The Self Reflection Report Business Essay

Second energy that gives me greatest sum of personal satisfaction is power of monsters. When I garnering with friends, I am able to portion my full personal narrative no affair it is sad narrative, failure or love narrative. By this, friends are besides the lone 1 who will care me when my parents are non around and merely 1 that will promote me and give support from clip to clip when I face job.

Third motive for me is listening music, it will assist me increase concentration of my work or survey when I am listening music. Other than that, listening to music is besides one of the ways for me to let go of emphasis since music is one of the activities that involves utilizing whole encephalon. Harmonizing to research reported at American Society, playing loosen uping music in the forenoon or when I am stress, it can assist to cut down blood force per unit area and it besides can assist to cut down pique.

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Dreams are the highest rank and most utile to actuate my energy and it besides is a most of import mark for everyone. Gathering with friend is the 2nd rank and the lowest rank is listening music. While, when I feel defeated and unhappiness will more effectual in my work or my survey. Second effectual ground that will take my energy is deficiency of household support.

Something will give energy and something will take away my energy, without energy, it will lose motive of work. I will lose energy when I am disappointed to something and it will do me sad. When I disappointed and unhappiness, it will allow me believe negative and consequence my work public presentation. Other than that, I will besides detain all my work and happen out the ground of defeated. Another ground of will lose my energy is when my household differ on what I am making and give me a batch of household regulations to follow. Family is a really of import support and resource for everyone, if without household, life is hopeless and without household love, attentions and etc.

When I am 20-30 old ages old, I need to hold stable and nice occupation that able to attempt my basic demand such as auto loan, telephone, and internet measure per month, pocket money for my parents and my ain pocket money. I hope my life style is simple and non to hold excessively much of societal intercourse with other concern. Thing that repels this basic ideal is nowadays competitory rivals and unhealthy life that will strongly impact our life style and might act upon us to a incorrect manner.


There have many type of concern in an organisation. Attributes of concern that I would wish to stimulate such as online concern. Online concern can convey a batch of convenience for client since cyberspace and around every corner. Customers allow to concern 24 hours in a twenty-four hours through cyberspace such as online shopping, Properties of working is flexible hr is a common properties in online concern.

Second concern that I would stimulate is high hazard concern that will convey me a batch of challenging of my life. With concern with high place, it will convey me more thought and do me cognize that nowadays life is difficult to gain money. Business such as architecture, coder and adviser will pull me to be a successful concern adult female. Other that, I would besides stimulate in high net income concern which will hold a stable income for my concern such as physician, attorney, professor and etc.

The last pick for me to make a concern is fitness concern such as unfastened a athletics Centre or badminton tribunal that will convey healthy life style to others since fittingness is of import to everyone that must pass around 2-3 times in a hebdomad to maintain organic structure healthy. I would besides see gross revenues concern that needs communicating with other people and it will allow me experience confident when I am speaking with others.

Some concern with different properties that I would non stimulate is consistency occupation. I dislike consistence occupation because it is consistence and I have to make the same work every twenty-four hours and might acquire the same job every twenty-four hours such as accounting, concern admin.

I would besides non stimulate in some high hazard occupation as I am non a hazard taker in concern. High hazard occupation such as investing, fireman or police officer is non my involvement to stimulate it and it is a nerve-racking occupation for me. In others, low net income occupation is besides one of the occupations that I would non see such as authorities concern that control by authorities.

The last concern that I would non stimulate is gamble concern that need gamble to win our unrecorded and win our hereafter. Since, gamble is non an blessing activity in Malaysia, so I will non affect in any gamble concern such as casino and etc.

As different type of concern that I list above, online concern is a concern that will give me energy because it can turn out that nowadays engineering. Other that, gross revenues concern would besides give me energy because gross revenues need a batch of communicating and I like to run into with new people. While concern that conveying low net income will take away my energy since I working mundane because of the low net income. Other that, consistence occupation would besides take away my energy because there is no disputing for me to work since mundane do the same occupation and confronting same job.

I would wish to get down my ain concern someday because of my dream and fiscal allow. I hope to acquire an ain design store and use my ain accomplishment and cognition to pull off a store. In the other manus, with my ain concern, I will make concern by utilizing my creativity and it is alone for client. I would besides wish to larn more experience and communicating accomplishment with concern spouse.

For the convenience, my company should be allocated in town so the concern can easy turn. Other than that, I hope that it would non include any computation or numeral activity in company since I am dislike and I am hapless in computation and it will do me experience emphasis when I am working. For betterment, I will fall in training class about computation or numeral to increase my involvement and public presentation in computation and numeral.

