The Role Of Work Motivation In Starbucks Management Essay

Starbucks is one of the universe ‘s most accepted Coffee Companies, which was founded in 1971 in Seattle, USA. The company has more than 200,000 employees, with16, 000 shops in over 50 States. It is non merely one of the most popular Coffee houses for consumers, but besides for employees. The company boasts low turnover and high employee satisfaction ( ) .

The Position of a Barista

Working as a Barista within Starbucks USA is an highly of import place on behalf of the company as they are seen to be “ The Face of Starbucks ” ( star ) .

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The occupation entails a figure of duties including the followers:

– Plants within a busy environment, whilst staying composure throughout the procedure

– Working to maintain an oculus on client cues and demands

– Training new employees

– Gives a high degree of client service

– Taking orders and doing gross revenues minutess thought the usage of a boulder clay

– Provides drinks and nutrient at the Starbucks criterion to clients, with usage of relevant ingredients as outlined by the company

– Care of the store floor / kitchen environment

– Recommendation of merchandises to clients

( star )

The Role of Work Motivation in Starbucks

Starbucks has a good known occupation motive scheme which has enabled the organisation to be highlighted positively following on from this.

Maslow ‘s Hierarchy

Abraham Maslow constructed a hierarchy of demands ( Fig 1. ) which consists of five degrees, although there are more demands beyond these, Maslow believed the theoretical account outlined the basic demands of an single working within an organisation.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

The lowest degree of the pyramid is Physiological demands, such as nutrient, H2O and wage and occupation security. These demands are basic, and are hence expected by all employees, Starbucks fulfils this phase successfully, by offering employees with interruptions in order to carry through hunger demands, every bit good as a steady wage rate which is paid either as a wage for full- clip employees, or hourly rates for part-time. Another benefit which Starbucks offers to employees is a price reduction on the trade goods which the company offers.

The following Degree in Maslow ‘s Hierarchy is Safety Needs, which includes employees working within a secure environment in respects to wellness and safety. Starbucks offers it ‘s employees a clean and safe environment to work in, this is shown through the organisation run intoing general wellness and safety criterions. Starbucks goes farther than this by offering a figure of wellness related benefits for employees. These include medical insurance, alveolar consonant and vision attention, mental wellness dependence, short and long term disablement and life insurance. ( ) .

The 3rd degree outlines the Social Needs, such as fondness from employers, every bit good as a friendly resonance, regard from co-workers every bit good as directors. Starbucks employees are shown regard through their occupation rubric as “ spouses ” instead than being labeled as workers by managerial staff. Another factor which highlights the regard shown for employees is the integrating of teamwork which is encouraged by the organisation. Teamwork enables employees to acquire to cognize one another, in order to better their relationships with each other, and work to the best of their abilities.

The following degree shows the Esteem Needs, such as occupation position and publicity. Starbucks follows this by enabling a publicity to Barista ‘s who show outstanding public presentation within the company. Starbucks strives to back up single workers to travel up from Barista to Store director places, and from at that place onto a District Manager function. Although the place of a Barista is simple, Starbucks shows that they do non restrict employees when it comes to capablenesss and publicity. ( )

The top of the Pyramid outlines Self- Actualization within a occupation function. This shows that accomplishments have been mastered by the person, and they may hold a sense of accomplishment within their occupation rubric. Starbucks employees are put through a preparation system which puts them onto the right pick of calling and enables them to carry through a sense of accomplishment. One company study outlined the one of the top grounds for desiring to work for Starbucks was “ to work in a topographic point where I feel I have value. ” ( )

Fig 1.

( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Equity Theory

The Equity theory was developed by Adam in 1963, the theory is based on the construct that each employee will have a balance between the input of their work and the end product they expect to have from their employer.

In the instance of Starbucks employees expect their difficult work to be traded in for equal intervention from higher degrees of staff every bit good as co-workers.

In add-on, there is well-organized communicating between directors and employees in Starbucks. For case, directors arrange the interviews and agenda of time-off and working hours to carry through the demands of employees. Furthermore for employees, they are encouraged to give suggestions and develop programs to accomplish their ends. hypertext transfer protocol: //

In this manner employees suggestions can ensue in a positive result if their suggestions are taken into consideration.

Herzberg ‘s Theory

Harmonizing to Herzberg ‘s Theory, there are Incentives and Hygiene factors. Incentives include Achievement, acknowledgment and duty. When they are met, workers will be really satisfied and when they are non met, workers will non be satisfied.

In Starbucks, there are series of developing faculties. They mentor and coach employees to better their occupation accomplishments and drive them on the right way of calling. In add-on, organisational civilization of Starbucks emphasizes the value of people. Every employee receives regard and attention from their leaders. For illustration, their suggestions and demands are recognized and respected by directors. Each employee plays an of import portion in operating in the company and they have the right of bettering company policies and fall ining in working out a way of Starbucks. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Hygiene demands include company policy, relationship with foreman, work conditions, and relationship with equals. If these are met, workers will non be dissatisfied. , if they are non met, workers will be really disgruntled. In Starbucks, the company aims to better good relationship between director and employees. For illustration, the leaders of a retail store dainty the basic degree workers as ‘partners ‘ alternatively of ‘subordinate ‘ . Furthermore teamwork is encouraged in the company and it is used for eliminating different positions distance. The employee count for each squad is normally between three to six which helps to acquire acquainted with one another easy. By the teamwork, it non merely short the distance of every co-workers but besides achieve good public presentation easy and rapidly. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Preferred Changes

Although Starbucks has been known for its motivational impact amongst employees, the administration is still lacks peculiar factors which may be good to the employees. There are a figure of alterations which can be made in Starbucks which could do the place of the Barista more appealing to employees. The undermentioned factors outline facets which need to be worked on by Starbucks.

