The tata nano

1. Introduction:

Rarely do we see autos that rewrite the history books even before they are seen running about on the roads. And barely of all time do we see autos that vow to set the state on four wheels. The Tata Nano is one such auto that has been in the intelligence for rather a few old ages, for grounds good and evil. Nano is a auto which has breathed into life due to one adult male. Give recognition to Mr. Ratan Tata for his finding to construct a low cost household auto that has come true, eventually. Take long it did, but the Nano came in a beautiful signifier. Touted as universe ‘s cheapest auto by a far call, Nano has been the talk of the town around the Earth. Head foreman of large organisations have been pouring in by Numberss to hold a expression at this technology maestro piece. Nano as a portion of a “ new strain of 21st-century autos ” that embody “ a contrarian

doctrine of smaller, lighter, cheaper ” and bode a new epoch in cheap personal transit and potentially, “ planetary gridlock ” . The Wall Street Journal confirms a planetary tendency toward little autos, led by the Nano. The prefix “ Nano ” derives from the Grecian root ‘Nano ‘s ‘ , intending midget as with nanometre. “ Nano ” besides means “ little ” in Gujarati, the native linguistic communication of the Tata household, laminitiss of the Tata Group.

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The undertaking to make a 1 hundred thousand rupees ( 3000SGD ) auto began in 2003, under the Chairman of Tata Motors, Ratan Tata. The scheme behind the undertaking was the consciousness of the figure of Indian households who had two wheeled conveyance, but could n’t afford a four wheel auto, and was based on the company ‘s success in bring forthing the low cost 4 wheeled Ace truck in May 2005.

To discourse the invention scheme for Tata Nano, we foremost discuss the restraints as per which the company had to run.

In chase of excellence and to maintain up to the initial promise made to people that

Tata will come out with a compact, quality auto within a monetary value ticket of Rs. 1 hundred thousand ( 3000 SGD ) , Tata Motors came up with a design, selling and operational scheme maintaining in my head the restraints of:

  • Monetary value
  • Market Scalability
  • Customer aspiration
  • Resource efficiency

2. Company Profile:

Tata Motors Limited is India ‘s largest car company, with amalgamate grosss of USD 14 billion in 2008-09. It is the leader in commercial vehicles in each section, and among the top three in rider vehicles with winning merchandises in the compact, midsize auto and public-service corporation vehicle sections. The company is the universe ‘s 4th largest truck maker, and the universe ‘s 2nd largest coach maker.

The company ‘s 24,000 employees are guided by the vision to be “ best in the mode in which we operate best in the merchandises we deliver and best in our value system and moralss. ”

Established in 1945, Tata Motors ‘ presence so cuts across the length and comprehensiveness of India. Over 4 million Tata vehicles ply on Indian roads, since the first rolled out in 1954. The company ‘s fabrication base in India is dispersed across Jamshedpur ( Jharkhand ) , Pune ( Maharashtra ) , Lucknow ( Uttar Pradesh ) , Pantnagar ( Uttarakhand ) and Dharwad ( Karnataka ) . Following a strategic confederation with Fiat in 2005, it has set up an industrial joint venture with Fiat Group Automobiles at Ranjangaon ( Maharashtra ) to bring forth both Fiat and Tata autos and Fiat powertrains. The company is set uping a new works at Sanand ( Gujarat ) . The company ‘s franchise, gross revenues, services and trim parts web comprises over 3500 touch points. Tata Motors besides distributes and markets Fiat branded autos in India.

Tata Motors, the first company from India ‘s technology sector to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange ( September 2004 ) , has besides emerged as an international car company. Through subordinates and associate companies, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand and Spain. Among them is Jaguar Land Rover, a concern consisting the two iconic British trade names that was acquired in 2008. In 2004, it acquired the Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company, South Korea ‘s 2nd largest truck shaper. The rechristened Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company has launched several new merchandises in the Korean market, while besides exporting these merchandises to several international markets. Today two-thirds of heavy commercial vehicle exports out of South Korea are from Tata Daewoo. In 2005, Tata Motors acquired a 21 % interest in Hispano Carrocera, a reputed Spanish coach and manager maker, and later the staying interest in 2009. Hispano ‘s presence is being expanded in other markets. In 2006, Tata Motors formed a joint venture with the Brazil-based Marcopolo, a planetary leader in body-building for coachs and managers to fabricate fully-built coachs and managers for India and choice international markets. In 2006, Tata Motors entered into joint venture with Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant Company of Thailand to fabricate and market the company ‘s pickup vehicles in Thailand. The new works of Tata Motors ( Thailand ) has begun production of the Xenon pickup truck, with the Xenon holding been launched in Thailand in 2008.

Tata Motors is besides spread outing its international footmark, established through exports since 1961. The company ‘s commercial and passenger vehicles are already being marketed in several states in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South Asia and South America. It has franchisee/joint venture assembly operations in Kenya, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Russia, Senegal and South Africa.

