The Structures Of The Grapes Of Wrath English Literature Essay

The journey construction in The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck reveals that the route to justness is unmerciful and life is loaded with tests and trials. Specifically, the actual and physical journey undertaken by the Joad household adds to the significance of The Grapes of Wrath through four composite, subsequent journeys that must taken by the household in order for endurance: the journey of the moral character, the journey of the spirit, the journey of individuality, and the journey of justness. These four waies that must be traveled finally convey that humanity itself is on an infinite journey as it continues to forever travel frontward.

Through the disking predicament of the journey, the characters in The Grapes of Wrath are forced to turn, develop and alter in response to fluctuating fortunes within a concatenation of connexions. This journey of moral character is taken by Tom Joad in consequence to Jim Casey ‘s motivational function in transforming Tom from a adult male of the household to a adult male of the community. “ Wherever they ‘s a battle so hungry people can eat, I ‘ll be at that place. Wherever they ‘s a bull beatin ‘ up a cat, I ‘ll be at that place. See? God, I ‘m talkin ‘ like Casy. Comes of thinkin ‘ about him so much. Seems like I can see him sometimes, ” ( Steinbeck 322 ) . This displacement in moral attitude reinforces the subject that adult male is continuously bettering itself and bit by bit come oning frontward. “ Man, unlike any other thing organic or inorganic in the existence, grows beyond his work, walks up the stepss of his constructs, emerges in front of his achievements, ” ( Steinbeck 330 ) . Tom ‘s transmutation of character is critical to the endurance of the household as its shows that moral development is a lesson taught by the actions of people and that Tom ‘s new responsibility is an ongoing presence in the moral upbringing of others, “ A journey is ever more than a motion from one topographic point to another. The original of the journey is the quest in unfertile darkness for the visible radiation, for the holy grail of penetration, in which the traveller must undergo tests and ordeals to go forth the labyrinth of the cursed, manifest universe, of which both Oklahoma and California are symbols, to make the garden of cognition and peace, which is beyond clip and topographic point, ” ( Garcia 5 ) . Tom ‘s finish in the journey of moral character must be fulfilled in order to populate a fruitful being in the thick of society ‘s trials and inauspicious conditions. To be strong morally is a fringe benefit to achieving the intent of humanity in the universe.

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Spiritually, the Joad household reflects the lives of the Israelites as they flee from subjugation and meander through the jungle of adversities to happen their ain Promise Land. Primarily, Jim Casy in The Grapes of Wrath embodies the journey of the spirit as he symbolizes Christ. He embarks on his ain odyssey after sing the wilderness, denies an elderly faith in effort to detect his ain Gospel, and pushes others to follow him. “ I got ta see them folks that ‘s gone out on the route. I got ta feelin ‘ I got to see them. They gon na necessitate aid no preachin ‘ can give ’em. Hope of Eden when their lives ai n’t lived? Holy Sperit when their ain sperit is downcast an ‘ sad? ” ( 260 Steinbeck ) . Jim Casey shepherds Tom Joad on his ain religious journey as he aids Tom ‘s discovering of hope and religion amongst the ruins. “ Tom ‘s intuitiveness, honed by his prion experience, allows him to move immediately with a steering sense of morality, ” ( Hochenauer 25 ) . Jim ‘s Christ like figure farther enables him to catalyse Tom ‘s displacement in perceptual experience refering spiritualty as he comes to believe that, “ possibly that ‘s the Holy Sperit-the human sperit-the whole shebang. Possibly all work forces got one large psyche ever’body ‘s a portion of. ‘ Now I sat at that place thinkin ‘ it, an ‘ all of a suddent-I knew it. I knew it so deep down that it was true, and I still know it, ” ( Steinbeck 478 ) . Through this cohesive, aggregate psyche, humanity flourishes with the expectancy of an hereafter that enables them to go on on in ageless cloud nine, “ Through his actions and his words, Casy pushes Tom to deprive himself of his old ways, his old apparels, and get an enlightened position, ” ( Hochenauer 13 ) . Jim Casey ‘s influential function in spread outing one ‘s religion besides foreshadows the journey of individuality yet to be taken by the Joads. “ A chap ai n’t got a psyche of his ain, but on’y a piece of a large one… so I ‘ll be about in the dark. I ‘ll be ever’where – wherever you look, ” ( Steinbeck 534 ) . These displacements in Tom ‘s beliefs in bend cause the motion of his function in the novel from down wrought and trodden to an abiding cardinal figure. Tom reflects world ‘s crude responsibilities and ends as he, “ is a lone wolf who begins the novel looking out for merely figure one, as his lone initial visual aspect and his aggressive use. Merely bit by bit, through the tutoring of Casy, does the unsympathetic Tom grow into his function of proletarian Jesus, ” ( Owens 14 ) . In making the journey ‘s terminal, Tom ‘s spirit now encompasses others in demand and impoverished. The rousing to others brings hope and life amongst desperation. The journey of spirit enhances the cardinal thought that humanity strives to break itself. Jim paves the religious way needed to be taken by Tom while he besides lays the foundation for the journey of individuality.