One of the biggest ruins which Starbucks presently holds is the sum it pays to the employees working in the Barista place. The wage for this peculiar place is around $ 8 plus tips, nevertheless this is non a great trade above America ‘s national minimal pay rate of $ 7.25. ( FIND WEBSITE )

This is non a sufficient sum for employees to do a life and separately back up themselves. ( Bryant Simon ) .

Another disadvantage which has occurred through the direction of Starbucks, is the undependability in relation to workers displacements and pay cheques. Many employees found their on the job hours were changed on hebdomadal footing, doing it hard for them to foretell when they were able to take clip off. This resulted in the loss of hours for many Baristas, which besides had a knock on consequence on their work AIDSs, such as wellness benefits. ( )

Baristas are besides under a high work force per unit area, shops are short-handed, employers carry out high outlook of each persons behaviour, visual aspect and work load. For illustration they are encouraged to handle the clients as “ famous persons ” . Employees are besides restricted in their single visual aspects, and must lodge to a rigorous work unvarying codification.

There are a few wellness and safety jeopardies which have besides affected Baristas, for illustration backache and pes strivings from standing for long hours, a noisy environment which can hold a long term impact on hearing and besides machines which tend to spray hot milk.

Justification and Consequences of Preferred Changes

An addition in wage towards the Barista place at Starbucks could ensue in a negative impact on the fundss of the administration, as there are a big figure of shops, with many employees whom will anticipate a rise in their wage. However there will be a positive alteration amongst the employees, as this will increase their motive towards the occupation, every bit good as occupation satisfaction. In the long tally this will profit Starbucks as it could ensue in lower staff turnover. Starbucks is a big administration therefore this will non be a hard measure for them to implement.

A alteration which could besides be implemented to increase workers efficiency is for directors to build a set timetable, which allocates each Barista in the subdivision to specific displacement times and yearss. This will ensue in employees awareness of their handiness. Employees will be happier cognizing when they are working, and the administration will profit from less absences.

Some employees in the yesteryear besides found they were non being paid every bit on a regular basis as they should be. A solution to this would be to hold a regular payment system for all employees to be paid at the same clip. If for any ground a job was to originate in the system, so direction should cover with the single employee ‘s fortunes straight off to avoid employee dissatisfaction. This will ensue in the employee to be more understanding of the state of affairs of jobs are to originate, and direction will have less force per unit area and ailments from other staff.

One solution to the job of high occupation force per unit area is to implement occupation rotary motion. This will enable employees to hold a more relaxed attack when they are working with clients. It is besides of import that Starbucks employs more staff if workers are overworking, it is particularly of import to set up staff on the store floor during peak times. This will ensue in workers being more efficient in both their undertaking and clip, enabling the administration to transport out client service to the highest of degrees.

In order to enable employees to show their individuality it may be possible to give employees a peculiar twenty-four hours, such as the weekend, where they are able to dress down, off from the criterion Starbucks uniform. This will besides do consumers cognizant that Starbucks carries frontward a more relaxed attack on employees during the class of the weekend.

Health and Safety steps are a large must for any concern, hence Starbucks need to prioritize with these factors, and happen solutions. Regular interruptions should be implemented to review employees who are standing throughout the twenty-four hours. Small changed such as supplying employees with earplugs and long baseball mitts could besides assist to forestall long term harm of any kind. This can impact the administration in many ways, as if an employee is to endure from any hurt little or long-run they may non merely leave their occupation, but many will desire to take action against them for non implementing high degree wellness and safety steps.

Execution Plan

Although there are a figure of factors which will get the better of the points outlined above, Starbucks need to set into pattern an nidation program which can be used in the hereafter to actuate employees. This program should include the thought to get the better of the biggest possible jobs employees are presently confronting.

A strong execution program will include the undermentioned factors:

– Addition in wage for Baristas

– Set displacement work for Baristas

– An addition in parttime employees during extremum times

– Grudge Procedure

Wage is one of the biggest factors which is impacting workers in the Barista place. Therefore an addition in wage will pull a higher figure of employees to work more expeditiously, and they will be more motivated to work the hours which they are set. However a possible resistance of this alteration is that employees in other places may besides anticipate a wage rise following on from this. A manner to get the better of this job is to offer employees in higher places a different set of benefits, such as a fillip or verifiers.

