The Story Of Artemis Fowl English Literature Essay

September 29, 2017 English Literature

The narrative of Artemis Fowl takes topographic point in Ho Chi Minh City during the modern twenty-four hours or twentieth century. The narrative begins in the summer and is about Artemis poultry, a 12 twelvemonth old originator and the supporter of the narrative ; hence the rubric “ Artemis Fowl ” . Artemis lives with his sick and weak female parent in a machine. Artemis besides has a escort, named Butler, that travels with him everyplace he goes. Butler is non merely his escort but besides his friend and comrade. Butler is enormously loyal and listens to every bid Artemis throws at him. “ Artemis Fowl ” is chiefly about Artemis run intoing the LEP, a group of faeries with charming powers. The fairy that Artemis and Butler meets is highly mussy and is evidently an alky. When they foremost confront her, they notice that she is really soiled, covered with clay, have oning old shred, and imploring for vino. The fairy has a book, which is what Artemis wanted in the first topographic point. Artemis wanted the book to larn about the history of the faeries and their civilization. Artemis so tricks the faery into giving him the book for 30 proceedingss, where Butler takes exposures of every page and so subsequently uploads them onto his computing machine where he has a transcript of the book.

The chief struggle in the book is about Artemis ‘ household. Artemis ‘ pa, a mastermind like Artemis, is non mentioned much in the beginning of the narrative. There is a ground for that, Artemis ‘ pa is captured by the Russian Mafia when he tried to go an honorable concern adult male. He had a ship full of cola drinks for trade that sank and that ‘s when they lost all their wealth and luck. Artemis attempts to recover the luck and wealth that the Fowl household lost. Artemis goes on his quest to recover the household luck by utilizing the book of the faeries and effort to steal the faery gold for his household. Recovering the household luck is non the lone ground why Artemis wants to take the gold, he besides wants to assist his diminished female parent. Everyday Artemis sees his deceasing female parent and that urges him to happen some sort of money. Artemis ‘ female parent slumbers in her sleeping room all twenty-four hours. Juliet, a amah, takes attention of Artemis ‘ female parent.

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The narrative ‘s supporter is Artemis Fowl. Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old originator and mastermind. He is one of the few that know about the being of faeries, the other few being his escort, Buter, and Juliet. Artemis ‘s intelligence is extremely developed compared to physicians, professors, and even head-shrinkers. He reads more pschycology books than head-shrinkers. Artemis can go through every trial you throw at him. He has made the medical heads confused, and even sent many of them to their ain infirmaries. Artemis is evidently a kid prodigy. Artemis uses his intelligence for condemnable activities. For illustration, he uses his intelligence to flim-flam the faery into giving him the book. The fairy book was in fairy linguistic communication, but that was no job for Artemis. Artemis attempts to interpret the WHOLE book from fairy linguistic communication to english. He does so by seeking to interpret the linguistic communication into Latin roots and even Grecian roots. From the Latin or Grecian roots he translates to english. Artemis can fluently talk many linguistic communications including “ Gnommish ” . ( The faery linguistic communication ) Artemis is non athletic, but his intelligence makes up for this. Artemis is the type of male child that spends 10 hours in forepart of the computing machine screen. He does n’t make what the mean child would make and play games, alternatively he does tonss of research of fairy history.

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I think the rubric of the book “ Artemis Fowl ” is appropriate for the narrative, but I chiefly think it is non appropriate. First off, I think the rubric is appropriate because the chief character of the narrative is named Artemis Fowl. The narrative is about this character and that ‘s about all that tells. On the other manus, I think the rubric is non appropriate because I think it is a small bland and dull. All the rubric says is a child ‘s name and nil else. With a rubric like that, it does n’t catch a reader ‘s oculus. I think a better rubric would be something like “ Artemis Fowl and The Great Fairy Adventures ” because that gives a small glance into the narrative of what it ‘s traveling to be approximately. With that type of rubric, readers, particularly childs are much more likely to read this book.


First away, this book is really good. The book merely lures you into Artemis ‘s point of position of his great escapades and pursuits. In this escapade filled book, readers will see how intelligent Artemis is and how much he misses his male parent. Reading this book brings you along with Artemis and Butler as they meet many fabulous animals such as trolls, midgets, and of class faeries. When completing this book, you will already be in the library looking for the following 1 in the series. In my sentiment, I think adolescent readers would bask this book the most. I think this because this book is full of thaumaturgy, prodigies, fabulous animals, and escapades. These elements are what adolescent childs read the most these yearss, so this book is a fantastic book for adolescents.


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