Measure 2


To work out my fiscal support, I have portion clip occupation as client service in Aqua Health Sdn Bhd and gross revenues booster in Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd. Other than that, I besides contribute in computing machine society and dance nine society.

I involve in activities such as portion clip occupation because I found my involvement in occupation. Other than that, I can acquire more experience and better my communicating accomplishments before I get a existent occupation after I graduate from college. I involve to a portion clip occupation because I wish to larn independent and decrease household disbursals. When I working as portion clip occupation, I have learn several accomplishments include communicating accomplishments, leading, managing accomplishments and others. With this, I have communicated with all type of client with different attitude, demands and demands. Other than that, I would besides larn about leading accomplishment about how to pull offing employee and assign employee to relevant and suited occupation.

In one hebdomad route show activity in shopping promenade, I learn a batch of communicating accomplishment, squad work and direction accomplishment. A squad about 5 individual of us had work successfully in route show and able to pull client which will convey more gross revenues. In route show, I use leading accomplishment to delegate my squad to a suited occupation and communicating accomplishments to pull more gross revenues.

I have involved in be aftering scheme, I arranged the specific undertakings to few of my squad mate to better their occupation public presentation and gross revenues. I besides learned how to pass on with the clients because the client service is the most of import in this country.

In experience of occupation, I have learn about different people will hold different thought of thought and different position of thing, so we must believe profoundly on every people view so that will do a determination that everyone agree with it. With this, we can merely pull off people good without statement. To derive money, we must derive more advantage from rivals, so we need originative thought, patients and promote when we make money.For athleticss activities, I involve in badminton activity. I love badminton and it becomes my household activities at weekend. By this, it can better our household relationship. Sometime, we will form a little competition between household members.

Lesson that will use for life as an enterpriser is aspiration. Ambition is really of import for every enterpriser with a strongly determination and strongly communicating accomplishment in societal web. In other word, creativeness is besides an of import lesson for enterpriser since they have to develop advanced thought to selling or direction.

When demand, I quit from work because of I want to foster survey and acquire a better work after my survey. I want to larn more about direction accomplishment because my old occupation company is excessively little and I ca n’t larn direction accomplishment. I would wish to alter occupation to different country of work to derive more on the job experience and larn more different accomplishment to upgrade myself. So, I am able to success in different class of concern.

If I started a concern in a little company, I like my on the job clip is flexible because I have no fix clip to work and I can hold more clip to pass with my household. Other than that, company must besides hold a decently documented procedure of a concern. With this, I will be able to execute undertaking better even I am from different section and everyone in company can understand company state of affairs good. When I enter a little company, I dislike my company with hapless procedure and hapless direction that will confront job every twenty-four hours.

For big company, I would appreciate if I am arrange to work in squad to manage a undertaking so that I have more thought to work out job and besides can larn from each other. While, office political relations and chitchat is a common instance in large company since everyone in large company would wish to derive advantage to hold a better place in company. I will work under emphasis that will impact my working public presentation.

I believe that every entrepreneurial have strengths to do him successful and failing to allow him confront job. An entrepreneurial must ever be full of confident to work out all thing in concern. Strong determination devising is besides of import so that enterpriser is optimistic and non give up easy until happen a suited solution. Weakness of entrepreneurial such as deficiency of working experience and it besides do non hold good wont when work with others.

II ) //

My enterpriser concern hero is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg which is originative and smart. He able to make societal networking between friend, school and now is most celebrated international societal web “ Facebook ” . Mr Zuckerberg is an American coder and cyberspace enterpriser and he is the president and executive in Facebook.

Mr Zuckerberg is ne’er give up as he had faced a batch job when developing new societal web. Other than that, he besides involvement to his occupation really good and he willing to pass clip on his occupation. One of the of import issues for success is holding a strong aspiration and vision in his life and willing to pass clip on it.

He is my concern hero that I admired because of his attitude with optimistic thought and can ever supply a utile thought in his life. From my function theoretical account, I wish to hold optimistic thought when I face job and good planning of clip or other resources in my occupation or survey.

Part II

Measure 1 //

Based on the superior measure in appendix, I had summarised my failing and strength in my life. To work out a job, I will be patient and confident to happen a solution until it is right determination. Other than that, I ‘m besides willing to larn new thing since every individual need to larn new thing in their life clip to clip to better their public presentation. Other than that, I ‘m besides have understand good of client demand in concern. I have a strong vision that becomes a good enterpriser so I have to work hard to success my dream in my life.