The foundation of the company ‘s growing over the last 50 old ages is a deep apprehension of economic stimulations and client demands, and the ability to interpret them into customer-desired offerings through taking border R & A ; D. With over 3,000 applied scientists and scientists, the company ‘s Engineering Research Centre, established in 1966, has enabled open uping engineerings and merchandises. The company today has R & A ; D centres in Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Dharwad in India, and in South Korea, Spain, and the UK. It was Tata Motors, which developed the first indigenously developed Light Commercial Vehicle, India ‘s first Sports Utility Vehicle and, in 1998, the Tata Indica, India ‘s first to the full autochthonal rider auto. Within two old ages of launch, Tata Indica became India ‘s largest merchandising auto in its section. In 2005, Tata Motors created a new section by establishing the Tata Ace, India ‘s first indigenously developed mini-truck.

In January 2008, Tata Motors unveiled its People ‘s Car, the Tata Nano, which India and the universe have been looking frontward to. The Tata Nano has been later launched, as planned, in India in March 2009. A development, which signifies a first for the planetary car industry, the Nano brings the comfort and safety of a auto within the range of 1000s of households. The standard version has been priced at USD 2500 ( excepting VAT and transit cost ) .

Designed with a household in head, it has a spacious rider compartment with generous leg infinite and caput room. It can comfortably sit four individuals. Its mono-volume design will put a new benchmark among little autos. Its safety public presentation exceeds regulative demands in India. Its tailpipe emanation public presentation excessively exceeds regulative demands. In footings of overall pollutants, it has a lower pollution degree than two-wheelers being manufactured in India today. The thin design scheme has helped minimise weight, which helps maximise public presentation per unit of energy consumed and delivers high fuel efficiency. The high fuel efficiency besides ensures that the auto has low C dioxide emanations, thereby supplying the duplicate benefits of an low-cost transit solution with a low C footmark.

In May 2009, Tata Motors introduced ushered in a new epoch in the Indian car industry, in maintaining with its open uping tradition, by unveiling its new scope of universe criterion trucks called Prima. In their power, velocity, transporting capacity, runing economic system and trims, they will present new benchmarks in India and fit the best in the universe in public presentation at a lower life-cycle cost.

Tata Motors is every bit focused on environment-friendly engineerings in emanations and alternate fuels. . It has developed electric and intercrossed vehicles both for personal and public transit. It has besides been implementing several environment-friendly engineerings in fabrication procedures, significantly heightening resource preservation

Through its subordinates, the company is engaged in technology and automotive solutions, building equipment fabrication, automotive vehicle constituents fabrication and supply concatenation activities, machine tools and mill mechanization solutions, high-precision tooling and plastic and electronic constituents for automotive and computing machine applications, and automotive retailing and service operations.

Tata Motors is committed to bettering the quality of life of communities by working on four push countries – employability, instruction, wellness and environment. The activities touch the lives of more than a million citizens. The company ‘s support on instruction and employability is focused on young person and adult females. They range from schools to proficient instruction institutes to existent facilitation of income coevals. In wellness, our intercession is in both preventative and healing wellness attention. The end of environment protection is achieved through tree plantation, conserving H2O and making new H2O organic structures and, last but non the least, by presenting appropriate engineerings in our vehicles and operations for invariably heightening environment attention.

With the foundation of its rich heritage, Tata Motors today is etching a beaming hereafter.


TATA group ‘s portfolio includes broad scope of concerns which are taking in their Fieldss. Its entire gross in 2006-07 is $ 28.8 billion which is 3.2 % of India ‘s GDP. TATA ‘s concern imperium extends to over 80 states across 6 continents. Similar to Jack Welch ‘s sentiment that the concern should either be foremost or 2nd else it is better to sell the concern, TATA groups companies excel it the Fieldss wherever they started the concern. TATA group has ninety eight companies that are fundamentally runing in seven sectors.


Invention in Tata Motors is non a recent phenomenon, but is a portion of its bequest. The Company ‘s civilization of ageless hunt for excellence is extremely attributed to the Tata ‘s ethos and ceaseless attempts of its employees in the past several decennaries to function the clients by conveying uninterrupted invention in its merchandises and procedures.

The three major countries to exemplify how Tata Motors has effected invention in the past few old ages.

  • Merchandises
  • Procedures
  • Peoples

3.1. Merchandise:

Tata Motors created several discovery merchandises in the yesteryear which changed the market kineticss and helped in supplying a new client experience.

407 platform in 1980s

Nipponese LCV participants had made inroads into the Indian car market inthe 1980s. Tata Motors came out with its advanced 407 platform which was designed to accommodate the Indian conditions. It rapidly became the best seller in LCVs and the platform still continues command 2/3rd of the market even in the 3rd decennary of its being.

Indica in the late 90s-

This was the first indigenously designed rider auto in India and it was advanced in the sense that it provided more value for money in footings of internal infinite ( comparable to the

Ambassador which was the benchmark in the state for internal infinite ) , modern-day characteristics ( comparable to Maruti Zen ) and all that at a really competitory monetary value.