By the terminal of their religious journey, the Joads have about lost their individuality as a household. However, it is redeemed with something that is on a greater plane: they have forged a affinity and developed a web of connexions with the other migrating households as their household individuality is sacrificed for the altruistic individuality of the community. “ Use ‘ Ta be the fambly was fust. It ai n’t so now. It ‘s anybody. Worse off we get, the more we got to make, ” ( Steinbeck 566 ) . When these disconnected households coalesce with one another, a huge household of Man Fosters. The gradual loss of the single individuality for the interest of the community is conveyed in the concluding scene in the novel as Rose of Sharon breastfeeds a starvation adult male, shuning her selfish single concerns for a communal good. “ Then easy she lay down beside him. He shook his caput easy from side to side. ‘You got to, ‘ she said, ” ( Steinbeck 455 ) . Identity ‘s function in the novel further aids the thought that humanity comes together to make a common end. “ All of the blood-Joads display a healthy sense of themselves. If Steinbeck had non created them so, they could barely be used to work out the “ I to We ” subject wither within the household or within the big societal unit that the household comes to stand for, ” ( Britch 6 ) . This journey from transporting the scruples of a household to transporting the scruples of a coevals presents the ultimate responsibility of the American adult male as it underlines the necessity of adult male to help adult male. “ Two are better than one, because they have a good wages for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lif ‘ up his chap, but woe to him that is entirely when he falleth, for he hath non another to assist him up, ” ( Steinbeck 533 ) . Puting a larger web of relationships before a smaller web of relationships induces, “ the personal forfeit necessary to go a portion of this big psyche, ” ( Hochenauer 12 ) . Furthermore, it is necessary that the household reach the finish of community in the journey of individuality in order for endurance and, “ It is important that they as persons and as a household unit confront the challenge of the transmutation from “ I to We ” I footings of the emotional logic and ethic, ” ( Britch 2 ) . In bend, this expedition contributes to the novel ‘s drawn-out metaphor refering humanity ‘s grim nature to better by representing the necessity of personal forfeit for the interest of society or for a more whole, greater good.

The quest for justness and goodness versus the immoralities of society reverberations Steinbeck ‘s message that humanity is ever rushing towards a specific end regardless of human agony. Steinbeck effortlessly illustrates the pursuit for justness by pin downing society in an unethical existence of subjugation and decomposition in which they struggle to guarantee that justness prevails. “ The assault on the household by cold forces and inhumane governments and establishments, and that the household can survive-will survive-only when it redefines itself, ” ( Garcia 14 ) . Therefore, the wearied route to justice must be traveled for the betterment of the household which will take to the bettering of the community. “ Why, Tom – us people will travel on livin ‘ when all them people is gone. Why, Tom, we ‘re the people that live. They ai n’t gon na pass over us out. Why, we ‘re the people – we go on, ” ( Steinbeck 359 ) . Though the Joads were entranced by the entreaty of industry, employment, and prosperity as they discovered the land of wealth where they were impoverished, they still fight for what is right in effort to see that the war against good versus immorality is won. “ Fear the clip when Manself will non endure and decease for a construct, for this one quality is adult male, typical in the existence, ” ( Steinbeck 192 ) . The battle for justness in The Grapes of Wrath high spots the built-in ideals of adult male in an indefensible society. Consequently, above all else, it is necessary that adult male ‘s end in society is to lift up and fight for what is believed. To non transport out that ideal is to decease an instantaneous decease.

Steinbeck ‘s usage of the journey indefinitely reveals the preserving and firm nature of world, be it a moral, religious, mental or physical journey. Though each journey is non without wasting and predicament, all continue to come on in front for an all-encompassing, greater good.



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