The Second Industrial Revolutions History Essay

The first industrial revolution began in the mid eighteenth Century in England, with the invention of a figure of merchandises assisting to light economic and industrial growing. Amongst these inventions were steam power, the production of fabrics and the usage of Fe. Inventers began to emerge who would determine the industrial revolution, such as James Watt and Matthew Boulton, who were the first to get down a company covering in the fabrication of steam engines. The two work forces joined forces to make the steam engine. which changed the manner in which the population worked. The steam engine had multiple utilizations and enabled workers to travel off from utilizing Equus caballuss and human power, and alternatively utilize steam for pumping H2O into coalmines every bit good as powering mills. This enabled workers to increase production which would take to a turning economic system. Harmonizing to Heilbroner, 1975, pg 77 “ the steam engine was the greatest individual innovation ” ( of the industrial revolution ) .

The usage of the steam engine was besides good for the fabric industry at this clip. Previously, cotton Millss and mills were being powered by H2O, curtailing the location of these Millss and mills to locations near to H2O. With the innovation of the steam engine, these cotton Millss were able to be located in more convenient countries for conveyance of goods and stuffs. Equally good as this new usage of power, discoverers helped to increase the productiveness of fabric workers with the innovation of new whirling machinery such as the “ Roller Spinning machine ” , and the “ Spinning Jenny ” .

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Although the first industrial revolution was focused on more primary and secondary industries, these wedged economic growing in a positive manner and enabled Britain to get down turning at a steady rate, it besides shows a big spring from the old centuries when the bulk of the population were populating at subsistence agribusiness with small alteration in economic growing. The development in the fabric industry allowed Britain to go the biggest exporter of fabrics, catching India, and increasing the gross coming into the state. The betterment in canal ways and roads made the transit of goods more efficient, besides assisting with the exportation of goods and traveling stuffs around the state.

Elephantine houses did non hold a immense presence at this clip, but some companies were emerging such as Boulton & A ; Watt with the industry of steam engines. Elephantine houses became more influential in the 2nd industrial revolution, with the innovation of autos and electricity.

Second Industrial Revolution

The 2nd industrial revolution began in the nineteenth century around 1850. During this clip more engineerings began to emerge non merely in England but all over the universe, these included electricity, engines, fabrication of steel, new chemical procedures, the telephone, the telegraph. There was besides the outgrowth of big houses such as General Electric, The Ford Motor Company and United States Steel.

The fabrication of steel on a big graduated table was outstanding in the 2nd industrial revolution. Around 1860, Henry Bessemer found a manner to mass bring forth steel cheaply, with the innovation of a furnace which enabled wrought Fe to be converted into big measures of steel. This was subsequently known as the Bessemer procedure. At the clip cast Fe was being used for the edifice of Bridgess and paths for railroads, which was non resilient plenty and would frequently crumble and prostration. The debut of the Bessemer procedure meant that companies could now utilize steel for Bridgess and paths as it reduced the cost of fabricating steel.

Equally good as steel, the distribution of electricity contributed to increasing economic growing. In 1878 Thomas Edison began to sell direct current electricity, and by 1881 the town of Godalming, Surrey was the first public topographic point to be supplied electricity when the streets were illuminated. “ The usage of electricity expanded rapidly in the 1870s. A illumination electric railroad was displayed at the Berlin exhibition in 1879 ; electric covers and hot plates appeared at the industrial exhibition of Vienna in 1883 ; and electric trams were running in Frankfurt and Glasgow by 1884. The early 1880s saw the innovation of the modern light bulb by Joseph Swan in England and Thomas A. Edison in the United States. ” ( Joel Mokyr, 1998, Pg 6 ) . In 1892 General Electric was formed and four old ages subsequently began merchandising on the stock market.

The outgrowth of big houses like this would hold impacted economic growing tredmendously, non merely are these new innovations and fabricating increasing production, they are besides impacting on the criterion of life, population and degrees of employment. As the houses began to turn they would make more occupations, which would take to more people in more skilled occupations, therefore it would impact rewards and in turn quality of life as more of the population would hold higher life criterions. All of these factors contribute to economic growing, and although they may non hold been as prominent during the first industrial revolution, the outgrowth of engineerings in the 2nd industrial revolution farther increased this growing.

Alfred Chandler ‘s seeable manus focal points on the outgrowth of different managerial places in houses and companies. In the United States, railwaies were one of the first big concerns to emerge with structured direction and clear functions with different degrees of responsibility.In the 1840 ‘s the railway web began to turn across the United States, it increased the velocity at which goods could be transported and created a larger substructure web across the state, compared with the canals antecedently used. It besides meant that more cargo could be transported at any one clip, overall a more efficient service.

“ The integrating of many different railway endeavors into a individual national transit system required the directors to collaborate on three different sets of concerns: ( 1 ) set uping the physical connexion of the many roads ; ( 2 ) inventing unvarying operating, accounting, and other organisational processs ; and ( 3 ) holding on the usage of a standardised engineering ” ( A Chandler, 1977 ) Chandler ( 1977 ) besides believed that “ as the big endeavors grew and dominated major sectors of the economic system they altered the basic construction of these sectors and of the economic system as a whole. ”


During the first industrial revolution economic growing was based on additions in agricultural end product and some fabrication, enabled by steam power and improved substructure. This helped to get down more rapid economic growing in England and besides began to increase criterion of life and general economic well being. Although economic growing was present at this clip, I feel that the 2nd industrial revolution had a greater impact on economic growing due to the outgrowth of big houses, a big betterment in substructure every bit good as farther development of chemical procedures and machinery. I besides think that as the degrees of economic growing were increasing in other states at this clip and non merely England, degrees of trade were besides assisting with economic growing as companies were profiting from imports and exports.

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