Ace was India ‘s first mini-truck launched in 2005. While heavy trucks ply on the Highways, research showed the demand for a little sub one-ton truck for intercity and truck terminal-to-nearby locations connectivity. The vehicle offered 4 Wheeler functionality at 3 Sir mortimer wheelers monetary value. The unconventional design characteristics used in the vehicle were:

  • Advanced 2 cylinder Indica engine
  • Semi-monocoque organic structure to defy maltreatment
  • Rigid forepart axle and rear wheel thrust for low cost
  • Flat face vs. semi-forward face to heighten the loading infinite.


The mark monetary value itself became the beginning of invention, as you all must hold read that the large names in the industry merely rubbished it as false claims and commented that it was impossible to do a “CAR” at that monetary value. However, you all know that the promise was kept. This was made possible through series of advanced thoughts which led to acquisition of 37 patents by Tata Motors.

  • Engine was packaged on the rear side.
  • 2 cylinder engine ( conventionally there are 3-4 cylinder engines )
  • Identical grips and mechanisms for left and right side doors
  • Instrument bunch in the center of the splashboard
  • Unconventional seats
  • Interior infinite was maximized by forcing wheels to the corners and power train below the rear place.
  • Merchandise created was really modern-day and
  • It has sufficient Space interior to suit 4 individuals comfortably.
  • Highly fuel efficient
  • Exceeds the current Safety demands
  • Complies with the current emanation demands.


The new coevals scope of trucks which would fit with the best in the universe in public presentation at a lower life-cycle cost is being unveiled in merely a few hours from now. It will make a new benchmark in India in footings of power, velocity, transporting capacity, runing economic system and trims and a new experience for the drivers in footings of drivability and comfort.

3.2. Procedure:

Sustainability of invention in merchandises needed to be complemented with advanced alterations in the organisational procedures excessively. Some illustrations are:

  • Adoption of the Tata Business Excellence Model ( TBEM )
  • It is based on Malcolm Baldridge Award for concern excellence and Balance Score Card. This has created a civilization of researching assorted advanced ways to accomplish excellence in all the organisational procedures.

  • Use of IT systems:
  • It has been a benchmark and extremely leveraged in the organisation throughout the VALUE CHAIN.

  • Supply Side
  • Free-Markets for e-Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management ( SRM ) .

  • Product Development Process.
  • Institutionalized Phase Gate procedure in the organisation is a benchmark in itself and ensures development of right merchandise for the market and besides an effectual and efficient plan direction. Passage from in-house merchandise development to a collaborative merchandise development, using the capablenesss of providers, design houses, subordinates and associate companies specialising in different verticals. Internalization philosophyofTata Motors made some major planetary acquisitions like TDCV, JLR, Hispano, etc. Unlike many other Nipponese / US participants, they followed an advanced attack to be seen as a local company in the state of operation, i.e, as a South Korean participant in South Korea and as a Spanish Player in Spain. This has helped them to appreciate the demand and importance of all the stakeholders and they achieved this in four phases. This involves – “Initiating” , by understanding the linguistic communication and basic facts of the state, “Familiarization” with their civilization, “Harmonization” and eventually “Synergizing” by sharing the best patterns and work moralss.

3.3. Peoples:

The altering concern environment and increasing complexness of concern posed a immense challenge in accomplishment of concern programs. Tata Group, of which Tata Motors is a portion of, is good known for placing and fostering leaders. Tata Motors in the yesteryear has adopted several advanced agencies to leverage its human resource capablenesss for accomplishing highly ambitious ends.

  • Identifying leaders through appraisal centres –
  • This procedure has been efficaciously utilized by Tata Motors to place immature directors with really high potency. This procedure was started some 20 old ages back and has increasingly created a pool of really strong and effectual leaders who have proven their capablenesss in some really ambitious assignments given to them. This procedure has now been replicated by many other organisations excessively.

  • Puting them into disputing assignments and giving them International exposure Key undertakings like ACE and NANO are illustrations of some challenging undertakings which constituted of immature leaders and applied scientists.
  • Interrupting the functional silos by switching from a hierarchal organisation to a more CFT attack

All these experiences have helped us to redefine the manner we have looked at invention. And while invention is usually understood as debut of new and extremist thoughts in the country of merchandises and services, our experience says there are several other countries that besides require invention in tandem, so as to consequence an invention in a company. Three of them I have already mentioned, that is, merchandise, procedure and people.

Four other countries of invention

Beginning of inspiration/ Purposefrom which the construct emanated, which stresses upon the fact that legerity and understanding the unstated/ unfulfilled demand of clients is the most of import beginning of invention. Tata Nano: In this instance the thought struck in the head of our Chairman when he saw a household of four ( a adult male, his married woman and two childs ) siting on a scooter on a showery twenty-four hours. He felt that there was an unrealized demand of safe, low-cost and an all conditions option.

Monetary value:

The monetary value of Nano got fixed at Rs 1 hundred thousand ( 2500USD ) . The accomplishment of monetary value mark was definite to make a major break in the auto market as it fell halfway between the monetary value of a scooter and the cheapest auto available which was priced at Rs 2 ( 5000USD ) hundred thousand. Product design was choked for options because of the monetary value mark. Hence the puting the monetary value as mark triggered a series of invention which involved:

Target Cost attack

which involved interrupting down the cost marks to sub-system and so to component degree.

