The Sapphiresz

June 25, 2018 Music

Panning – Close up and Medium shot – Sad song Kay and Gale conflict: – ‘Think you can walk away from your mob? Live in the city for ten years making out you’re a gubba? And then get up on stage and say you’re a black fella and that’s alright? ‘ – Separate shots, shows tension – Gale showed regret after hitting Kay Gale and Dave’s talk: – Long shot to start off, with chaotic setting – Flashback – Close shot when Gale talks – Kay’s mums voice in background as Gale talks – Dave try’s to lighten the mood – Close shots from the side, but shows both Gale and Dave

You’re Mumma bear, and they’re your cubs’ – Soft dramatic music in the background – Tells story in time – Government men are faceless and inhuman Bombing – Medium and Closeup shots – ‘I was never good enough at music, and certainly not at life. ‘ – Dave tells Gale everything ; apologises – They have a false sense of security – Long shots – Chaotic – Lighting is the bombs and madness – See the snowball of everything -War / Race / Love / relationships Letter: – Sad – Close up shot – Dave narrates his letter – Music playing in the background MLK shot. -‘Let me tell you how it is for a black marine in Saigon tonight.

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His home is burning and here he sits in hell, while his brothers and sisters are dying in the streets. It’s reasonable to assume that he may begin question what the hell he’s fighting for. These marines they need something, they need what you can provide and they need it tonight. ‘ Gale sings – Gale understands what Dave was talking about when he described what blues music was. – Song relates to her situation with Dave. Kay ceremony – Birds flying in background symbolises peace. – Smoke creates a homey feel – Ancient tongue – Close ups – Natural scene – Light represents hope and happiness

Welcome home, my daughter’ – singing in background Key quotes from ‘The Sapphires” “Follow your heart, discover your soul” “You’re not going , you’re too young” mother to Julie “It’s coz we’re black” Gail to Cynthia “I thought I told you Abos to get off the premises” Publican to girls. “This may have escaped your notice but you’re black and singing country and western – it’s all wrong” – Dave to girls “If you want to perform for the brothers in Vietnam you’ve gotta give them soul” Dave to girls “what would this dupey white fella know about soul music” Gail to Dave

I might be a bit pale on the outside but my blood runs negro woman” Dave to Gail “Hold your ears as you’re about to see this panther roar” Dave to girls “Gail there’s two things to remember here, there’s the money and there’s the soul.. ” Dave to Gail “Maybe he’s right, maybe this is the chance of a lifetime” Gail to mother “It’s time she came back to us” Grandmother about kay “Our jobs are Gammin” Cynthia to girls , i. e . jobs are a bit useless “What’s wrong with your lives now? “ Mother to girls “Being treated like dogs by those people in town” Cynthia replies to mother

That’s not the life I was born for, I’m destined for fame” Cynnthia “Julie’s the key, Julie’s the one with the voice”, Dave “I will lay down my life before I let any harm come to these girls” – Dave to family “Gubba” – white person “I know my girls can lay it down” – Miron? “Never relax, Never assume” – band member “Goin’ out with a black fella’s never gonna make you blacker” Gail to Kay “If you people worked as much as you fished , you’d be rich you know” Kay to family on river bank “…. a mouth on legs” – Dave to Gail “You’re momma bear and they’re you baby cubs” – Dave to Gail

Just so you know, I’m black, just pale black” – Kay to Robbie “I was never good enough” – Dave to Gail “Unholy alliance” – Dave to Gail trying to explain his own marriage “Get your nigger hands off me” – dying soldier to Robbie “Keep that black dog away from me” dying soldier “A story of empowerment…. especially for the younger generation to have an understanding of life back then” – interview with Deborah Mailman “Let me tell you how it is for a black marine in Saigon tonight. His home is burning and here he sits in hell while his brothers and sisters are dying in the streets.

It’s reasonable to assume that he begins to question what the hell he is fighting for. These marines they need something; something that you can provide. ” Dave: Country and western music is about loss. Soul music is also about loss. But the difference is in country and western music, they’ve lost, they’ve given up and they are just all wining about it. In soul music they are struggling to get it back, they haven’t given up. Dave: Can you make it sound blacker? Kay: Coconut? Don’t go telling me what I am and what I’m not. Kay: We are Yorta Yorta women, I speak my language with your permission.


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