The Seven Cs Of Effective Communicaton English Language Essay

August 22, 2017 English Language

Let ‘s throw some light upon what Communication is all about: Harmonizing to Allen, – “ Communication is the amount of all the things, one individual does when he wants to make apprehension in the head of others. It is the span of significance. It involves a systematic and uninterrupted procedure of stating, listening and understanding. ”


Effective communicating is of import because one needs to show his thoughts clearly and needs to be understood really clearly while pass oning. The receiving system should understand the message in the same perceptual experience as intended by the transmitter of the message. This is what we call an effectual communicating. Interestingly though, there are other aspects to effectual communicating when it comes to written communicating, popularly known as ‘Seven C ‘s of Effective Communication ‘ .


Communication is the key to motive, it helps in informing and lighting the employees about the undertaking to be carried out, the mode they should be executing their undertaking, and how to better their public presentation if it is non up to the grade.

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An Effective Communication is the best beginning of information to the members of organisation for decision-making procedure as it helps placing and evaluate alternate class of actions.

Communication besides plays a cardinal function in changing an person ‘s attitude, i.e. , a well informed person will hold better attitude than a less-informed person. Organizational magazines, diaries, meetings and assorted other signifiers of unwritten and written communicating aid in modeling employee ‘s attitudes.

Communication besides helps in socialising. In today ‘s life the lone presence of another single Fosters communicating. Human is a societal animate being and endurance without communicating is neither possible nor fruitful.

Communication besides assists in commanding procedure in a large manner. It helps commanding organisational member ‘s behaviour in assorted ways. It is the art of acquiring work done. There are assorted degrees of hierarchy, certain rules and guidelines that employees must follow in an organisation. They must follow with organisational policies, execute their functions expeditiously and pass on any work job and grudge to their higher-ups. Therefore, communicating helps in commanding map of direction.







Direction cards


In Order to hone the art of written communicating, we have a assisting manus known as the ‘Seven C ‘s Of Communication ‘ – The rules advocated by Francis J. Bergin. These rules provide guidelines for pick of content, manner of presentation, how much is excessively much etc. Let ‘s take circuit of the same.


For conveying effectual communicating written or unwritten messages, certain rules must be followed. These rules advocated by Francis J. Bergin. Bergin provides guidelines for pick of content and manner of presentation adapted to the intent the receiving system of the message. They are besides called as “ Seven Cs ” of communicating. They are:









Every communicating must be complete and equal. Incomplete messages maintain the receiving system guesswork, creates misconstruing and delay actions. Every individual should, therefore, be provided with all the needed facts and figures. For illustration, when the mill supervisor instructs workers to bring forth, he must stipulate the exact size, form, quality and cost of the merchandise. Any premises behind the message should besides be clarified. While replying a missive, all the inquiries raised in the missive must be replied.

A complete message offers the undermentioned benefits:

Complete messages are more likely to convey the coveted consequences without the disbursal of extra messages.

They can make a better occupation of edifice good will. Messages that contain information the receiving system needs show concern for others.

Complete messages can assist attend dearly-won case that may ensue if information is losing.

Communication that seems inconsequential can be surprisingly of import if the information they contain is complete and effectual.

It is advised that while replying a missive one should do certain that all the inquiries are answered.

The message is non complete, if it fails to reply inquiries like:

What is the meeting about?

When is it? and Where?


In concern communicating, you should be brief and able to state whatever you have to state in fewest possible words without giving the other C qualities. A concise message is complete without being long-winded. Conciseness is desired because of the undermentioned benefits:

A concise message saves clip and disbursal for both transmitter and receiving system.

Conciseness contributes to accent ; by extinguishing unneeded words, you let of import thoughts stand out.

When combined with a “ YOU-VIEW ” , concise message are inherently more interesting to receivers as they avoid unneeded information.

There is no difficult and fast regulation for the length of a missive. A two page missive seems short, while a 10 line missive may look all excessively long depending upon the event and state of affairs.


The message should be put in simple footings to guarantee lucidity. Wordss must intend the same thing to receiver as they do the transmitter. Complex issues must be compressed in to subjects, mottos or stereotypes that have simpleness and lucidity. In order to guarantee lucidity in unwritten communications, you should utilize accurate and familiar words with proper modulation, emphasiss and intermissions. Ideas should be clear and good organized.

