The Secret Garden Essay

September 18, 2017 General Studies

Reading prompt for The Secret Garden Jonathan Lin 3/6/11 Reading The Secret Garden, by Frances Hogdson Burnett, is basically a metaphor between the two main characters, Mary and Colin. They both change in the way the garden Mary finds changes and slowly grows to be part of them in every way possible. First of all, Mary is a girl born in India sent to her uncle’s house when her parents died of an epidemic of cholera. In the beginning of the book, she is sour, angry, and sickly when she lands in her uncle’s manor.

When she discovers the hidden garden that belonged to her dead aunt, she made it grow. The more the garden grew, the happier and healthier she grew. When she discovered the garden, everything changed for her as events passed. When she met a boy named Dickon, she revealed it first to him, then Colin. Dickon’s mother, a woman named Mrs. Sowerby, said, “Mary actually looks kind of pretty once she lost the sourness out of her face. ” Colin is the son of Mary’s uncle, Mr.

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Craven, who was continually depressed after his wife died. In the book, Mary meets Colin when she hears him crying and follows the sound. Colin thought he was going to die. Actually, everybody thought he was going to die. Mary thought he was just weak, rather then sick. She said that you should walk around, maybe go outside rather than stay in bed all the time. After a while, he apparently did go outside, and when he was in the garden, he was suddenly happy for a moment’s worth.

He was getting stronger and happier the more he associated himself outside and this was all happening when the garden was growing. Mary and Colin were both unhappy and sickly when the garden is dead. When they discover the garden and make it grow, they become happier, healthier, and friendly. To conclude, when the garden was growing and was becoming alive, they were becoming happier. So Mary and Colin are a metaphor to the garden.


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