The Role Of Women In Society Economics Essay

Under the Soviet system, adult females enjoyed equal civic rights to work forces. In fact the degrees of labour force engagement good every bit political representation of Tajik adult females was higher than in most western European states. However, they have been adversely affected by the deficiency of personal security after the civil war in 1991 and due to the economic passage. In add-on, adult females and misss particularly in rural countries are progressively confronting favoritism in entree to instruction and wellness attention services. ( adult females and gender dealingss )

One of the most of import facts which can turn out the statement above is the being of ordered matrimonies and polygamy in Tajik society. In add-on in order to depict the function of adult females in Tajikistan, it is of import to discourse such facets as instruction, employment and human rights.

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Another of import thing to advert in regard to the adult females position in Tajikistan is an entree to instruction. Since Tajikistan gained independency, there has been grounds of a reversal in educational attainment which includes about 20 % lessening in the figure of misss go toing school. Basically there are three grounds behind it. First of all, increased poorness and rise in instruction costs ( i.e. , charges for text editions, repasts, uniforms, and auxiliary rewards for instructors ) . Second, there are jobs in educational system, such as deficiency of instruction stuffs and instructors, deteriorating school edifices and deficiency of heat and electricity in winter months. Finally, there is a inclination of resurgence of traditional patterns curtailing misss ‘ entree to instruction, arranged matrimony of misss at a immature age, and restricting misss place ( self-destruction of adult females )

Marriage and polygamy

Presents most Tajik misss are forced into an ordered matrimony in their late teens with a adult male who was chosen by parents. Often after marriage adult females live in their hubby ‘s place, frequently along with his parents every bit good as other relations. Current inclination is that both urban and rural Tajik households are tend to reenforce rigorous patriarchal traditions ; nevertheless, rural households more frequently commit offenses related to cultural imposts, such as forced arranged matrimonies of immature misss, early withdraw of females from school, polygamy, and female privacy. ( self-destruction of adult females )

At present polygamy is on the rise in Tajikistan. Harmonizing to appraisals in rural countries over 90 per centum of matrimonies in the state include more than one married woman. In malice of the fact that it is non lawfully sanctioned, governments turn a blind oculus to the pattern. Normally 2nd, 3rd and other ulterior married womans hold secondary position in the family comparison to the first married woman. Merely first matrimonies are technically legal, hence subsequent married womans have few legal protections, such as kid detention in instance of a divorce, or the right to inheritance. Their position besides means they are less likely to describe maltreatment or abandonment. The chief ground of polygamy in Tajikistan is a seven-year civil war, where a batch of work forces were killed which leads to the state of affairs that there are significantly fewer work forces than adult females. Due to the limited money-making chances available to adult females, most of them depend on hubbies to back up them-even in instance if hubbies already have another married woman. ( Women in TJ )


In regard to employment state of affairs, it is of import to advert the being of a clear marks of gender-based segregation in Tajikistan. Harmonizing to bing informations, adult females are comparatively overrepresented in agribusiness, wellness, instruction, and societal work, while work forces are overrepresented in conveyance, fabrication and building. Generally adult females are more extremely concentrated than work forces in the lowest paid sectors, where rewards are deficient to populate on. For case, harmonizing to official statistics, in 1998 about 30 per centum of adult females were employed in agribusiness, with an mean monthly pay of merely $ 6 a month. ( adult females and gender dealingss )

Women ‘s Rights

Harmonizing to Falkingham – “ Open favoritism against adult females in Tajikistan is rare ” . ( adult females and gender dealingss ) . In contrast Human Rights Watch stated that, adult females and misss in Tajikistan continue to face gender-based favoritism and force. Surveies indicated that between one-third and one-half of adult females in Tajikistan experience domestic force and most of them have small entree to right. The UN particular rapporteur on force against adult females in her statement reasoning the visit said that adult females in Tajikistan “ are caught within a web of poorness, patriarchate, and a weak protective substructure, ensuing in increased exposure to force and favoritism indoors and outside their places. ” ( adult females rights TJ[ 1 ])

In order to sum up the information related to the function of adult females in Tajik society, Table XXX provides some speedy facts about adult females.

