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Inflation is an addition in the overall degree of monetary value. As monetary value degree addition, our buying power will fall. For illustration, when a state is sing a 5 rising prices rate, an apple which cost RM1 antecedently will be RM1.05 now. One can purchase 10 apples with RM10 antecedently. However, he can merely purchase 9 apples now. It shows that the citizen ‘s buying power has been reduced. It will besides take to a lessening in the value of a state ‘s currency.

Inflation can be caused by four factors, viz. demand-pull rising prices, cost-push rising prices, outlook of future monetary values and growing of money.

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Demand-pull rising prices is caused by an addition in aggregative demand ( AD ) . When demand is turning faster than supply, the monetary values and end product degree will increase. It can be due to an addition in money supply, authorities disbursement, net export, ingestion and investing or a lessening in revenue enhancements. It can be solved by implementing contractionary pecuniary or financial policy. Contractionary policies will cut down the monetary value degree and unemployment rate.

Cost-push rising prices is besides known as cost dazes. It is caused by an addition in production costs. When an organisation ‘s costs addition, the monetary value of the goods will be increased to keep the net income border. Production costs may increase because of an addition in pay rate and cost of natural stuffs. Cost-push rising prices will do monetary value degree to increase and end product degree to drop. It is considered to be bad for the economic system because policy shapers can merely work out one job by implementing policies. If contractionary policies are applied, although the monetary value degree will diminish, the end product degree will besides diminish and take to a higher unemployment rate. If expansionary policies are applied, although the end product degree will increase and diminish the unemployment rate, the monetary value degree will go higher. In other words, expansionary policies will take to a higher rising prices rate.

The 3rd factor is outlook of future monetary values. Firms ‘ outlooks may impact their current monetary value and end product determinations. If houses expect their rivals to increase the monetary value, they are likely to increase the monetary value excessively. Citizen ‘s outlook will besides impact houses ‘ determination. If citizen expect the monetary value to increase based on old pricing behaviour, houses may go on to increase the monetary value and pay rate. As a consequence, aggregate supply curve will switch to the left.

The last factor is growing of money. AD curve will switch right if there is an addition in authorities disbursement with money supply remains changeless. This will do the herding out consequence of involvement and investing to increase. If cardinal bank attempts to increase money supply to forestall involvement rate to alter, AD curve will switch further and further to the right. When an economic system is runing on the steep portion of aggregative supply curve, if the cardinal bank attempts to forestall the involvement rate from altering, it will take to a hyperinflation, which is a period where there is a rapid addition in overall monetary value degree.

There are two common methods to cipher rising prices rate, viz. GDP deflator and Consumer Price Index ( CPI ) . GDP deflator measures the alterations in monetary value degree of al concluding goods and services in an economic system. It measures the current monetary value degree relation to the based twelvemonth monetary value degree. However, it does non take into history of the alterations in measure produced and it covers merely domestically produced goods.

CPI measures the alterations in the mean degree of monetary values of some fixed basket of consumer goods and services purchased by a family. It measures the current monetary value degree relation to the based twelvemonth monetary value degree. It is the standard step of rising prices. It considers both domestic and imported goods.


Recession is a period which aggregate end product diminution for two back-to-back quarters. It occurs when the economic system is slow down. It may be due to flood, where the supply is more than demand. It will do the demand for those goods to worsen. Finally, income will drop and market equity will fall.

Depression is a drawn-out and deep recession. It is more serious than recession. The consequence of depression may last for many old ages. The happening of depression may be due to deflation where there is a lessening in demand associated with lessening in monetary values, or rising prices where monetary values increase aggressively, or stagflation where monetary values is increasing with a dead economic growing.

Depressions may happen when a few factors comes together. It starts off with overrun and worsening demand. Excess supply and declined concern assurance causes investing to diminish. Unemployment rate will so increase causes pay rate to bead. Consumers so cut down their ingestion. Consumers may be unable to pay back their mortgage loan since their buying power has reduced and finally leads to bankruptcies.

Recession and depression will do some negative impacts such as addition in unemployment rate, economic downswing, consumers ‘ fright of disbursement and droping plus value. However, depression will convey some benefits such as get rid of surplus where the demand will catch up with the supply, equilibrate the economic growing and changes consumers ‘ attitude where consumers will pass harmonizing to their income.

Inflation definition:

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