors to the avaricious school boards. where the incrimination should be. Parents and likewise see the mistakes of the schools and automatically put the instructors in the limelight because they are the more touchable so a school board which has no form to it.


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