The Similarities between Judaism and Christianity Essay

August 5, 2017 Philosophy

A inquiry that has been raised throughout history is what is a person’s relationship with God? The reply to this is that each person’s relationship with God is alone. A bulk of people look to God for replies. Peoples are in hunt of understanding life and the occurrences that surround them. When things go incorrect. people turn to God for hope and apprehension. There are many different faiths throughout this universe. These different faiths reflect many different beliefs of a person’s relationship with God. There are many significant and critical similarities between the people of Judaism’s relationship with God and the people of Christianity’s relationship with God. Of class. there are a few differences between these two faiths as good. These differences are what make two separate faiths. Christianity emerged from the faith of Judaism through the figure of Jesus Christ. Jesus was originally a Hebrew. but became the laminitis of the new faith known as Christianity. Emerging from Judaism. Christianity and Judaism. therefore. have many similarities.

The major similarity between the people of Judaism’s relationship with God and the people of Christianity’s relationship with God is that both are strongly believe in Monotheism. Monotheism is the belief or philosophy in one ageless God. The Hebrews still believe that God is their particular defender and he means everything to him. The genuinely believe that God is the most powerful figure and is ever present throughout life. Christians accept the belief that God created everything. It is written in the bible that God is omniscient. The Christians believe that God is all-knowing and that he knows all possible results of all possible creative activities of all possible existences. Christians feel that God is responsible for the creative activity of our existence and has chosen what its fate will be. This besides means that He has besides chosen the waies of our single lives. Due to the fact that both Judaism and Christianity are Monotheistic. both of the religion’s trusters express their religion in a relationship with one. true God.

Another similarity between Judaism’s and Christianity’s believer’s relationship with God is that both faiths feel that God will direct a particular Jesus to salvage those who have sinned. The Christian faith believes that Jesus Christ was a christ. the promised and expected deliver of the universe. The Christians besides believe that Jesus will return once more on the Final Day of Judgment. Similar to the Christian religion. Judaism besides believes that a hero will get ; nevertheless. the Judaic religion feels that Jesus Christ was non the christ of God. The ground why Jews believe this is because they feel that God would non direct such a powerful figure in a human-like signifier. Although Hebraism does non believe that Jesus Christ was the christ of God. they do portion the belief with Christianity that a messiah figure will emerge. This construct. that a Jesus will finally come from God. is a cardinal subject throughout both faiths. In each instance. the people of both faiths believe that there is a higher being that governs their being.

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A 3rd and concluding similarity is that each religion’s followings believe in a holy book that contains many similar instructions. For illustration. both faiths believe in the instructions of the first five books of the Moses. which include Genesis. Exodus. Leviticus. Numbers. and Deuteronomy. Along with these instructions. both Christians and Jews believe in the Ten Commandments. All these celebrated paperss make up a aggregation in the Judaism faith called the Torah or Hebrew Bible. The Christian faith labels all these paperss the Holy Bible. The grounds of all these paperss that Judaism and Christianity have in common shows a similarity. These paperss show that the people of both faiths believe that they have been assigned by God specific Torahs and responsibilities to follow.

It is clear that although Judaism and Christianity are two separate faiths. there are many of import similarities between the people of Judaism’s relationship with God and the people of Christianity’s relationship with God. The first. major similarity is that they both express their religion and regard to one. ageless God. The 2nd is that they both strongly feel that God will direct an of import christ to salvage those who have sinned. This belief shows that the people in each faith feel that there is a higher being that manages their being. The 3rd and concluding similarity is that the followings of both faiths feel that God has assigned them certain guidelines and responsibilities to carry through.

There are many faiths in this universe and all are highly alone. It is critical to esteem all the other faiths throughout this universe. Each faith enables worlds to happen replies and derive a better apprehension of this universe through the figure of God. The importance of faith prevarications chiefly in the moral facet of man’s being. Religion holds significance in man’s life because adult male knows himself to be morally obliged to admit and react. in the most appropriate mode. to the great premiums and privileges that God has awarded upon him.


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