The Structure Of British Airways Management Essay

British Airways is the largest international air hose in the United Kingdom and is assigned in the operation of international and domestic passenger car of lading and mail, and the subsidiary services The British Airways Group comprises of British Airways, British Airways Holidays Limited, BA Connect Limited, Deutsche BA, and British Asia Airways, amongst others. Since denationalization in 1987, British Airways have persisted to develop as competition in the market going the universe ‘s first air hose to cut down nursery gas emanations and to allow riders to publish online get oning base on ballss.

Structure of British Air passages:

As explained British air passages level construction encourages the company to hold a corporate civilization which can be described by using the McKinsey 7S s theoretical account which includes Staff, Skills, Style, Shared Values, Systems and Structure and scheme.

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Before the denationalization, British Airways had a more formalistic bureaucratic construction with regulations and processs, as a consequence of its size and its activities. But a chief alteration in the last old ages has been the lessening of its direction degrees and it now has a formal construction with duties across different maps. Therefore the construction of British Airways is level type because it has merely one degree of hierarchy that separates pull offing managers at the top of bottom-line employees. The organisation has segregated management-level places into 10 sections and each section has own subsidiaries. British air passages construction is shown in figure 2 in which its sections include Planning, Investment & A ; Alliances, Commerce, Ground Operation, Engineering, Flight Operation, IT, Finance, Law, and Human Resource. ( British Airways, 2010 )

Figure 2: British air passages organisation construction, ( British air passages 2010 )

Description: Management construction diagram


However market influences created a leaner, construction at the top of the direction. As illustrated in figure 1, British Airways have a level hierarchal construction that needs them to collaborate within all the degrees of as strategic where the board of managers take a determination on the long term objective the information which flows to the directors in the tactical who furnishes the information to the operational degree and the operational degree ( front office staff, flight stewards etc. ) drives the information into meaningful messages to be operated handily and expeditiously.

Culture of British Air passages:

Mission Statement:

A A A A A A “ To be the most sole and first pick air hose for all air hose travellers ”

We recommend a new mission statement after a audience procedure affecting our group members. The mission statement can replace an bing statement, which had been drawn up in 1997 in the runup to denationalization, and many employees have received preparation in its significance for their peculiar occupations.

Their mission statement clearly shows that in every individual ‘s head the first thing to come from going by air should be British Airways. Whatever it is called, a vision, mission or strategic purpose, its intent is to supply a guiding visible radiation for the hereafter. Companies without a mission are prone to timeserving. A consolidative mission is particularly of import in big companies where staff and directors are expected to take determinations themselves, without changeless referral back to central offices or to their seniors.


British Airways is to go the universe ‘s first ‘global air hose ‘


Like all concerns one of their aims was to maximise net incomes nevertheless after September 11th they had to alter their purpose of holding an addition in A security as this was the chief issue globally and they needed to maintain their clients safe after the hideous terrorist act onslaughts in the USA.

Aim: A To increase security to battle terrorist act


Specific – To increase security for the safety of riders and staff

Measurable – Hand baggage of riders was reduced to a ‘plastic bag ‘ , ‘stop and hunt ‘ was besides put into topographic point and metal sensors every bit good as a regular ‘anti-terrorism drills ‘

Accomplishable – More security staff will be in topographic point and they have the fundss to make so.

Realistic – This aim is realistic as terrorist act is a menace and they besides have the fundss to make so to guarantee that all riders and staff are to the full protected.

Aim: To increase net incomes by the terminal of the revenue enhancement twelvemonth 2009


The organisational construction of a company reflects its civilization, its direction manner and its leader attitude in add-on to the environment in which it has to run. . British Air passages have a more formalistic construction with precise regulations and processs, due to its size and the planetary range of its activity. A major alteration in the last old ages has been the decrease of its direction beds, between the main executive and the front line who interface with clients, from nine to five. It now has a little ad hoc group working in analogue with the formal construction, with duties that cut across different maps, or in any instance duplicated these maps.

Corporate civilization

The organisational civilization consists of the deep basic premises, beliefs, values and norms which are shared by members of an organisation, arise from the organisation ‘s history and tradition and are modified by modern-day events.

Management manner and leading at British Airways

As clearly stated above, British air passages had been bureaucratically, between maps and hierarchies. It has changed to a manner of employees empowerment. This means direction gets aid from employees outside the formal construction and across maps.

British Air passages used to hold a more bossy manner but at the minute company is deputing duty straight to cardinal persons. The direction at all degrees reciprocally responsive to relationships created with clients and stakeholders. In other words ‘ company is sing democratic leading manner.