Suppliers were challenged with the stringent cost mark given to them, but they accepted the same and the consequence is in forepart of you.


Invention lies in making the right clients ever and pass oning in a simple and effectual mode. Tata Motors in instance of Nano developed a portal, which got as high 30 million hits even before the launch of the auto. After the launch there were another 30 million hits in less than a month. This helped the clients in going more cognizant of the merchandise characteristics. They received about 2 hundred thousand ( .2 million ) applications, which is a good response by all criterions.


Conscious of the fact that demand for such autos would be significant from the remotest corner of the state, the sale of signifier for booking were facilitated through several Bankss. New insurance strategies were co-designed with the insurance companies, and now we are in the procedure of heightening the gross revenues and service web for better range and service to the clients.

To sum up the experience, way interrupting thoughts, conceived and implemented in one or more of the 7 Ps, leads to INNOVATION.

  • Aim
  • Merchandise
  • Monetary value
  • Topographic point
  • Promotion
  • Peoples
  • Procedure


Before the debut of a merchandise into the market, it goes through several phases of development. The phases of the merchandise development includes the followers

  • thought Coevals
  • Idea Screening
  • Concept Testing and Development
  • Market Scheme
  • Business Analysis
  • Entire Gross saless Appraisal
  • Appraisal Costss and Net incomes
  • Merchandise Development
  • Trial Selling

Equally far as Nano is concerned, it falls new to the universe merchandises in the context that it has made a history for the cheapest auto of all time made without compromising on quality. i.e. best manner value analysis.










Maruti 800








Alto, WagnorR, Santro, Indica








Esteem, Swift,

Indigo, Ikon, Ascent








Mercedes-C, Skoda Superb






Mercedes-E, BMw













Average Monthly Class Gross saless

4.1. thought coevals

The chief thought behind TATA NANO was perceived by the president of TATA group himself who saw a household of four traveling on a scooter in rain he wanted to develop a conveyance which was low-cost, safe and could confront all types of conditionss. This turned out to be the most ambitious undertaking of Tata motors till day of the month when Mr Ratan Tata told this to one of his pull offing managers Mr. Ravi Kant he was besides interested about the thought. Mr. Ravi Kant had learned from his experience that “People want to travel from two-wheelers to four-wheelers but they can non afford it” . More and more can, but Indian auto purchasers today represent a bantam piece of a potentially elephantine market India has merely seven autos per 1,000 people. India ‘s car industry has grown an norm of 12 % for the past decennary, but merely 1.3 million rider vehicles were sold in India in the financial twelvemonth stoping March 2006. That means a billion Indians buy about the same figure of autos in a twelvemonth as 300 million Americans buy in a month. If four wheels cost every bit small as two wheels, that could alter fast. About 7 million scooters and bikes were sold in India last twelvemonth, typically for monetary values between 30,000 rupees and 70,000 rupees, approximately $ 675 to $ 1,600. Tata is aiming a monetary value of 100,000 rupees one hundred thousand, in Indian 19 footings of measuring or about $ 2,500 at current exchange rates, for its little auto. That sounds impossibly inexpensive in the West but remains three times higher than India ‘s one-year per capita income. The mean wage for mill workers at Tata Motors is merely $ 5,500 a twelvemonth.

4.2. IDEA Screening

The following measure was testing of thoughts. There were many thoughts like to do a scooter with two excess wheels at the dorsum for better stableness, A three wheeled auto like a closed auto- jinrikisha but the market demand was a auto, the auto should be such that it does n’t convey a message that it ‘s merely an extension of a scooter it should be a proper auto and likewise should besides give the feel of a existent auto. Trying to construct a auto inexpensive plenty for bike purchasers seems to do sense now but seemed unattainable several old ages ago when Mr. Ratan Tata, president of Tata Motors had foremost mentioned his dream of constructing a one-lakh auto in

2003 at that clip the whole universe thought that this gamble will ne’er work out but ironically the whole universe is now speaking of little autos as $ 5,000 or $ 7,000 after TATA NANO was launched in 2009.


After appraising clients the terminal consequence was that people wanted a four Wheeler which was inexpensive, reliable and strong plenty to transport a burden of 1 ton to boot four Wheelers besides increased the societal position of the individual who owns it.Four wheels non merely practical entreaty but besides had a emotional entreaty. Thus the new merchandise was now to be developed but the undermentioned considerations would hold to maintain in head when developing it-

  • The auto should be built on a different platform than conventional 1s.
  • It must be run intoing all the safety and regulative demands.
  • It has to be built on a graduated table which shall be more than double the earlier launches of similar merchandises and the incline up must be smooth.
  • The auto has to be designed so that it can be exported to other states as the domestic demand may non happen as per projections.

