The Social Conflict Theory Sociology Essay

September 18, 2017 Sociology

Sociologists believe that there is four different ways of societal struggle. Most sociologists will utilize the theoretical or perspective attack to assist research. There are a battalion of attacks that are used by sociologist but, the chiefly stick to three types of theories. The first would be the structural – functional theory, so the societal struggle theory, and eventually the symbolic interaction theory. Within these three attacks are several more ways to derive research ( Conflict Theories, 2011 ) .

The societal struggle theory attempts to demo that society creates conflict due to the inequalities that are present in mundane life. Most sociologists will utilize the macro degree orientation theory merely because it takes society as a whole and shows how it shapes our lives. It uses footings like inequality, power, authorization, competition, and development ( Conflict Theories, 2011 ) .

Some of the illustrations that would be used in the societal struggle theory are authorization. Authority takes into history the household, patriarchate, race and ethnicity hierarchies of authorization. In inequality there is household, wellness, and belongings. Inequality looks at how people are treated and how are perceived by others. Then there is competition which ; can be anything from instruction, faith, to who will travel over when you pass person on the street. Competition is ingrained in all of us from the clip we are born until the clip we die ( Conflict Theories, 2011 ) .

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The power and development can travel manus in manus. The people that are in power or come to power got that manner by working citizens along the manner. Power, if non kept in cheque, will

do the honest of work forces corrupt. Once the corruptness sets in they will utilize that power to work people along the manner to derive more power ( Conflict Theories, 2011 ) .

Karl Marx believed there two groups of people in society, the wealthy and the hapless. He studied what would go on if one group decided to up lift against the other. He looks to see what would go on and what roles the people involved would take. Once the sides are chosen and the rebellion has begun, Marx will analyze the interior workings of the dominate category to see how they retain their position after the struggle has ended ( Conflict Theories, 2011 ) .

Social struggle can be either used for good or bad. Take any rebellion against the local authorities. In Somalia the people have been contending their authorities for equality and equity. The authorities themselves are contending its ain people to maintain the control or power. All across clip there is human originating against those in power. The earlier conflicts were fought for land, the ulterior conflicts are fought for greed, power, and wealth.

Some illustrations of bad societal struggle are the recent addition in school shots, bombardments, and over all force that is blighting the state today. Unfortunately the inexperienced person by stander is normally the one acquiring injury or killed. This is non merely limited to the United States ; it is all across the Earth. Those that are in power want more power and wealth to command those who are less fortunate.

So, the societal struggle theory is about those in power wanting to remain in power and those non in powers desiring to derive power. Throughout clip there have been many conflicts waged in the desire to derive power. It all began with Karl Marx and has evolved over clip to integrate many other theories about offense and what causes it.

There is besides the realistic theory ; this theory is about one ‘s group addition, due to another group ‘s loss. This can be brought on by limited resources, this can take to conflict. This can take to more clash within each group when they compete for resources. This theory is a societal psychological theory thought to explicate bias ( Conflict Theories, 2011 ) .

An illustration for this would be in-migration. With all the bombardments, terrorist onslaughts, and force from one cultural group or spiritual group. With the recent Boston bombardments, this will take to a negative reaction to all immigrants of Muslim decent. It does n’t count if they are of Middle Eastern decent, people will see merely the colour of their tegument and automatically chunk them into one class, terrorist.

This theory can be traced back through history. It can be seen with the British and Native Americans, Whites and inkinesss, Nipponese and American, and late in-between eastern and Americans. Most of these struggles have happened over one ethnicity does n’t wish what the other one believes, whether it is faith, political relations, or moral standings.

Muzafer Sherif did the famous survey called “ Robbers Cave “ in 1954. He fundamentally took two groups of teenage male childs, put them in a cantonment, and had them vie against each other. He had 22 male childs in the survey, all in-between category white male childs. These boys all came from similar backgrounds and upbringing. He indiscriminately assigned them to a group ( McLeod, 2008 ) .

In the first hebdomad of the experiment, the two groups bonded with each other. The male childs chose group names and stenciled them on their vesture and a flag. They bonded over hike, swimming, and hanging out. This created and fond regard that bonded the male childs together ( McLeod, 2008 ) .

In the 2nd hebdomad he challenged the male childs to competitions against the other group. He used activities like, baseball, tug-of-war and other games. The winning group would have a trophy at the terminal of the competition. He besides included single awards to make competition against the other group and within the groups ( McLeod, 2008 ) .

The male childs became physically, verbally, and mentally opprobrious towards each other. They burned each other ‘s flags, tore up kiping countries, and had to be physically restrained by the research workers. This survey showed that it does n’t count where you come from, you can turn to prejudice ( McLeod, 2008 ) .

Then there is the Game Theory which states “ investigates the strategic behaviour of determination shapers who are cognizant that their determinations affect one another ” ( Skekel, 2013 ) . The bet oning theory believed that people interacted with each other similar to a game. This was done by strategic moves, victors and also-rans, wagess and penalties, or net incomes and cost. It was the first theoretical account used to depict how the human population interacts ( Game Theory An Overview, 2013 ) .

So, with this theory you will hold participants, schemes, and effects merely like in a game. There are many types of games like zero-sum game, non-zero amount game, coincident move games, consecutive move games, one-shot games, and repeated games. These games are used to analyze the gambling theory ( Game Theory An Overview, 2013 ) .

A popular gambling theory is the captive ‘s quandary. The captive ‘s quandary shows ” why two persons might non hold, even if it appears that it is best to hold ” ( Game Theory An Overview, 2013 ) . They use two people who have committed a offense and oppose one against the other. The sentencing is done by how the felons talk, or non speak. If one spouse negotiations, they get sentenced and the other set free. If they both remain quiet they get a short sentence, if they both talk they both get a moderate sentence. They ne’er reveal what the captives chose to make ( Game Theory An Overview, 2013 ) .


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