Interrelations of maps with procedures:

The concern procedure is a aggregation of interconnected activities and undertakings that will make a service every bit good as merchandises for the consumers of concern. There are three types of concern procedures involve in British air passages and they are direction procedure, operation procedure and back uping procedures. The direction procedure of British Airways is all about the operation of a system which includes the strategic direction and the corporate administration. Strategic planning in direction procedure is really of import because it includes concern programs, hazard appraisal, hazard direction, fiscal aims, direction duty, continuity planning, quality control, IT menace, eventuality program, catastrophe recovery, and fulfilment.


Another type is the operational procedure which is the most indispensable among all the types of the concern processes. It by and large comprises the nucleus concern of British air passages which is transporting riders fast, safely and comfortably. In add-on to this, it besides generates the primary value watercourse. Purchasing, gross revenues, fabrication and selling maps are normally included in its operational procedure.

These three types of concern procedures of British air passages have their ain distinctive properties which add value to its service bringing procedure.


Structured hierarchy permits BA to construct a monolithic sum of specializer cognition in order to acquire a competitory advantage over economized houses.


Invested in the enlargement of client service preparation in 2007 pulling attending of the best employees.

Speak Up position study persuades employees to offer feedback ( British Airways, 2008 ) .


BA has included value in this group over smaller companies by ground of deficiency of resources that can be employed to make the service in an advanced manner. ( e.g. Individual LCD screens ) .


As a consequence of the size and chronological concern relationships and confederations, BA is able to act upon providers and during economic systems of scale brand efficiencies where rivals may fall short.

Primary Activities:


Stock Control

High quality developing given by City & A ; the Guilds ( British Airways, 2008 ) .

A uninterrupted relationship with providers ( e.g. Gate Gourmet.


Customer Service

Large database of airdrome slots facilitates riders to reach the bulk of finishs from preferable airdrome. Selling & A ; SALES

Marketing communications to all stakeholders.

Brand accepting to for big budget to be spent in this field.


The trueness nine card is offered.

Bringing up to day of the month communicating on other services

Interrelation between the procedures and maps of British Airways

British Airways is one of the universe ‘s largest air power companies. Its portfolio of air power transit in which it is a planetary leader in air transit The company ‘s air power operation and extended aeroplanes of growing undertakings are located in all over the universe, South America, Australia, North America and Asia. The intent of the organisation is to put out in a mission statement.

‘To be the taking planetary air power company – through the operational excellence of universe category assets in the most attractive trade goods and a resolute committedness to safe and sustainable air transit. ‘

In 2008 there was a downswing in universe economic activity. This resulted from a loss of assurance in the universe fiscal system. The downswing has led to a steep autumn in air power going monetary values such as airfares. By late 2009 these monetary values started to lift once more as demand for aviation transit increased.


Although Airline companies are affected by alterations in economic activity, air power is a long-run investing concern. Firms like British Air passages have to take a long term position of the concern. This involves making more paths which is a sustainable manner over a long period of clip. The company focuses on those paths in which it has a favourable place. It concentrates on assorted paths where gross revenues of air tickets will be possible for many old ages into the hereafter. It besides looks at air power undertakings where costs can be kept to a lower limit but where there are chances to spread out operations.

There are several issues of sustainability confronting British Airways. Key 1s are:

Procuring energy supplies, such as aeroplanes and resources including fuels, for the hereafter

Pull offing emanations to minimise injury.

British Airways uses big measures of energy in its operations. It besides generates the potency for energy, e.g. by buying the really latest planes which are eviromental friendly. A cardinal purpose of the company hence is to make more with less. It must accomplish maximal efficiency with minimal waste.

British Airways believes that by operating in advanced and socially responsible ways it can make things better than its challengers. Making things better in concern is referred to as competitory advantage. Social duties are those responsibilities to all the stakeholders of a concern, non merely the stockholders. Embedded within societal duty is the construct of sustainable development. Sustainable development involves utilizing resources so that:

Resources are available to run into the demands of people now

Resources can be available to future coevalss

The demands of the natural environment are respected.

The success of British Airways is the best value comfort service provides for its riders. And to construct up this solid foundation in the market place, British air passages utilizes its resources efficaciously and expeditiously. In that mode operations direction of British Airways plays an of import function in transforming inputs ( labour, capital, equipment, land, edifices, stuffs and information ) into end products ( goods and services ) that offer superior value to clients.



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