The skin I’m in Essay

August 21, 2017 General Studies

Sharon Flake was born December 24. 1955. in Philadelphia. She writes immature and big literature. She majored in English Writing and minoring in Political Science. She wrote many celebrated book like: The tegument I’m in. Money Hungry. Begging for Change. Who Am I Without Him? The Broken Bike Boy and the Queen of 33rd Street You Don’t Even Know Me: Narratives and Poems about Boys… Setting: Large urban country in a hapless vicinity

Main characters:

Maleeka was a normal 7. Grader until her male parent died. Since he died her household is hapless. and childs annoyer and bully her because of her tegument. Pg. 23 ‘’Maleeka. Maleeka. we sure want to maintain her but she so black. we merely can’t see her…’’ pg. 25 ‘’Maleeka’s face says she should remain out of the sun…’’ But the weirdest thing is that even black people tease her. but since she is African-American she has a darker tegument colour. She had straight A in school. until she made a trade with a average miss called Char. that if she did her prep. Char would borrow her apparels. pg. 21 ‘’Me char and the twins-Raina and Raise. We talk. Smoke. Stuff like that. I hang in the bathroom to acquire out of Momma’s home-made shred and into the apparels Charlese brings for me…’’ Maleeka borrowed apparels from Char. because her ma bought a stitching machine after her pa died to ease the hurting. Pg. 18 ‘’When my dada died three old ages ago. Momma took her sewing machine to assist ease the pain…’’ Nobody rely likes Maleeka. Pg. 40 ‘’My fingers are get downing to agitate. and my pharynx is dry as toast. Daphne’s rubing for a battle. I can experience it.

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The following thing I know. she’s catching clasp of my plaits. She got them wrapped around her custodies like a pugilism tape and is pluging me upside the caput with them. ’’ Pg. 41 ‘’Kids are shouting around me. Beat her but’’ She besides liked a cat named Caleb. but he left her on the school field trip. because she was doing her unpopular. Caleb wrote her verse forms congratulating her dark-coloured tegument. Pg. 23 ‘’Then John-John started singing that stupid song… . . I looked at Caleb. He gave me the goofiest smiling and said. Sorry Maleeka’’ Char is one of the popular misss in school. The rich 1. The 1 who isin’t afraid of anything. even instructors. Pg. 15 ‘’Charlese stares at Miss Saunders like she’s out of her head. Then she laughs. ‘’ pg. 16 ’’ Shoot. Char says. I sure ain’t looking at that face 45 proceedingss every twenty-four hours. No manner. ’’

This is what Char said to the instructor. She is really ill-mannered. and she candidly doesn’t like Maleeka. Pg. 22’’ The following thing I know. she’s blowing fume in my face once more. I guess that’s supposed to be amusing. Char’s express joying existent difficult. She tells me to acquire out of her face. I do what I’m told. Miss Saunders is a really caring English instructor. She has a really large white birth grade on her face. Pg. 27’’What does my face say? ’’ ‘’Not to ache your feelings…but I think it says you’re a freak’’ She likes Maleeka a batch. and she likes her skin colour and she protects her from other pupils who tease her.

Pg. 11’’Maleeka your tegument is reasonably. Like a black-blue sky after it’s rained and rained’’ pg. 26’’Maleeka’s face says. Black is beautiful. ’’ She is besides really rich. Pg. 10’’ Excuse me. She says. She’s have oning a dark purple suit. and starched white shirt with fiting violet buttons. That outfit costs three hundred dollars…’’ Pg. 17 ‘’Miss Saunders put’s down her brief instance. when she does. her Gucci ticker flashes. This lady’s got money. Big-time hard currency. ’’ ‘’Why don’t you start by giving me them interior decorator places and that three-hundred-dollar ticker you got on. ’’ Miss Saunders truly doesn’t like Char. Char one time even fire down Miss Saunders schoolroom.

Short sum-up:

This book is exciting and it talks about a miss named Maleeka. who is bullied and teased because of her dark tegument colour. Everybody hates her. and doesn’t privation to be her friend. Maleekas pa died a twosome of old ages ago. and her ma though if she grabbed her run uping machine. everything would be better. But Maleeka tried to suit in. so in exchange for making a miss named Char’s prep. she would acquire her expensive apparels. Char controls Maleeka. and makes her make everything. Then a new instructor comes. Her name is Miss Saunders. and she is the new English instructor. She is sort. nice. white. rich. and has a really eldritch birth grade on her face. The whole book is really about racism. and difficult period of clip in life. The point of the book is non to badger other people. no affair what they look like. and love who you are. no 1 can alter you.

My remarks:

This book. was decidedly one of my little ‘’inner journeys’’ . The book opened my head and my bosom. I normally don’t like reading. but. when I read something good. I know it. This book is covering with intimidation and racism. these subjects are really serious. . Pg. 23 ‘’Maleeka. Maleeka. we sure want to maintain her but she so black. we merely can’t see her…’’ Pg. 41 ‘’Kids are shouting around me. Beat her but’’ . I didn’t take this book. but if I had a opportunity to take between this book. and another 1. I would take this 1. Because. I think childs our age. should cognize. that there are a batch of material in the universe that aren’t good. including racism and intimidation.

I liked it. because. the writer expressed the feelings of Maleeka. The writer wrote the book as she was Maleeka. through her eyes. I think that is why. there is so much emotions in the book. I didn’t like that I about cried. My favourite portion is when about on the terminal of the book. Caleb sent Maleeka the verse form. Pg. 186 ‘’To Maleeka: My sweet dark cocoa confect girl… . ’’ I liked that portion the most. because. when I read a book. I normally read something that has to make with love affair. love… Do that Is why I like that portion so much. The writer wrote with slang. and she wrote in a manner immature childs talk. when they live in a little hapless vicinity. I think that childs from 11 old ages old should read it. non less. Because. racism and intimidation is a serious subject. and I think that 8 twelvemonth olds wouldn’t understand it.


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