the son of someone famous

January 21, 2017 General Studies

This book is a fiction it was written by Marijane Meaker (M. It was published in 1974 it has one many awards to name a few, best young adult book 1974 and best of the best young adult book 1966-1978.

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I think the theme of this book is self confident, I thinks its trying to tell you, forget what other people think of you, you are who you are, don’t be somebody your not, I thinks that’s one of the morals in the story because, in the book bb’s mom wants her to be more of a young lady, instead of the clown, so she goes out and buys all this makeup and hair remover, and a bunch of other cosmetics, to change her appearance, and when she starts doing this, people start thinking different of her, and she don’t like it herself, and the other don’t disobey you parents, I say that because in the book, Adam is the son of the famous person, but his dad is never there, he’s always gone and never around, so Adam thinks his dad is never around because, of him so he gets expelled from school, thinking maybe that will solve the problem, .


Adam Blessing: he is sixteen-years-old, red hair, freckles, green eyes, he is nether handsome or homely, he moves from is famous fathers house to his grandpas house, because he got expelled from his private school for cheating, he meets this girl wear he goes her name is BB, he and bb kind of get together, he had to over come to problems in this novel. One is when he had to turn his life around from good to bad, at the beginning of the novel he moved in with his grandpa to get away from all the bad stuff he did back were he used to live and he also thinks it might be easer on him if people don’t know he has a famous dad. And second when he got in an argument with BB, because he got a ring and she asked who it was from, and he said he bought, and it had a letter on it and he lied to her about what the letter meant on it, and he got caught so they got into a big argument but they over came it eventually.


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