The Similarities Between Christianity and Islam Essay Sample

July 24, 2017 Religion

There are 100s of faiths practiced in the universe today. Of them two are the most outstanding. Islam and Christianity. It is averaged that there are 750 million people practising Islam. and another 1 billion practising Christianity. The start of Islam really derived form Christianity. history books indicate that one dark in the twelvemonth 610. the first of many disclosures came to Muhammad from God by manner of the angel Gabriel ( In Christianity this is the same Angel which brings the intelligence of Jesus’ birth. )

The message Muhammad received told him that there was but one God which parallels what is written in the Ten Commandments. At that clip most Arab’s believed in many Gods. Gabriel besides told Muhammad that God was Godhead of the universe ( In Christianity. it’s documented in Genesis Chapter 1 poetry 1. In the beginning God created the celestial spheres and the Earth ) . and that He would one twenty-four hours justice world ( This is besides true in Christian religion: “The Lord will judge his people. ” Hebrews 10:30 ) . Both of these faiths portion much of the same model. but they besides differ in many ways.

The word Islam means “surrender” or “submission. ” entry to the will of Allah. the one God. Moslems are those who have submitted themselves. The basic credo of Islam is brief: There is no God but Allah. and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah. Islam teaches that there is one God. the Godhead and upholder of the existence. This God. Allah. is compassionate and merely. Because He is compassionate. He calls wholly people to believe in Him and worship Him. Because He is besides merely. on the Last Day He will judge every individual harmonizing to his workss. On the Last Day. all the dead will be resurrected and either rewarded with Eden or punished with snake pit.

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In Christianity one of the Ten Commandments states that “I am the Lord your God… . . you shall hold no other Gods before me” . besides indistinguishable to Islam God is considered to be the Godhead of the existence. and he is besides merely. On the last twenty-four hours. or judgment twenty-four hours. the same holds true as in Islam in the Christian beliefs. the dead will be resurrected and either rewarded with Eden or punished with snake pit.

Mankind is regarded as the Crown of creative activity. entrusted by God with direction of the whole created order. In Christianity this was Adam. who had rule over all the animate beings and animals of the Earth. Islam sees humanity as weak and prone to incredulity in God and to disobedience to His will. Humanity’s failing is pride. In the Christian faith it was pride that caused the ruin of adult male. Eve thought that God had no right to state them what they could and could non eat. In Islam. God sent Prophetss to pass on His will. These Prophetss. all mortal work forces. were elected couriers to whom God spoke through an angel. indistinguishable to Christianity. an illustration of that was God directing Moses to liberate his people out of Pharaohs custodies. In Islam. they besides believe in forgiveness. another basic Christina rule. Islam teaches that God is ever ready to excuse the person and reconstruct him to the sinless province in which he started life. In Christianity this is called being “born again” .

The life of each Muslim is ever within the community of the faithful: All are declared to be “brothers to each other. ” with the mission to “enjoin good and forbid immorality. ” Within the community. Moslems are expected to set up societal and economic justness. They are besides expected to transport their message out to the remainder of the universe. In the early Islamic community. this meant the usage of force in the signifier of jehad. or holy war. This besides happened in the Christian religion. it was known as “Crusades” . where missionaries would travel out and distribute the word of God. The purpose was non to coerce transition on anyone ; this was forbidden by both the Koran and the Bible. The object of jehad and the campaigns was to derive political control over societies and run them in conformity with the rules of Islam or Christianity. Both took separate waies to carry through their prospective ends. therefore explicating the Islam influence in the Middle East and North Africa. and the Christian influence in Europe and North America.

During the decennaries following the decease of Muhammad certain indispensable rules were singled out from his instructions to function as grounding points for the Islamic community. These have come to be called the “five pillars of Islam. ” Some early. and more overzealous. believer’s added jehad as a 6th pillar. but it was ne’er accepted by the whole community. Similar to the five pillars. the Ten Commandments are regarded as jurisprudence in the Christian religion.

The disclosures that Muhammad received were collected into a new book. the Koran. directing his followings how to populate ( In the same mode. the Bible is a aggregation of Hagiographas from Prophetss. including Abraham. Moses. and Elijah. who are all referred to in the Koran as Muslim prophets. ) Many Muslims ( the name for people who pattern Islam ) believe that everything Muhammad said and did was inspired by Allah. many studies of his expressions and workss were collected. At first these were merely remembered and spread by word of oral cavity. Subsequently they were captured in composing. to function as an extra usher for trusters. along with the Koran.

The Koran relies to a great extent on Christian traditions. It was Muhammad’s contention that Christianity had departed from belief in God’s message every bit revealed in their Bibles. God had sent many Prophetss. among them Abraham. who is considered the laminitis of the religion for Islam. every bit good as the religion of Christianity. The Koran uses beginnings from the older Bibles and relates the narratives of Abraham. Joseph. Moses. Aaron. David. Solomon. Jesus. and others. all of whom are declared to hold been true Prophetss whose messages were mostly ignored:

Another similarity that both faiths portion is in the giving of money. In Islam. the zakat is an obligatory revenue enhancement. a part made by Muslims to the province or to the community. In the modern period. the zakat has become a voluntary charitable part. In Christianity this is known as tithe. Believers are expected to lend 10 % of at that place salary to God.

As you can see Islam and Christianity are so woven from indistinguishable cloths. In a sense. it was geographics that separated these extravagant brothers. In recent old ages people ( Christians ) have come to see Islam as an “evil” faith. chiefly because of the fiends. but they must besides look at the Christian fiends who kill. and bomb in the name of God. Therefore all the faiths in the universe have their mistakes and in many ways they are besides slightly intertwined.


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