Other than that, I need to better in determination devising accomplishments. Better in determination devising can assist me to do determination better and independently since determination devising is an of import measure for everyone. I besides wish that I can hold more thought and more originative when I develop a new merchandise or bring forth an thought to market. To better my creativeness, I will go to more design preparation and class to do me more knowing.

Step2 //

Based on function demand, calling is the no1 precedence to acquire myself satisfaction and a working. In venture, it is non no1 precedence because I will make it when I have adequate fiscal and I am able to pull off my concern independently. Weaknesses that I faced is I had no fiscal allow and no confident to get down my ain concern. Valuess, moralss and unity is my strengths that I am believe on what I am making will convey result in future either a good or bad counter response. With the value of moralss and unity, I will develop the right merchandise and do the right determination in my concern so that everyone will believe and swear on my concern. By this, I can do my life better with more beliefs.

Measure 4

Based on analysis ranking measure 2 and step 3, I wish to make a successful enterpriser and I will have my company and concern. I will go to excess developing class to better myself. If possible, I will besides supply seminar talk for other concern enterpriser for the intent of sharing thought and communicating. To be a successful enterpriser, I need to better my determination devising accomplishments and undertaking taking accomplishments.

Part IV //

Measure 2: //

After complete the exercising in portion 1 and portion 2, I have to the full involvement in become a successful enterpriser that will convey a batch of betterment of my life and my household. To go enterpriser, the really first measure is we must hold a well planning of concern that Lashkar-e-Taiba concern to be originative and alone that able to pull more gross revenues. Other than that, I must besides good program of our resources such as fiscal, human resource, clip and others. Another than that, I must hold to put a day-to-day personal end or purposes so we are able to accomplish personal demand.

An enterpriser must be able to pull off finance sagely since endeavor concern is hard currency flow that we need to purchase stock list, wage for excess service, publicize merchandise to market, and pay for public-service corporations and etc. hence, we have to pull off our fiscal control to hold more hard currency flow in future and able to maintain good repute of concern.

In the other manus, an enterpriser must hold an optimistic thought that will ever believe positive. Thinking optimistic is a really of import thought of every individual. Make non ever think that you will neglect in concern since I need to seek our best and willing to scarify in order to acquire our concern successful such as forfeit clip and attempt to accomplish it. An optimistic enterpriser with good thought and position will convey me immense motive to go an enterpriser.

A struggle that may expect between purposes and demands of entrepreneurship is different outlook in entrepreneurship. In enterpriser, we might anticipate higher wage, luxury life manner in entrepreneur life. But if we haven make our mark and we fail in be aftering a concern in enterpriser, we might neglect to acquire luxury life manner since it is non easy to get down a concern.

An entrepreneurial must hold a strong and clearly head that clearly province mission that need to accomplish and how to accomplish. Entrepreneur must dwell the continuity to success and cognize what is the intent of success. In my head, I need to name down my mission to success and it will go the first demand for every enterpriser. I would besides will analyse more about enterpriser and compare it with my position so that I can hold better analyze about enterpriser.

To go a possible enterpriser, I should hold a anterior cognition that related to our concern. Other than that, I need experiences and chance to develop a new merchandise and services that able to convey service to client. In extra, resources are besides of import for an enterpriser to get down a concern such as fiscal, human resources or clip to analyse and develop a new thought to market tendencies.

Through this appraisal had brought me more understand about enterpriser and research more deeply in enterpriser. Some of my entrepreneurial scheme such as we need to hold invention and creativeness to develop new merchandise. Other than that, technological alteration is besides impact on industry scheme.

To prosecute more energy and motive, I will put a short term end for myself such as some basic demand. Daily purpose and ends is besides of import to aim myself acquire sustained with energy and motive.

Part V: //

Measure 1: When I am 70, the first ends that I wish to accomplished are able to hold stable and ideal life style with my household. Second end is I would wish to hold a good concern which contain of 2000 franchises and it is good known in the universe.

Measure 2: In following 4 twelvemonth, my end to be accomplished is I can hold a stable occupation that able to attempt my basic demand. After that I will get down little concern with my capital since it is a first of my concern.

Measure 3: Goals that I would wish to carry through are I would wish to be after to go start from now. Other than that, I will retreat from my college or my work and remain a relax life style.

Measure 4: My existent end is to hold a fantastic life manner that different from now such as I can work independently, have more strong determination devising and etc. Other than that, I would wish to go more societal networking so I can hold more friends environing me.

