The Similarities and Differences between Grendel and Beowulf Essay Sample

August 13, 2017 Communication

I. Grendel by John Gardner tells the narrative of a beast-like animal. Grendel. who is portrayed as a monstrous. violent. and barbarous animate being. Grendel is by and large given names. referred to as the evil spawn of Cain. and even viewed as a monster. Yet. Grendel portions the same linguistic communication as worlds do. to seek to place and research human nature. His wonder leads him to analyze the Danes develop into human civilisation. One kin in peculiar becomes the most powerful. the leader being Hrothgar. He is inspired by the Shaper. a human poet whose words alter the universe and inspire others. and tries to go a member of humanity yet finds himself placed against frightened work forces. This leads Grendel to see a firedrake that which casts a enchantment on him where he is imperviable to arms. The dragon’s words of wisdom make Grendel believe life is nonmeaningful and he instantly returns to the Mead hall and slaughters all work forces. He becomes vindictive. though remains haunted by the Shaper’s comments. While assailing many. he encounters a priest. which leads Grendel to consideration and observations on faith. He besides experiences the decease of the Shaper whom he gave much thought to. In the terminal. Beowulf arrives to the land of Scyldings. slays Grendel by rending off his arm and brings peace to the lands among the Danes.

II. Grendel: lonely. vengeful. violent. pervert. to regress. Dragon: foolish. cranky. carrying. inspirational
Maker: inspirational. psychic. renowned narrator. childlike. open-minded

1. Both Grendel and Beowulf portion the same narrative. What are the similarities and differences based on both pieces of fiction? How do they compare and contrast? 2. How does the Shaper inspire Grendel? Why is Grendel so attracted to the Shaper and to the words of the firedrake? 3. In your sentiment. why do you believe Grendel wants to bond with human society? What is his attitude about linguistic communication?

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IV. Chapter 4. pg. 51 Grendel: ”He told of an ancient feud between two brothers which split all the universe between darkness and visible radiation. And I.
Grendel was the dark side. he said in consequence. The awful race God cursed. I believed him! Such was the power of the Shaper’s harp! ”

V. Grendel would listen to the Shaper’s narratives and associate them to himself. He spoke the same linguistic communication and tried to measure the universe on his ain. Yet. the Shaper’s words would impact him in an inordinate manner. The Shaper radius of a narrative depicting a feud between two brothers ; associating the brother’s to darkness and light. Grendel was considered the dark side intending the barbarous and violent brother. By utilizing the “dark side. ” Grendel refers himself as the Satan or monster. The intensions of dark and visible radiation. normally relate to heaven and hell. When utilizing “dark. ” it is referred to as snake pit. When hearing this statement. Grendel retrogresses and believes he is a fierce animal. This changes his position on the human race and he begins killing anyone in his manner. He does this out of lunacy and sorrow. This quotation mark alters his whole mentality on human race. This misrepresented him to the malicious monster he transformed into.


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