Shift work is an of import execution as workers will be given a set clip and twenty-four hours in which they are expected to work. This will supply them with lucidity of their duties, and besides enable them to utilize their trim clip expeditiously. A resistance if this job is that new employees may non be able to work the same hours as those whose place they are taking over, this may impact the overall quality of the undertaking. A manner of get the better ofing this is for direction to pass a spot of clip with new employees sketching the hours, and specific responsibilities of which they are expected to finish.

An addition in workers during peak times will cut down the load on the administration, particularly Baristas, as more aid will be at manus during busy times. A possible job to this portion of the program is that it will be Starbuck ‘s more in clip, money and other resources as they will necessitate to develop new employees. However, it will make a more efficient result with consumers, enabling staff to function each person at a faster gait, and better the quality of the service they have to offer. This could potentially take to higher net incomes in the long term, as persons are likely to return during peak times, alternatively of looking at how busy the shop is and traveling on.

The concluding measure of the nidation program is to set into pattern a grudge process, which will enable employees to mention to direction straight if they are holding any personal, or corporate issues. This will enable employees to have support and understanding from their foreman and better the relationship between them.



Starbucks started concentrating on China in late 1990 ‘s and in 2005 after spread outing in major metropoliss, it besides started to come in the second-tier markets.

Cultural Differences-

China is considered to be one of the universe ‘s biggest tea market, with around 200 million tea drinkers. One of the biggest difference is people in China prefer tea over java whereas US has largely coffee drinkers so Starbucks is seeking to spread out the tea market in China and have adopted a scheme to the upwards nomadic, immature and interested in consumer merchandises particularly the foreign merchandises that have been non been available earlier. ( http: // )

One of the chief cultural difference in China would be that the employees in China believe in the construct of leftist where greater value is placed on group cooperation & A ; single modestness. In America, the employees believe in individuality that is self-reliance. Self-promotion is widely accepted & amp ; greater value is placed on freedom from externally forced upon restraints.

The 2nd difference would besides be in their attack to societal relationships. In China, employees are comfy in a formal hierarchal environment where they understand their place & A ; regulations to act in certain state of affairss. In America, the environment is informal. They believe in equal societal places where a societal ranking is given less importance.

Another of import difference is clip consciousness which is the efficient use of clip. In China, employees focus more on the past experiences & A ; pay attending to long term hereafter ends. In America, the employees are future oriented.

Another point of difference can be harmony.In US, people are willing to face straight, discuss controversial issues and present unfavorable judgment against each other. They prefer to discourse issues and work out them by face to confront communicating. Whereas, in China employees avoid confrontation, controversial issues and make non prefer to confront each other straight.

Another difference can be related to undertaking and relationship orientation. In US, people are task oriented. They are assigned a particular undertaking which they have to finish within the definite clip period. This standard can assist in sorting them as efficient or inefficient. Where as in China people are more inclined towards keeping relationships. Peoples consider constructing harmonious relationship with each other is more of import compared to the undertaking achievement.

( Referee: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Howard Schultz, CEO of star vaulting horses, has declared China to be their “ figure one precedence ” in footings of growing. Schultz and Starbucks are n’t shy about their Chinese aspirations. Presently they have about 11,000 shops in 37 states, including about 375 in China. By 2008 Starbucks expects to deduce 20 % of their gross from Chinese locations. Starbucks has a long-run end of 30,000 shops and some 8,000 in China. ( ref: hypertext transfer protocol: // )


Promotion and job-relatedness

The physical and environmental factors like publicity, job-relatedness and cultural factors have been the cardinal motivation factors that bulk of employees have been concerned with as its has been associated with their net incomes and life criterions. By acquiring a better occupation place, employees are seeking better physical environment thereby comprehending a better motivational acquisition since its straight good to their occupation public presentation. One of the immense factors behind occupation satisfaction is congratulating the employees on day-to-day footing and by go throughing them a positive feedback. Even if its non echt, does non truly matter as it plays an of import function in motivational acquisition. ( ref: Writers: K. B. Chuah, Kris M.Y. Law, twelvemonth 2003 )

Achievement motive

Once the occupation ends and securities are fulfilled, the employees set their achievement ends to a higher degree. They identify their occupation publicities and calling sweetenings as sensed accomplishment values. Such accomplishment is accompanied with feeling of self- confirmation and self-enhancement, harmonizing to societal cognitive theory. ( ref: Writers: K. B. Chuah, Kris M.Y. Law, twelvemonth 2003 )

Personal motive

Self-willingness and feeling of satisfaction dramas an of import function in actuating the employees as it non merely concerns the employees about their basic demands, but besides self-satisfying themselves and their religious demands. More employees acknowledge self-willingness as a portion of motivational factor as it is a personal motivation than as a feeling of satisfaction that could be achieved. ( ref: Writers: K. B. Chuah, Kris M.Y. Law, twelvemonth 2003 )

Environmental elements

Apart from the nonvoluntary and the simple factors that influence the employees mind, the external factors besides leverages as environmental component. However, they are non every bit of import as the personal factors but they still affect the motivational acquisition of the employee. The motive can be thereby achieved by altering people ‘s head through external supports, e.g. , by giving wagess and acknowledgments. ( ref: Writers: K. B. Chuah, Kris M.Y. Law, twelvemonth 2003 )



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