There were three chief demand of the new vehicle: it should be low cost, adhere to the regulative demands, and achieve public presentation marks such as fuel efficiency and acceleration capacity. About 500 applied scientists were involved in the development of the vehicle and everyday they had meeting so that the determination pickings and the job work outing procedure could be accelerated. Each applied scientist represented a different portion of the auto: engine and transmittal, organic structure, vehicle integrating, safety and ordinance, and industrial design. The organic structure of the vehicle had to travel under a figure of loops because the Mr.Ratan Tata wanted that a individual whose tallness is over six pess can besides suit into the auto without any uncomfortableness and eventually the length of the auto had to be increased by 100mm but finally. The difficult work of planing the auto paid away and the interior decorators were successful in their effort to plan an existent auto which did non look shabby and cheap but looked sleek and sophisticated.

4.4. BUSINESS Analysis:


Since the auto had to be built within a cost of Rs. 1 Lac, no conventional design would work as the costs shall be higher and so the full auto has to be redesigned.

The design has to oppugn the demand of each and every constituent from the point of position of its necessity of being and besides the minimal demands of its functionality. Value Engineering constructs have to be deployed to finalise the lower limit demands.


It ‘s a engineering which brings extremist alteration by presenting new ways of making things.

Technology that is

  • Significantly cheaper than bing Technology.
  • Much higher acting?
  • Has greater functionality and
  • Is more convenient to Use.
  • Brings to market a wholly different Value proposition than the 1 available and can alter the Paradigm about a merchandise.

The Guiding factor was that the cost has to be minimized for each constituent yet keeping its basic functionality. The Alternatives are:

  • Reduce Consumption of Material being used.
  • Alternate Suppliers to acquire same stuff at fewer monetary values.
  • Use alternate stuffs.
  • Eliminate usage of Material.
  • Extinguish a procedure Or a Combination of the above.


Value Engineering Options:

The mark was really clearly defined that, within the given cost construction all the constituents have to be allocated and the same had to be achieved utilizing the available options.

The Guiding factor was that the revenue enhancement construction on stuffs and fabrication must back up the concluding cost. Decisions were

  • Establish mill in a revenue enhancement free zone.
  • Get the revenue enhancement advantages on substructure development.
  • Get the providers to set up base near the mill.
  • Get particular grants from State Govt.

In short select a fabrication location where all the advantages could be achieved.

4.5. Entire SALES Appraisal:

The entire gross revenues had been estimated based on the undermentioned determinations

  • It was estimated that the demand for the people ‘s auto shall be at least twice the demand for Maruti 800, the lowest terminal auto.
  • Initial projections were at about 500,000 autos per twelvemonth.
  • The basic ground was the strong belief that the mark monetary value shall redefine the 4 – Wheeler section.
  • The monetary value determination of Rs 1 hundred thousand is decidedly traveling to do a batch many people transit to
  • 4-wheeler crease and that shall detonate the demand.
  • Merely 10 % clients of 9 Million two Wheeler market theodolite to 4-wheelers it shall amount to 50 % of the rider auto market portion.
  • It was decided to put up workss with 5 lakhs autos per annum capacity and rage the same up in phases, in line with addition in market demand.

4.6. Selling:


Tata has a really broad scope of merchandises it has rider autos, public-service corporation vehicles, Trucks, Commercial rider Carriers and Defense Vehicles.

  • Nano received media attending due to its targeted low monetary value.
  • The Tata Nano is a rear-engine, four rider, metropolis auto built by Tata Motors,
  • It was foremost presented at the 9th one-year Auto Expo on 10 January 2008, at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India.
  • Aimed chiefly at the Indian market.

Monetary value:

The monetary values of Tata motors are by and large low-cost acceptable by the general populace at big. Tata ever have something for the lower category people with Nano being their trump card. Giving price reduction every month and particular publicity for certain type of vehicle besides one of the strong scheme usage by Tata Motors. Discount can be made from Company ‘s net income or from trader ‘s net income at certain scope.

Pricing schemes:

  • Penetration pricing
  • Low pricing policy with minimal net income border.
  • Though the one hundred thousand monetary value ticket is non fixed by TATA group, it was the word of oral cavity of people which fixed that scope. This outlook of people creates a large challenge for the company.

Topographic point:

Tata Motors has an extended trader web covering Indian and International markets. Wherever you are, there is a Tata Motors Gross saless and Service dealership close to you. The channel of distribution, physical location, and franchise method of distribution and gross revenues is by and large adopted. The distribution of vehicle must be in a really systematic manner, from the works to dealership and to stop user. This is non merely in India itself but besides to the global franchise.


Tata motors promote their merchandises via Ad and after gross revenues services.

  • Enough usage of one of the most of import component of publicity mix, promotion reduces the necessity of other promotional devices for Nano.
  • Promotion as “One hundred thousand car” by oral cavity to talk.
  • Auto exhibition 2008, New Delhi & A ; Geneva
  • Publicity through print & A ; electronic media

For other type of promotional activities, cost factor that is 1 lakh monetary value ticket is to be keep in head, nano tickers, nano T-shirts available in retail vesture shops. Ad: – Television & A ; other mass media will be less effectual, therefore excessively much money will non be invested in this respect. Mainly word of oral cavity advertisement will acquire more accent. Internet will be a major media for advertisement.