Table XXX Status of adult females


Data ( as of 2009 )

Female population

3.2 million

Female Life Expectancy at birth

66.3 old ages

Entire Fertility Rate[ 2 ]


Maternal Mortality Rate[ 3 ]( as of 2000 )


Average age at clip of matrimony


Ever married adult females, ages 15-19 ( % )

12 %

Female Adult Literacy Rate ( % )

99.3 %

Combined female gross registration ratio for primary, secondary and third schools ( % )

69 %

Economically active females[ 4 ]( % )

58.9 %

Female Estimated Earned Income ( harmonizing to Buying Power Parity )

$ 854

Year when adult females received the right to vote


Year when adult females received the right to stand for election


Beginning: Human Development Report issued by the United Nations, 2009

2.3.2. Womans enterprisers

In malice of the position of adult females in Tajik society, the adult females entrepreneurship is rather developed in the state. For the intent of the research writer will concentrate on the SME sector, which represented in Tajikistan with three typologies of concerns: single entrepreneurship, dehkan farms and little and average sized companies.

Individual entrepreneurship

Survey performed by International Finance Corporation, indicated that adult females are well-represented in the single enterpriser section in Tajikistan. In fact, 42 % of the people working as single enterprisers are adult females. In add-on, important Numberss of adult females are top directors of single endeavors ( TJ_BEE ) . Chart XXX diagrammatically represent the gender-situation within the sector.

Chart WWW. Womans are well-represented in the single enterpriser section

a. Individual enterpriser respondents, by gender of top director

B. Workers ( directors and employees ) in single enterpriser respondents, by gender

Beginning: TJ_Bee, page 28

Dehkan Farms

Due to limited use of tractors and other farm equipment, the agricultural sector remains labour intensive. IFC study consequences which represented in Chart WWW, indicated that half of the employees of dehkan farms are adult females. However, the proportion of adult females who are top directors is comparatively low. ( TJ_BEE )

Chart XXXX. Women comprise 50 % of the work force of dehkan farms

a. Dehkan farm respondents, by gender of top director

B. Workers ( directors and employees ) in dehkan farm respondents, by gender

Beginning: TJ_Bee, page 34

Small and medium companies

Harmonizing to study informations, figure of adult females employed in the SME sector in Tajikistan is higher comparison to the single entrepreneurship and dehkan farms. In add-on, as it may be referred from the Chart VVVV, the proportion of work forces as top directors in the sector is still dominations.

Chart XXXX. Women pull off 16 % of little and medium companies

a. Small and medium company respondents, by gender of top director

B. Workers ( directors and employees ) in SME respondents, by gender

Beginning: TJ _Bee, page 30

2.3.3. Difficulties/obstacles faced by women-entrepreneurs

Writer assumes that in general troubles faced by the women-entrepreneurs in Tajikistan are similar with those for work forces. These obstructions can be classified as: troubles related to licensing, imperfectness of revenue enhancement system, corruptness, deficiency of sufficient cognition by enterprisers and hard entree to fundss. However, another premise is that the place with women-entrepreneurs is worse comparison to work forces due to the societal position hold by adult females in Tajik society. Particularly, rigorous patriarchal traditions which imply among the others high dependence and even obeisance of hubby and parents, restriction of freedom – may be a important barrier to successful development of the concern ( which in most instances requires a certain grade of flexibleness of the proprietor ) .

Below provided the short overview of the major obstructions to the entrepreneurship development with peculiar emphasize to the hard entree to fundss.


In conformity with International Finance Corporation, licence is defined as “ a particular license issued by a province organic structure authorising a concern to transport out a certain activity under specific footings and conditions. When a concern is capable to licensing demands, it must obtain the specific licence before get downing its activities. Therefore, licencing takes topographic point after the concern enrollment, but before a company is allowed to get down operations in the activity to be licensed ” ( IFC, 2009 ) .

The first obstruction related to the licensing is that in Tajikistan it is non conform to the universe pattern. World pattern suggests that the low-risk activities and those which do non affect any limited resources should non be capable to licensing. However, Tajikistan licenses some activities that are non licensed in many other states ; for illustration touristry and existent estate rating ( IFC, 2009 ) .

In add-on, the cost of licences every bit good as the period of their cogency remains a job. In malice of the fact that the jurisprudence foresees that the minimal period of cogency for the licence is 3 old ages, on pattern the licences are being issued for the period which in norm is non more than one twelvemonth ( IFC, 2009 ) .

Tax system

The study of the World Bank Group demonstrates that revenue enhancements enforce a heavy load on concern taxpayers in Tajikistan. In fact, the state is ranked as 159th out of 181 states in footings of easiness of following with the revenue enhancement duties ( World Bank, 2009 ) .

In general the whole the revenue enhancement government in Tajikistan is characterized by instability and high complexness. In fact, the Tajik Tax Code went into consequence in 2004 and has been amended 9 times since that clip. At present there are 18 different revenue enhancements in the state. ( World Bank, 2009 ) .

