The short story of the fat girl

To accept the others, foremost we have to accept ourselves and accept who we are “ The Fat Girl ” is a short narrative about a miss that tries to suit in today ‘s criterions and satisfies her parents as good. The writer, Andre Dubus, shows how seeking to suit in the society criterions, persons have the force per unit area of conforming to a superficial image. This thought is developed through the early old ages of Louise, her weight alteration and new life, and back to the old wont.

First of all, Andre Dubus, takes us into the life of a immature miss whose female parent is converting her that she will go fat and how difficult is to do friends. We can see this after the ma state her girl, A “ You must get down watching what you eat, her female parent would say.A I can see you have my metamorphosis ” . As the female parent does n’t desire that, she puts Louise onto a rigorous diet.A In order non to displease her female parent, but still fulfill her hungriness, Louise started eating nutrient when no 1 was watching.A While her female parent was rigorous and lovingness, on the other side her male parent was loving and misguided. Louise did n’t hold a batch of friends. Her two childhood friends, Joan and Marjorie were both thin but they felt as a societal castaway in other ways. Louise merely feels comfy in the presence of others who were besides insecure and unhappy.A Ironically Louise deliberately chooses friends who are non heavy because she worries about the manner others will see her. “ I was ever believing about what people saw when they looked at me and did n’t desire them to see two fat misss ” .A It appears that Louise finds her weight issues to be bigger than her friend ‘s insecurities. A She chooses to except those who are heavy from her life while welcoming those with different negative issues. In add-on to her self-image issues, Louise besides doubts her ability to happen felicity in an confidant relationship.A Her female parent put in her caput some negative perceptual experiences such as “ In five old ages you ‘ll be in high school and if you ‘re fat the male childs wo n’t wish you ; they wo n’t inquire you out ” .A This quotation mark shows the overall feeling of the people who do n’t run into today ‘s standards.A Louise continues down this negative route when she decides to travel to an all-girl college so she can avoid rejection from guys.A Up until this point her lone contact with a male child was at a field day with a bibulous buss.

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Once in college, Louise shows us how changing and losing weight makes a batch of difference in person ‘s life. Louise continues her self-loathing into college where the merely close friend she makes is this thin miss with emotional issues.A In the narrative we can see a strong friendly relationship between the two misss, which leads to the of import point where Louise decides to travel on a diet, and it is merely because her best friend Carrie convinces her that she needs to go thin so that some male child will love her as Carrie does.A Carrie pleads, “ I want you to be loved the manner I love you.A Louise, if I help you, A reallyA aid you, will you travel on a diet? “ .A Although Carrie is seeking to assist her best friend, she is really reenforcing Louise ‘s positions of her ain organic structure. She starts losing fat and her female parent starts threating her differently. She finds her manner more beautiful and starts purchasing all sorts of material.As Louise progresses with her new diet, she becomes more and more cranky and unhappy with life. “ In all her life she had ne’er been afflicted by sick pique and she looked upon it now as a devil which, along with hungriness, was taking ownership over her psyche ” .With this quote the writer wants to demo us that Louise is being pressed into losing weight for purely superficial grounds, and so she can acquire accepted into society and fit today ‘s criterions. This can be farther seen when Louise feels shame and embarrassment when she goes to Carrie ‘s house for thanksgiving, all because she is cognizant Carrie ‘s parents know she is dieting.A Louise is uncomfortable and feels excluded in partaking of the many dishes the otherA thinA people can comfortably bask.

In the terminal, we ca n’t bury our old wonts and sometimes we should accept who we are and remain the manner we are. After college, the newA thinA Louise meets a immature attorney named Richard, who finds her attractive and has no cognition of her life before.A Louise is certain he would ne’er hold looked at her if she had still been heavy.A They get married and Louise becomes a housewife.A While Louise struggles to maintain herself thin, her hubby can eat anything he wants and still stay fit.A She makes him all sort of Italian nutrient that she is unable to consume.A It is dry that she marries a individual who has “ the metamorphosis of a pencil sharpener ” when Louise must watch every Calorie she eats. The following five old ages shows a Louise who is thin with new friends, a loving hubby, and an active life style, which is by most histories a ‘perfect life’.A In her 5th twelvemonth of matrimony, Louise becomes pregnant and her eating Begin to go unmanageable. The new alterations in her organic structure frighten her as Louise comments that she is get downing to derive weight but she told herself it was merely the babe, A andA would leaveA with its birth. But at other times she knew rather clearly that she was losing herA subject she had fought so difficult to derive during her last twelvemonth with Carrie. A A babe is born, but Louise has now returned to her bad wonts and though she cares for her kid, she continues to estrange her hubby. They fight at about every dinner over her appetency and weight addition. Andre Dubus finishes his narrative with a surprised Louise basking a confect saloon and shocked to detect her hubby Richard is still at that place.

In decision, The short narrative “ The Fat Girl ” by Andre Dubus shows many of the negative facets associated with feeding upsets, fat people, and the manner society addresses them.A Today ‘s criterions are excessively high and people who do n’t suit in them are acquiring rejected and they feel sad about their organic structure. Sometime they try altering, but sometimes is better to be who you are and accept yourself.



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