Measure 5: After clarify, I found that the end above is truly of import to me and that is my most failing and I must accomplish the end before I become a successful enterpriser.

Measure 6: Highest rank of my dream is to be more independently. I can make determination independently without others assisting me or act upon me. Second highest rank is wished to hold more societal networking. If I able to more societal networking, it can allow me more independent since I have to populate myself at societal. Third highest rank that is able to hold a strong determination devising accomplishment that will able to allow m do a better determination.

Measure 7: To larn more independently, I might meet job like I ca n’t work out job by myself. By this, I will halt on my occupation and survey and ca n’t happen the solution good and it will do me inconsistence. In determination devising, job that I will meet is I will do incorrect determination doing either on my occupation or survey. A incorrect determination devising will convey a incorrect public presentation in the occupation or survey. Social networking is of import, friendly with the right individual is besides of import. Problem that might meet in societal networking that might cognize incorrect friend or been cheated by your friends. A friend is of import to you and will act upon you to either a good hereafter or bad hereafter.

Measure 8: Avoid the job such as ca n’t independent or do incorrect determination devising, I need to province out the option of the inquiry and list out all possible solution for the inquiry. By utilizing this mind measure manner, I am able to cognize what is the consequence demand and result. By avoid know bad friends, I will forestall to travel out entirely with friend before we know each other more than 1 twelvemonth. Other than that, I will besides analyse his/her behaviour and attitude foremost before acquiring more and friendlier.

Measure 9: To do myself more independently, I will larn from feedback. Learning from feedback is the of import measure for me to larn. Other than that, I will besides make much pattern on myself without assisting from others. With this, I can hold much practical exercising that will do me more independent. To make a best determination devising, I will name out all the possible solution and consequence for every inquiry. With this, I can hold a right determination based on determination tree or result. When I improve my societal networking accomplishment, I need to take action demand analyze the right individual that with right attitude and behaviour. I will able to cognize individual attitude easy if I am able to analyse individual behaviour.

Step10: High precedence of my end is to larn independently. In the following seven twenty-four hours, it is besides end for me to carry through because it is the of import lesson for everyone to larn. Other than that, I realize that the 2nd most of import end is to hold self confident. With this, I can make thing myself confidently and independently.

Measure 11: Highest rank of my end is learn independently. I would wish to hold a practical patterns and I have to done it by my ain in 1 hr ‘s clip on following 2 twenty-four hours. Second rank for my end is better determination devising accomplishment and I have to name out all the possible result and solution for the full selected job in following 5 yearss.

Measure 12: Problem such as face job in my practical. No thought how to work out it and might will neglect the practical exercising. Second job for better my determination devising is analyze incorrect reply in determination tree and it will convey me a batch of incommodiousness since I need to do new determination and analyze once more.

Measure 13: I will extinguish the full job with do more exercising to develop myself. Other than that, I will go to some seminar class that related to determination devising accomplishment. I would wish to take part in cantonment for few yearss and it will better my independence.

Measure 14: Hazard that may meet is might lose net income in company since doing incorrect determination will allow company take or put the incorrect merchandise. Another hazard that might affect such as develop new merchandise to market and will impact the market grow. Resources involve such as clip, fiscal and human resources that need to be act to better my public presentation of concern.


From my appraisal from portion 1 to portion 4, I discover my personal narrative such as involvement, strength and failing. Other than that, I besides better my head thought after I done this exercising in few yearss. First, this appraisal allows me to believe further about my hereafter, life, parents, occupation and others. I am clearly understood what my end is and vision in the whole life. In reflecting, I am clearly understood what is my future occupation and what I sort of occupation that I wished to hold. Before this, my future occupation is a sort of gross revenues or selling that involves a batch of communicating technique between each other. Now, I found my involvement to be a good know enterprisers in the universe.

Second, willing to larn is the 2nd of import lesson for me as I need to analyse more and larn more critical accomplishments through this appraisal. Everyone in the universe must incorporate abilities that willing to larn from errors, feedback from others individual particularly from those who more senior. Eldership has more experience on different position of thing or concern that we ne’er go through.

Start from now, I would wish to better myself to go an enterpriser in my hereafter. By going a successful enterpriser, several of personal mark or purposes must accomplish before I start my venture life. First, I have to acquire my fiscal to get down a concern. Capital is of import to get down a concern, because it is of import in every clip such as fiscal to turn over stock list, to put other fiscal or to pull investor semen over your company.