In conformity with the revenue enhancement codification, the income revenue enhancement is equal to 30 % , value-added revenue enhancement – 18 % and societal revenue enhancement – 25 % ( Tax Code, 2009 ) . Such degree of revenue enhancement does non match with the revenue enhancement systems used in developed states. As a affair of the fact, developed states increase revenue enhancement rates in order to keep the overrun ( Davgyalo, 2007 ) . In fact there is no job of overrun in Tajikistan.

Besides, the process of readying the revenue enhancement signifiers is rather complicated. The mean enterpriser has spent about 5 on the job yearss on the filing of revenue enhancement signifiers and payment of revenue enhancements in 2007. For the SME this procedure normally took more than three hebdomads. ( IFC, 2009 )


Surveies performed by the World Bank confirm the fact that corruptness remains a major obstruction for the entrepreneurship in Tajikistan. It is demonstrated by the high frequence of informal gifts requested from endeavors and enterprisers by the authorities functionaries. In fact, 21 % of the interviewed endeavors have defined the informal payments as a chief constrain for their concern activity. Merely high revenue enhancement rates were defined as a major obstruction more frequently than corruptness. ( IFC, 2009 )

In most instances, unofficial payments are taking topographic point during the reviews. Data shows that SMEs managed by a adult female spend less money on reviews in comparing with the work forces. In malice of the fact that female enterprisers receive more reviews than work forces – reviews of adult females are somewhat shorter. ( IFC, 2009 )

Lack of sufficient instruction by enterprisers

The current state of affairs in Tajikistan is such that the bulk of enterprisers face jobs due to the deficiency of cognition in the country. In general, the hapless cognition in the country of fundss, revenue enhancement and imposts forces the enterprisers to look for ways of equivocation of Torahs and normative Acts of the Apostless. For case, informations of IFC study shows that more than tierce of single enterprisers did non maintain any revenue enhancement records in 2007, despite the bing demands. ( IFC, 2009 )

Another important illustration is an underestimate of concern planning in the entrepreneurship. In fact, the concern program is still comparatively new papers for the bulk of enterprisers and its importance in most instances is undervalued. Unfortunately it is widely believed that the absence of concern program can be replaced by cognition of “ depth ” of domestic concern or intuition in the undertaking effectivity. ( Urdashev, 2005 )

Access to finance

The banking systems in Tajikistan can be considered as deficient due to the quite short time-frames and footings of recognition refunds every bit good as troubles with indirect proviso and determination of a surety for procuring a loan ( Suhir, 2003 ) . In fact, in order to acquire a loan from some commercial Bankss the enterpriser should supply the collateral which values up to 3 times more comparison to the existent sum of requested loan. Besides that, the loans themselves became non really attractive because of the comparatively high involvement rates. ( IFC, 2009 ) .

In general, in conformity with the “ Doing concern ” study, Tajikistan is ranked as 167th overall in footings of relaxation to acquiring recognition ( World Bank, 2010 ) .

Survey informations of IFC demonstrates that female single enterprisers have better entree to finance comparison to their male opposite numbers, possibly due to attempts of micro-finance organisations to back up female borrowers. Harmonizing to the Association of Micro-finance Organizations of Tajikistan, more than 62 % of clients of micro-finance organisations are adult females.

Despite their better entree to loans, female single enterprisers are more likely to place entree to finance as an obstruction for their concern. As it is demonstrated in Chart XXXX, the biggest per centum of adult females who identified entree to finance as an obstruction are dehkan husbandmans. On pattern, female dehkan husbandmans report the decreased entree to banking services, in comparing to male dehkan husbandmans. Collateral may be a cardinal job for these adult females, since most certifications of belongings ownership are registered in male names merely.

Chart Thirty[ 5 ]– Share of houses who say entree to finance is an obstruction, by gender of top director ( % of respondents )

Beginning: IFC, 2009, page 135

There has been merely a few systematic surveies of the Tajik labour market every bit good as new signifiers of economic activity. In malice of the being of some little gender derived functions, the available informations do non bespeak that adult females face significantly greater barriers in taking up self-employment as compared to work forces. However, the type of private sector activity varies by gender. In fact, the bulk of adult females involved in the non-state sector where they are largely working in household concerns based on trade. Many of these are engaged in the sale in local bazars of nutrient every bit good as other merchandises produced by the family or in the resale of merchandises purchased from local corporate farms. In contrast, work forces are about twice every bit likely as adult females to be engaged in more moneymaking private companies. Factors which limit adult females ‘s ability to prosecute in new private concern enterprises normally include deficiency of relevant entrepreneurial accomplishments, hard entree to capital and gender favoritism. ( adult females enterpreneurs )



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