The Shakespearean Sonnet “Romeo and Juliet” Essay Sample

July 19, 2017 Communication

The Shakespearian Sonnet in “Romeo and Juliet” Shakespeare uses sonnets to show his feelings. looks. and emotions sing love affair and calamity. the chief subjects of his “Romeo and Juliet. ” Over the centuries sonnets have been considered as high signifiers of literature. which have been extensively used by many writers and poets. One of those authors and poets is William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare the writers of many good known dramas. novels. and verse forms such “Romeo and Juliet” wrote about 38 different dramas. Some were about love affair and calamity. while others were comedy. He is considered as one of the most gifted authors of his clip. This essay will speak about the three chief sonnets of the narrative which are the prologue of Act 1 and 2. and the first conversation between Romeo and Juliet.

A sonnet is a lyric verse form of 14 lines. normally in an iambic pentameter following one or another of several set rhyme-schemes. There are two types sonnets. The first is the Italian or Petrachan and the 2nd is the English or Shakespearian. The Shakespearian sonnet. the signifier of sonnets that will be explained in this essay. embodies four divisions. The divisions are classified as three quatrains and a rhyming pair. Thus the typical rhyme-scheme for the English sonnet is “abab cdcd efef gg. ” Sonnets are chiefly used to show feelings. thoughts. and/or emotions sing subjects such as calamity and love affair.

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The first sonnet in “Romeo and Juliet” is the Prologue of the narrative. A prologue is the foreword of a drama or in other words the debut. This sonnet is told/spoken by the chorus of the drama straight to the audience. This sonnet plays as an introductory to the play’s secret plan. In its 14 lines it reveals the kernel of the secret plan. It states that the calamity will affect a brace of doomed lovers who by their deceases will stop the long and acrimonious feud that has been ramping between their households. The ground Shakespeare chose to include this sonnet is to assist the reader understand what the drama is all about. The words chosen and the sentences used straight show the author’s emotions towards the subject of love affair and calamity. The impact it has on the drama is that it foreshadows what will finally stop of the two lovers. Romeo and Juliet.

The 2nd sonnet in “Romeo and Juliet” is line 95 through line 109 in Act 1. scene 5. It is spoken by Romeo and Juliet in the signifier of a friendly conversation. This sonnet is peculiar reveals Romeo’s true and great love for Juliet. This is where the secret plan begins to construct up. Shakespeare revealed Romeo’s love for Juliet in a signifier of a sonnet. because sonnets are used to show one’s feelings and emotions towards something. Here Shakespeare is showing his feelings and emotions towards love. The effect’s of its linguistic communication is that. other than explicating what love can be. it shows what Shakespeare thinks of love. and what his emotions are for it. Besides this sonnet has a important impact on the drama. First of all. this is where the play’s secret plan begins. Besides this is where Romeo tells Juliet his true feelings for her.

The 3rd sonnet in “Romeo and Juliet” is another prologue. However. this is the prologue. non of the drama. but of Act 2. This sonnet is told/spoken by the chorus of the drama straight to the audience. This sonnet plays as an introductory to the play’s secret plan. and reveals some new information about the built secret plan. Once once more in 14 lines this prologue shows and states that Romeo’s desire and love for Rosaline has gone and has been replaced by his new emotions towards his new love Juliet. It besides reveals that Juliet’s emotions are common towards Romeo. The prologue besides reminds the reader how hard it will be for the two lovers to show their love to each other publically and in private. Shakespeare besides uses this sonnet to. one time once more show his feelings towards love. This sonnet’s consequence on the narrative is that it foreshadows a negative scene or even in the drama. This sonnet shows the love between Romeo and Juliet and shortly something will go on that will divide the two lovers everlastingly.

Shakespeare uses sonnets really good in showing his feelings and emotions towards strong subjects such as love and calamity.


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