The Story of an Hour Literary Analysis Essay

July 25, 2017 General Studies

Womans freedom in Marriage In Kate Chopin’s 1894 narrative “The Story of an Hour” Mrs. Malloard is shocked because of her hubby decease intelligence. and it turns out with the exhilaration of her hereafter freedom. Chopin reflects how adult females are controlled by their hubbies because of that Mrs. Mallard feels felicity when she hears her hubby decease intelligence. Then. the narrative ends with unexpected state of affairs which is her hubby come back place alive. and her felicity disappear. In that state of affairs. her weak bosom can non command her reaction so she dies. In this narrative Chopin describes Mrs. Mallord’s two sided feelings unhappiness and exhilaration because of her hubby decease intelligence. At first Mrs. Mallad who has a bosom job hears the intelligence of her hubby decease. and she feels shocked and sad. Chapion describes it as… . . She wept at one time. with sudden. . wild forsaking. in her sister’s weaponries. ” ( 459 ) However. her unhappiness doesn’t stay longer. and her feeling alterations to joy…”new born freedom. ” ( 460 )

Sometimes in matrimony there may non be a common love between the two people who are together. so that Mrs. Mallard is non happy with her matrimony life “ There was something coming to her and she was waiting for it. fearfully ” ( 459 ) . so the intelligence of her hubby decease makes her happy and gives her freedom. Therefore. Chopin reflects Mrs. Mallard has been trapped by her hubby that’s why she says. “Free! Body and soul free! ’’ ( 460 ) Besides this narrative shows the relationship between hubby and married woman in the nineteenth century. Chopin emphasizes that is how work forces are more powerful and dominant. It seems like Mrs. Mallard does non hold the right to stand against her matrimony life.

Furthermore. if she feels like she doesn’t have freedom with her hubby. she would make something to remain off from her matrimony life. However. since she doesn’t have the power or right to make that at that clip. she feels so happy when the intelligence of her hubby decease passed on. Therefore. she is feigning in her relationship. As good. she says “There would be no one to populate for during those coming years… . ” ( 460 ) In decision. the narrative of an hr is an interesting narrative. Chopin describes a immature married adult female reaction when she hears her hubby decease. Besides. she reflects Mrs. Mallard’s feelings in different ways at first she is depressed. so she is aroused because of her freedom. and at last the narrative ends with her decease.

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