The superiors to participate in relevant courses

March 12, 2019 Human Resources

The Human Resources masters I am applying for caught my attention a while ago after I finished my studies in journalism. Through this previous course, I acquired strong communication skills which I think are necessary to be part of an HR team. Later, I moved to the UK where I have been working in a customer service role. Here, I have had the opportunity to develop somehow my knowledge in a Leadership and management. For example, I have been asked many times by my current superiors to participate in relevant courses related to these areas.
Additionally, I have learned practical skills by being part of a team and taking responsibilities such as dealing with people and working hand to hand with the managers. I have used my own creativity to improve the organisation of the Company and resolve problems. Now I believe it is time to take a step forward in my life and in my career.
I consider myself a person who has a passion for people and HR. In reference to my personal skills, I believe I have faculties to easily understand not only how an organisation works, but what their needs are as well. I am a much disciplined person and some would say that respectful, fair and confident are also words which describes my personality. I would say I´m not just a people person, but also someone who enjoys trying to analyse what is the best role that suits a person to make them satisfied with their professional careers.
One of the things that excite me about doing this MA in HR field at Leeds Beckett University is that I will acquire a good knowledge to help me to analyse the complex situations that arise in organisations. Further, I will learn how to resolve these circumstances appropriately.
My career aspirations are to successfully manage and lead a team, where I will resolve any problems that I might arises. I am excited to consider this opportunity to start at Leeds Beckett University. I am confident I will be fully prepared to achieve these goals once I finish my studies and hopefully, ready to put in practice all that I learn during the course.


I'm Amanda

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