Tata Motors owe their success to the extremely motivated and gifted staff. There recruitment division picks the creme-de-la-creme from premier universities, direction and technology institutes in India. They put them through strict developing programmes to hone their entrepreneurial accomplishments and impart comprehensive merchandise cognition.


Tata motors follow Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Inc for accomplishing excellence in overall Company public presentation.

Physical Evidence:

The direction of the company has managed to maintain their hopes alive even in this recession and hoped that the worse is behind Tata Motors late launched the most anticipated auto of the twelvemonth, Tata Nano and the company had already received 203,000 engagement that are to the full paid and 70 per centum of the appliers are ready to wait till the terminal of 2010 for the auto to be manufactured.


At this minute, a just sum of information on how the Nano was brought to its intended monetary value ticket without compromising its design brief – ‘a proper auto ‘ . The study attempts to analyze the tactics and policies adopted by Tata ‘s under the enlightened attack to invention.

  • Strategic Innovation
  • Focused Invention
  • Holistic Invention

5.1 Strategic Invention:

Some of the inventions that Tata Motors followed during the procedure of coming out with Nano were non merely concerned with the merely the auto as the merchandise, but extended itself to the whole organisational idea procedure. Get downing from the squad formation to merchandise bringing, everything was thought maintaining in head the promise of conveying out a quality auto within a monetary value ticket of Rs. 1 hundred thousand that would carry through the latent demand of the Indian in-between category who could non afford even the lowest priced auto at that clip.

  • The whole thought was extremist and required fresh thought and challenging of age old rules of merchandise designing and fabrication engineerings. Inline with this, the technology squad in charge with the designing and production of Nano was really immature with the mean age being merely 28.
  • Tata Motors were non diffident to unlearn and re-learn the procedures and they were unfastened to take in thoughts from their strategic spouses besides. During development, the company reinvented and minimized the fabrication procedure, brought in advanced merchandise design, and asked constituent makers to look at current work and design attacks in a different position to bring forth logical and simple solutions.
  • The scheme behind the undertaking was the consciousness of the figure of Indian households who had two wheeled conveyance, but could n’t afford a four wheel auto, and was based on the company ‘s success in bring forthing the low cost 4 wheeled Ace truck in May 2005. The company direction learnt and improved on the design process of Ace truck and used this know-how to come up with the best design for Tata Nano. Besides, since both the vehicles were similar in their basic design and constituent demand, the provider base was besides easier to be put in topographic point.
  • Even after successfully establishing the gasoline and diesel discrepancies of Nano, Tata Motors have non rested on the awards. They have taken one measure further in coming out with an electric version which enables them to place it as an environment friendly auto of the hereafter. This shows the foresightfulness of the direction to feel future demand and besides the company civilization to continuously innovate and better.
  • Tata Motors set their retail monetary value mark before they designed the auto. Making so allow them set up their demographic. Puting the monetary value and working backwards besides required a cardinal displacement in the manner the auto was designed, since many costs are fixed once the design is set.
  • Workers at the Tata Motors mill have been trained in Nipponese fabrication techniques that call for uninterrupted betterment.

5.2 Holistic Invention:

  • Tata Motors worked in coaction with their providers really early in the procedure – so early in fact that they were able to supply functional ends for many parts instead than proficient eyeglasses ( i.e. wipe H2O from windscreen vs. windscreen wiper must be x mm by Y centimeter and work at z meter ) . This attack tapped the inventiveness of the supplyconcatenation, who delivered parts that met the functional demands and highly low monetary values.
  • Another cost film editing scheme – ‘Tata Motors ‘ distributed assembly theoretical account, where they ship the parts to local makers for concluding assembly. The following strategic thought Tata Motors have to set about to look into if the policy can be applied to all the other auto theoretical accounts to let them to be customized as per the local client demands.
  • Working closely with the sourcing squad led to many interesting inputs on what was possible and what was non. The driving instrument bunch is unambiguously placed in the Centre, giving the auto an unfastened expression and enabling everyone in the auto to look at it. It besides makes the splashboard every bit conformable to left manus and right manus drive.
  • The top direction, even Mr. Ratan Tata was actively involved in the planing stage of the auto. Input signals from all the squads were taken to come up with the best design.
  • Manufacturing planning: The interesting challenge here was that taking for a really low cost auto meant the full administration had to be leaned down – non merely fabrication, but stuffs, design, human resources, and so on. The squad has taken the benefit of best patterns from other industries such as rhythm fabrication or Personal computer fabrication that involves mass industry and assembly.
  • Quality systems have been thought approximately, put in topographic point and good documented good in progress ; so implementation becomes easier. The care patterns – failure manner analysis and development – had all been completed. This ensured all this during the planning stage itself and this reduced the dislocations when the undertaking started and cut down unexpected challenges one time the existent execution started.
  • Suppliers located within 50 kilometer of the chief fabrication works which reduces transit cost and Fosters merely in clip procurance scheme.

