The Sluggers Come Home

August 26, 2017 History

Whats About “The slugger’s come home” is an explicative and demonstrative video that represents an example of a negotiation process. It shows, from a baseball theme example, how does negotiation between 2 parties may work. While the video shows us the perspective of both parties, it also gives us some extra information about negotiation process. At the beginning, Dr. Margaret describes the objective of the video.

She drive us though the process and give us tips, recommendations, common errors and many explanation about what is happening during the negotiation. The video introduces a common negotiation example. It shows us 2 parties, one that have a baseball stadium that needs a team, and the other that has a team and wants a place to play. At first it seems like a very easy deal, as both parties wants what the other have, but as we understand each party point of view, is easy to see that the priorities have very high differences.

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The two main parties are the Curry brothers and real estate developer Barbara Meyers. Ted and Bill Curry are the owners of Curry field. They have one of the best playgrounds in the area. The field has a lot of history and now they have renovated the entire stadium, but they do not own a baseball team. The brothers want to see one good team playing in what seems to be a tradition on their family. They love baseball and all they want is to bring the Sluggers to the fans and the city. In the other side is Barbara Meyers.

She manage a baseball team that currently is playing in an other field but she and their partner knows that the Curry field could give better options for incomings and prestige. Both parties want to make the deal. They both know it could benefit both sides to make the negotiation flow, but there’s some differences between that makes a little hard to involve in. The Curry brothers know their field is one of the best. They have really good intentions to make the team and the playground grow together, but they are a little bit under confidence.

Even they have talk about it, and they agreed not to under or low they price, Ted, Bill and their partner knows Barbara is the best and maybe the only option they have to have a really good deal. So this make them feel insecure about having mistakes that make Barbara walk away. Barbara en the other hand is overconfidence. She knows she could do better in the Curry field but won’t pay more than what she is paying now. She does not want to look for opportunities, and that makes she a difficult negotiation partner. The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating: The Sluggers Come Home… – Margaret Neale


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