The Supervisory training at BK steel

June 30, 2018 Business

The BK steel is a single owner engaged in aluminum and steel production and designs for office and house hold constructions. It is a medium scale establishment having its main factory in Colombo and five other branches operated in Negambo, Gampaha, Kadawatha, Baththaramulla and Panadura.

In the main office there is a Personnel Administration Department headed by a Personnel and Administration Manager supported by tree clerks for the personnel and salary administration, record keeping, general administration and even book keeping etc. There are nearly twenty workers employed in each branch and all the production departments of these branches were headed by a chief technician and under the chief technician one senior supervisor and a junior supervisor are there to look after the production and design work.

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From recent pas the owner or the Managing Director of BK steels noticed that no of workers including the very loyal senior are moving out of the company for other jobs. The BK steel is well doing in the market and thus they are paying something above the industry levels to its workers even without much pressure on jobs. Therefore the MD was really worried and surprised to see this labor turnover.

The MD who was keen in knowing the secret, contacted the workers who left even without finding another job and came to know the junior supervisors were used to shout at the workers even for a small omissions and insulted them and made them embarrassed in front of all, where even the senior supervisor and the technician did not care of that much. The MD having a good HR background decided himself to send all five junior supervisors from respective branches to a supervisory skills training workshop on the very next Friday and instructed the Personnel Manager to arrange the same immediately.

The personnel manager after the instruction of the MD initially got the formal consent from the junior supervisors and arranged everything for the workshop including the payments and officially informed the junior supervisors to attend the workshop including the Date / Time and Place of the workshop. The very next Monday MD walked in to Personnel Managers (PM) room furiously shouting…………..!! MD – “Have our supervisors gone to the workshop? ” PM – (Knowing something wrong) “When I asked them they told me the work shop was so good, sir” MD – you know! They have gone to see the match at khettarama!

Instead of workshop, since I watched it on TV I noticed! Get them all and have the inquiry and let me know the status! Soon! Questions 1. As a HR student how do you see the problem? What would have been the role of the Personnel Department, including the Personnel Manager in preventing the loss of loyal and senior workers? Explain your answer in detail giving examples and the theories you learnt in the class room. 2. If there was a well qualified and experience Human Resource Manager instead of a Personnel Manager, how he (the HRM) would have behaved / acted to prevent labor turnover, before the interference of MD.

Explain your answer in detail. 3. By avoiding the training these five junior supervisors have done misconduct! Explain what you mean by the term “Misconduct” and explain the impact of these “Supervisors Misconduct” to the business. 4. If you are the Personnel Manger / HR Manager in BK Steel what the steps you follow in order to punish these supervisors. 5. Draft a sample show cause Notice or charge sheet to be given to these Junior Supervisors and explain the types of punishment for such misconduct.


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