5.3 Focused Invention:

  • The Nano has 21 % more interior infinite and 8 % smaller outside, when compared with its closest challenger, the Maruti 800. The auto will come in different versions, including one criterion and two gilded discrepancies. The gilded version will hold air conditioning, but no power guidance.
  • The usage of a rear mounted engine to assist maximise interior infinite.
  • The Nano complies with Bharat Stage-III and Euro-IV emanation criterions.
  • Fuel economic system: 20 kilometers per liter
  • The auto conforms to environmental protection, and will hold the lowest emanations in India. Thus it douses the fright in the head of the conservationists about it being the ground of hiting up emanation bounds for mass acceptance every bit good as the sensed impression of inexpensive merchandises being of bad quality. The Nano will besides replace many overloaded and raddled two-stroke polluting vehicles, both two and three-wheeled.
  • With a length of 3.1 meters, breadth of 1.5 meters and tallness of 1.6 meters, with equal land clearance, it can effortlessly maneuver on busy roads in metropoliss every bit good as in rural countries.
  • Its mono-volume design, with wheels at the corners and the power train at the rear, enables it to unambiguously unite both infinite and maneuverability, which will put a new benchmark among little autos.
  • The thin design scheme has helped understate weight, which helps maximize public presentation per unit of energy consumed and delivers high fuel efficiency.
  • With an all sheet-metal organic structure, it has a strong rider compartment, with safety characteristics such as crumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, place belts, strong seats and anchorages, and the rear tailboard glass bonded to the organic structure.
  • Tubeless Surs further enhance safety.
  • The high fuel efficiency besides ensures that the auto has low C dioxide emanations, thereby supplying the duplicate benefits of an low-cost transit solution with a low C footmark.
  • The mono-volume design establishes a sea of alteration from the two-box layout of the 800. What it ensures the Nano with is highly short overhangs and tight packaging. For a auto of this size and image, the Nano is an highly sexy looking auto with futuristic design cues. The bonnet line is steep and unites together with the bumper in a seamless manner.

How could Tata Motors make a auto so cheaply?

  • No Radio, Power windows, air conditioning, anti lock brakes, air bags, remote locks or power guidance.
  • Rear wheel thrust: manually actuated 4-speed trans axle that gives the auto better fuel efficiency
  • Wheel Bearing: Wheel bearing is strong plenty to drive the auto at 72kmph but would rapidly have on out at higher velocities.
  • Analogue speed indicator, mileometer and fuel gage.
  • Single windshield wiper
  • Basically, the applied scientists worked to make more with less. The auto is smaller in overall dimensions than the Maruti, but it offers about 20 per cent more seating capacity as a consequence of design picks such as seting the wheels at the utmost borders of the auto.





Price ( USD )

Model T




















Nano-Lowest of all time

  • Modular Design Revolution:
  • One of the most important dimensions of invention is its modular design. The Nano is constructed of constituents that can be built and shipped individually to be assembled in a assortment of locations. In consequence, the Nano is being sold in kits that are distributed, assembled, and serviced by local enterprisers. The company could bring forth the mass points and transport it to them as kits.

  • Open Distribution Invention:
  • Tata have called this ‘open distribution ‘ invention because it mobilizes big Numberss of 3rd parties to make distant rural consumers, tailor the merchandises and services to more efficaciously function their demands, and add value to the nucleus merchandise or service through accessory services. Three inventions in merchandises and processes come together to back up ‘open distribution ‘ :

    • Increased modularity ( both in merchandises and procedures )
    • Aggressive leverage of bing third-party, frequently non-commercial, establishments in rural countries to more efficaciously make mark clients
    • Creative usage of information engineering, carefully integrated with societal establishments, to promote usage and present even greater value
    • Modular designs combined with originative purchase of local third-party establishments help participants to acquire better faster.
    • Welcoming users back into the design cringle:

    The Tata Motors/Nano attack contrasts with the scheme of most other makers. For more constituted car manufacturers each new theoretical account represents an progress in tight integrating, with more and more of the functionality profoundly embedded in electronics that genuinely stand for a ‘black box ‘ to the client. The yearss of custom-making autos to personalize them and force their public presentation bounds are quickly withdrawing into distant memory for the mean client.

  • Vendor Management Policy:
  • Tata Nano got some auto parts from sellers who did their ain research and development for them to cut down cost. Some sellers developed merchandises with Tata Motors, and rather a few were given designs by Tata Motors. The company even helped some sellers find international spouses to do merchandises that met the company ‘s demands. Some sellers who supplied parts to Tata Nano did competitory purchasing of stuff from states like China and Thailand. This is really similar to leveraging an onsite offshore theoretical account in IT.

6. Challenges Faced During the Development of Tata Nano:

After much guess, Tata Motors announced on May 19, 2006 that it will be fabricating Tata Nano fromSingur, Bengal. However, within a hebdomad protests were started by a few husbandmans in the country against the acquisition of their lands by Tata. The cause was taken up byMamata Banerjee, the leader ofCongress. The state of affairs escalated with Tata ‘s threatening to draw out and break of compensation for husbandmans who had volunteered to sell their land by anti-acquisition militants. This was followed by a state-widestrikeby Trinamool Congress in October. The authorities banned political parties from keeping meetings or emanations at Singur and installed a immense constabulary force at that place. There was widespread force in the clangs between the constabulary and the husbandmans on December 2, 2006.

