The Roles Of Language And Reason English Language Essay

Before we proceed with farther analysing of subject we shall give one of many definitions of each subtopic topics, significance of linguistic communication and ground in order to clear up our apprehension of each of them. Language the system of communicating in address and authorship that is used by people of a peculiar state. Reason the power of head to believe in a logical manner, to understand and hold sentiments.

From the beginning of humanity until today there was a medium of communicating is known today as long. Even aboriginal people must hold their ain manner of communicating and look. As an illustration of it we find cave freuques in which they exhibited common tendencies of life they lived. While they were painting and pulling those marks they were unconsciously composing history which we study today. Surely, there was no even a group of people in class of history that did non hold their ain long which has used, apart from communicating between the members of the group to compose events of highest significance to them. From which subsequently on developed scientific discipline known to us as history.

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Peoples without history are like a individual without memory where as such that does non be. History does non merely state us about yesteryear but it besides helps us to understand the present and to some extent foresee the hereafter. It is good documented that, we as human existences are bound to perpetrate same errors times once more even thought same of the events have taken portion during the class of our lives. Such events affect non merely human life but the class of humanity itself. The most destructive among them are wars and devastation of nature. I personally think that it is our responsibility to analyze history of human sort and give our best to forestall our best a repeat of these awful errors, so that it would ne’er take action in the hereafter. While reading book “ Fortress ” , ( TvrA‘ava ) which talks about life of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the period of Ottoman Empire I realized that small has changed over the class of centuries as the same jobs are still present. People come and travel. Some of us are remembered even after we die but some of as lone represent a figure in the book off decease. Unfortunately, these who left their hint on history it, their togss and actions, have really tragic consequence non merely on their modern-day but besides on the coevalss which are to come. In our instance these jobs are chiefly related to the in battles and dissensions between three states ( Bosniaks, Serb and Croats ) . Analyzing the history of part of Bosnia and Herzegovina we would easy note that people used to work a small jobs, largely for their personal involvements, while pretermiting to large 1s. They resemble people described in a local adage which says that person does non see forest because of one tree or as some philosophers says:

“ Those who can non retrieve the yesteryear are condemned to reiterate it. ” Santayana

“ The appeal of history and its puzzling lesson consists in the fact that, from age to age, nil alterations yet everything is wholly different. ” Aldous Huxley

A function of linguistic communication in history is really of import, because history is written and presented to people though linguistic communication. Most of historical Hagiographas are non written by historiographers or experts in the field of scientific discipline but is instead presented to us by the people who lived during those times, irrespective of the signifier written or unwritten. Such recordings did non met the modern twenty-four hours standards sing the scholarly authorship, batch of emotions and desirous thought became parts of a historical Hagiographas and as a consequence of such actions we have legion fables and laies in history of every known state. As illustration I could utilize fable of King Arthur.

Besides history and linguistic communication used can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Certain word may hold more than one intending even during the same clip. Different use may make, as we are witness excessively a batch of jobs and even take to a calamity. Such account of the linguistic communication is non merely related to history but to every other thing of human life.

Example is word organic which has different intending if we go from state to state. In some states it has definition that organic is works / nutrient which is grown with no pesticide but in Germany there are criterions which must be fulfilled to can be called organic as seed must non be genetically generated besides as H2O and dirt and countries ( air ) in which it is grown.

While presidents of states are holding conversation they are speaking to each other with regard. With “ Diglossia ”[ 3 ]formal linguistic communication by utilizing per sie ( you ) which is non common in English linguistic communication as it is in German and Gallic. While history is written authors have to be really careful while composing names of states which are written in large letters which shows regard. Writer has to cognize how linguistic communication and ground can impact and bring forth misinterpretation. If we are in USA and in category in which they are assorted race and if kids which belong to white race say that board is black, black raced portion of category can be insulted because that board is green coloring material. Or when we say “ Nigger ” besides can be misunderstand as abuse but there is besides a state and river which has same name. It really depends how we use our linguistic communication and that use can be seen by our voice degree facial and body look.

Anon said that: One of the most powerful facets of linguistic communication is the manner it is used to do simple categorizations: “ animate beings ” ; ” bravery ” ; ” blue ” . One of the most unsafe facets of linguistic communication is the manner it is used to do simplistic categorizations: “ Third World ” ; “ fascist ” ; “ terrorist ” ; ” Communist ” . This citation is used to turn out that linguistic communication is powerful arm and that words said sometimes hurts more than physical hurt.

Example how linguistic communication and literature are powerful arms are books Djelidba and TvrA‘ava.

Subject of these books are closely related to the than communism system in Yugoslavia. Skender KulenoviA‡ writer of Djelidba wrote a comedy drachm about jobs of society direct with no metaphors. After first drama this dram it ‘s out to be preformed because of inappropriate linguistic communication used while showing system and jobs such as ethnicity. While MeA?a SelimoviA‡ writer of TvrA‘ava wrote about another period Ottoman period but really he tried to presented communist society as he saw it. He used that period and linguistic communication as screen which protects him and his work from authorities of that clip and its penalties.

Linguistic determinism is the thought that our ideas are wholly limited by our linguistic communication and is called as Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. I am bilingual. I am talking Bosnian and Turkish Style displacements are non the same as usage different linguistic communications so my replies are different. Previously I have mentioned how historian ‘s experts have to be really careful while composing books, essays, field plants about wars and of import historical events. As I am citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina I know that subject about relevance of history school books is really much questioned because of authors, writer ‘s belongingness to one of three[ 4 ]cultural groups. I believe that no 1 wins the war, because both sides loose, they lose people, economic system, civilization, civilisation. I consider that war is won when it is won without loses on both side. But this is non in instance of Bosnia and Herzegovina where really no 1 won or lost a war so in this instance cite “ Winner writes the history “ is non acceptable. Because of this quotation mark this subject is really popular and discussable. Bing nonsubjective or subjective is when ground comes to present but ground can non govern by ideas of writers because he is portion of that history and he is subjective because he survived that and his emotions could non be controlled so writer can non be wholly subjective nor nonsubjective. He is utilizing his ground in order to do balance between those two besides there are research methods which helps him to do line by which we are enabled to be subjective as questionnaires, observations, interviews. Language is besides an indispensable tool in the field of all scientific discipline as mathematics, history, geographics and societal scientific disciplines. Use of linguistic communication topographic points highly of import function in political relations. Use of linguistic communication in category with co-workers is non same as while we are speaking with professor or with parents it is manner displacement changing one address in different contexts.

As I mentioned before illustrations which are connected to political relations and history are really of import.

In decision I think that linguistic communication and ground have really of import functions in history. Language is really of import arm for those individuals which know how to utilize it.

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