The Terror & BAD giant MONSTER

June 16, 2018 General Studies

Well… I really thought it was a dream, but when I felt my mommy tight right hand grip on my wrist, she was holding her favorite sweater on her left hand, pulling me away from the source of the sound, the sound that I would never forget. Everyone was also running away from the source of the sound. I was confused because they were running away from something but at the same time looking at the source of the sound—they could have ran much farther if they weren’t looking, we could have. I can’t see clearly because my mommy was dragging me. She carried me, maybe she had thought we could go faster.

My vision was jiggling, much like a camera shot without a tripod, when I saw a sight that I thought would only be possible in movies. I saw a big fire atop the building where my mommy once told me it was the building King Kong had climbed, I learned that it was not.

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“Mom, what is happening? Is that Godzilla”

“Yes baby, God is with us.”

A plane was stuck on the building. I really thought some BAD giant MONSTER had stuck it up there. While she was carrying me, I stared at my mommy’s face (even though constantly reminds me that it is not polite to stare). Her face got my attention than the plane stuck in the building. Then a cloud of dust made me close my eyes. While my eyes were closed I can tell that we had stopped running and we dropped down on the pavement. I felt my mommy’s embrace while she had covered my nose with her favorite sweater. My mommy had suffered from asthma, she had ran that far, carrying me.

And now seven years later, what I had thought to be a dream, now haunts me as nightmares. I had vowed to take on who’s responsible in honor of my mommy, even if they are the vilest of monsters.


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