The Key concerns are

  • Safety
  • Emissions
  • Congestions

1. Question of Safety

The Nano has an all sheet-metal organic structure made fromJapaneseandKoreansteel, with safety characteristics such as crumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, seat-belts, strong seats and anchorages, and the rear tailboard glass bonded to the organic structure. Tires are tubeless

2. Mass Motorization

As the Nano was conceived and designed around presenting the car to a sector of the population who are presently usingeco-friendlybicycles and bikes, conservationists are concerned that its inordinately low monetary value might take to mass motorisation in states like India and hence perchance aggravatepollutionas good as addition the demand foroil. Theecologyfocused German newspaperdie tageszeitungfeels that such concerns are “ inappropriate ” as the Tata Nano has lower emanations compared to the mean Volkswagen, and that developing states should n’t be denied the right to motorized mobility when industrialised states should be looking to cut down their emanations and use of autos. Die Weltre ports that the auto conforms to environmental protection, and will hold the lowest emanations in India.

In crowded metropolitan metropoliss likeMumbai, Ratan Tata has conceived a strategy to merely offer the Nano to those persons who do non hold an car already. The Nano will besides replace many overloaded and raddled two-stroke polluting vehicles, both two and three-wheeled. Harmonizing toAnumita Roychowdhury, associate manager of theCentre for Science and Environmentin New Delhi, “ the low-priced autos will be black ” in the current policy and regulative model.

3. Used auto market effects:

The Nano is alleged to hold badly affected theused carmarket in India, as many Indians opt to wait for the Nano ‘s release instead than purchasing used autos, such as theMaruti 800 ( a rebadgedSuzuki Alto ) , which is considered as the Nano ‘s nearest rival. Gross saless of new Maruti 800s have dropped by 20 % , and used 1s by 30 % following the unveiling of the Nano. As one automotive journalist summarizes ; “People are inquiring themselves—and us—why they should pay, state, 250,000 Sri lanka rupees for a Maruti Alto, when they can wait and acquire a trade name new Nano for less in a few months ‘ clip, a auto that is really bigger” .

4. Cases of Fire

There have been 7 instances where the Nano caught fire, with the first three attributed to an electrical mistake in the guidance column. Tata Motors has since replaced the OEM providing the fire retardant stuff every bit good as the maneuvering column assembly. In March 2010, a new instance of a Tata Nano catching fire was reported, in which the auto was being delivered from the franchise to the proprietor ‘s house. This instance is presently under probe.

5. Rivals

Rival auto shapers includingBajaj Auto, Fiat, General Motors, Ford Motor, HyundaiandToyota Motorhave all expressed involvement in constructing little autos in India that are low-cost to more middle-class consumers inemerging markets. The majority of demand there is forsmall carsbecause people are much more sensitive tofuel prices.Honda and Toyota are taking the manner on so called cleanergasoline-electric loanblends, and some conservationists argue acquiring monetary values down on these engineerings is where attempts should be concentrated. Cheap and eco-friendly electric-cars likeTara Tiny ( which has an engine bring forthing 4 horsepower compared to Nano ‘s 33 horsepower ) , Oreva Super ( both reportedly even cheaper than Tata Nano ) andREVApose even more important danger to Nano. There are besides rumours ofMaruti Suzukiintroducing a lower priced version ofAltoto counter Tata Nano.

Maruti 800

Tata Nano



796 milliliter

623 milliliter

100 milliliter

Price ( OTR )

Rs 225,000

Rs 120,000 ( 88 % )


Displaced person

Rs 10,000

Rs 10,000

Roentgen 5000

EMI ( 60m )

Roentgen 3583

Rs 1833 ( 95 % )

Rs 667





Nano V Maruti 800 Vs Bike- Ownership Cost


  • Emerging markets are a fertile land for invention. The challenge of making dispersed, low income consumers in emerging markets frequently spurs important invention.
  • As clients gain more power, they will demand more tailoring and value added services to run into their demand. Companies which innovate on this dimension are likely to be amply rewarded.
  • World is acquiring tougher twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours being alone is a competitory advantage. Expectations to Tata Nano have proved this.
  • After 100 old ages to Henry Ford, Tata has non merely proved him once more non merely he came out of the outlooks but besides came out with a platform for Indian car sector.


In the decision we can state that Nano has genuinely lived up to its outlooks and shattered the undermentioned myths

  • Cheap means unsafe- physically validated clang trial consequences on 1 vehicle and plans more trials in the hereafter
  • Rear- engine autos are unsafe- Ferrari, Porsche, VW and Lamborghini do it why ca n’t Tata?
  • The Nano will foul the planet- 623cc engine produces less CO2 than mean Eu little auto.
  • The Nano will hold no storage space-Sufficient storage infinite, under the bonnet and over the rear package tray, rear seats fold to dramatically increase storage infinite.


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