The of import considerations in achieving lucidity are as follows:

Choose precise, concrete and familiar simple words.

Construct effectual sentences and paragraphs.

In short, simple and short words are more effectual than grandiloquent and judicious words.

Using the ‘K-I-S-S ‘ Method – Keep It Short and Simple!

If the message does non assist acknowledge who really the individual is?

It may be possible to hold many people with same name in an administration.

What great work he/she has done? When?

And what he/she is expected to make now?

It is non a clear message.


The term rightness, as applied to concern messages means right degree of linguistic communication and truth of facts, figures and words. If the information is non right conveyed, the transmitter will lose credibleness. Transmission of wrong information to superior will corrupt determination doing procedure. Transmission of wrong messages, grammatical mistakes should besides be avoided. All the messages must be transmitted and responded to at the most appropriate clip. Outdated information is useless. Since communicating is an expensive procedure, conveying outdated information involves wastage of clip, money and human resources. The rule of right timing besides stipulates that you communicate your message at a clip when it is likely to turn out most effectual.


Concreteness of messages is an indispensable demand of effectual communicating. It means being specific, definite, and vivid instead than vague and general. In unwritten communicating, we ca n’t pull tabular arraies, diagrams, or graphs to do our statement vivid, but we can precise words to convey the right messages and support it by relevant facts and figures. If the message is specific, there would be increased likeliness that the

message is interpreted by the receiving system as intended by transmitter. For directing concrete messages, the undermentioned guidelines should be followed:

Use concrete looks.

Use specific facts and figures.

Put action in your verbs.

Choose vivid, image-building words.

Facts lend credibleness to our communicating since it is non possible to rebut them. Concrete looks create ocular images that are easy to register. So alternatively of vague, generalised statements, definite facts should be given.

The statements with no passion, no vivid item, holding nil that creates emotion and nil that tells people in the audience why they should care does non work good.


Consideration means fixing the message with the receiving system in head. In order to pass on efficaciously, the transmitter should believe and look from the receiving system ‘s angle. He should follow a humane attack and understand the emotions and sentiments of the receiving system. The socio-psychological background of the receiving system must be understood. The aureate regulation “ First understand than be understood ” should be followed. It should be noted that consideration underlies the other 6 Cs of the communicating. Four particular ways to bespeak considerations are as follows:

Focus on “ You ” alternatively of “ I ” and “ We ” .

Show audience benefit or involvement in the receiving system.

Emphasis positive, pleasant facts.

Show empathy. Ask how you would experience if you were to have this message.

Consideration besides requires stressing positive and pleasant facts. To state “ no ” , “ sorry ” , ” sorrow ” , ” disagree ” should non be used in direct and consecutive forward mode.


Courtesy stems from a sincere you-attitude. It is non simply politeness with mechanical interpolations of “ please ” and “ thank you ” , although using socially accepted manners is a signifier of courtesy. Rather it is politeness that grows out of regard and concern for others.

In concern treatments, you should state things with force and assertiveness without being rude. The undermentioned guidelines should be observed to guarantee courtesy:

Thank liberally for a favor. When person does a favor to us, acknowledge it quickly and thank the individual.

Apologize for an skip. If you had committed a error, express sorrow quickly and unfeignedly.

Avoid annoying looks. Wordss and looks holding negative intension should non be used in the message.

Use of non-discriminatory looks that reflect equal intervention of people irrespective of gender, race, moralss, beginning and physical characteristics.

Below mentioned are some utile guidelines to advice staff members in the organisation on how to outdo communicate efficaciously:

12 guidelines:

Take sufficient clip to efficaciously pass on.

Care. Learn to be empathetic.

Be honest and sincere.

One of the cruelest things one can make to another individual is to non admit that individual.

Develop a sense of belonging when interacting with others. Be welcoming and inclusive.

Regularly, in your day-to-day life, interact with individuals whose civilization, race, ethnicity and other identifiers and of import features are different than your ain.

Welcome individuals with disablements. Person with a disablement is the preferable mode of address, versus disabled individual. Put the individual before the disablement.

Spend quality clip with individuals whose backgrounds are different than yours.

Set an illustration by being welcoming and inclusive to everyone.

Learn to articulate names right. Make a conjunct attempt to make so and to retrieve names.


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