Second, I have to get the better of my all of my failing such as I have to better in determination devising accomplishment, to populate more independently, better in leading accomplishment and etc. Decision devising is a critical measure for everyone whether do the right solution or incorrect solution that will impact our hereafter. In every clip when make a determination particularly some large determination or serious determination, we need to analyse the possible solution and result that will confront, hazard that involve in every determination, resource that involve in determination devising. After analyze all the possible solution, we need to take the best solution through our experience to find which solution is the best manner to work out it.

Second failing that needs to get the better of is how to larn independently. To larn more independently, foremost we need to be confident on what we had do and what we can make. We have to believe in our ego that we can do something alone and addition advantages from other individual. Therefore, manage fiscal independent is besides the manner that help us go more independently because I do non trust on my parents to give me pocket money. First, I will pay my ain telephone measures, cyberspace measures, and other personal thing. Money that successful supports and salvage will convey me unbelievable motive and feeling of independent. The most of import to go independent is be yourself by non easy influence by others.

After overcome all my failing, I need to work farther to get down my entrepreneur life. A great and alone thought is of import. To acquire a good thought to market, we need to analyse what are the market demand, market despairing, market monetary value, market concern, mark market and etc. A alone thought can be companies that provide service that will convey benefit to client or develop new merchandise that would increase public presentation of life and engineering. In the other manus, I ‘m besides need to fix concern resources such as fabrication clip, capital or human resources that is large related to get down a concern.

In extra, it is of import for me to compose down my full concern program and future. We need to make it step by measure by list down all thought with inside informations and description such as stuff needed, cost needed. By utilizing this scheme can let me to what I have to get down and where I stop at. Other that, clip and program agenda besides have to name down clearly so we can able to measure and utilize all our clip sagely. In the concern program, market analysis is of import to cognize who is mark market, location or rivals, gross revenues and etc.

A successful concern demand long clip to bring forth and we need to get down it step by measure. At first, we need to get down a little concern foremost by non utilizing excessively much of our capital. We can either make concern entirely or with spouse but the most of import is to derive more experience and understand the state of affairs of the market. In the little concern, we must seek our best to give client good feeling, good behaviour so that client will look for you when you entry to an entrepreneur life.

Customer is the of import function in market, there is no gross revenues will be if no client is deal with you. By trade concern with client, we besides need to understand client behaviour, client demand. We need to detect what client demand and favorite so we able to ‘lock client bosom ‘ by return attention them concern and supply them a cheerful client service. Apart from client relationship, other enterpriser relationship is besides of import that we need to keep a regular societal meeting others entrepreneur. By this, we can acquire thought from other enterpriser that will besides better our head thought.

I truly hope that I am able to get down entrepreneur life within 35 old ages so that I can bask life to go an enterpriser to better my future life. I can better my future life because I am able to acquire what I want it to be and how the concern to be. My ain thought is belong to me and non others. I wo n’t worry I will acquiring fired if my thought is non accepted by other people that high place than me.

In extra, I would wish to take people how to make and delegate undertaking to my employee. So, being an enterpriser can convey me satisfaction since I allow to make whatever I want to make or wish to hold and no demand under control by others. For employee, he need to follow precisely the direction or process that fixed by employer even he hold his ain thought to finish a undertaking. While for an enterpriser, let to make ain procedure measure to finish a undertaking and it will supply me a batch of satisfaction. It is a ambitious occupation for me since many determination devising, hazard are involve in entrepreneur life.

We feel stress when we working as an employee because I need to contend my mark or have to make what employee require everyday to forestall fired by employer. In others word, every employee in same company like contending each other to acquire more gross revenues or concern to forestall fired. This is stress and uncomfortable working environment for me and it will impact my working public presentation since it is no squad work in undertaking or good communicating method between employees in a same company. To being an enterpriser, it will do me get away from emphasis of corporate life.

Can hold a flexible on the job clip or agenda is besides one of the ground for me to go an enterpriser. Life of become an enterpriser can be flexible since I am allow to measure concern operating hours, clocking life rhythm and others by myself. In the other manus, societal networking is of import issue when being an enterpriser because there is more opportunity to interact with different people and increase opportunity of interact with client. Entrepreneurs have the chance to run into new people in different state or different concern country.

Become a successful enterpriser is my dreams since I am immature. Now, I can do my dream become true after I done this appraisal. I am able to do dreams go world and non defeated my household. My dream is to be a successful enterpriser that will hold a growing concern. My expected concern is successfully developing a new merchandise to market that utile to everyone.



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