The Timucua Indians Essay

July 27, 2017 General Studies

The American Indian people who inhabited the Northeast and North cardinal Florida and South east Georgia were known as the Timucua. The Timucua like most other native American folks were ne’er a individual or incorporate folk. There were a figure of chiefdoms and each chiefdom had about five 100 small towns. Villages werefurther divided into kins and the kids belonged to their mother’s kin.

The Timucua Indians observed a figure of ceremonials. They celebrated reaping festivals. seting festivals. fishing and runing ceremonials. marrisge. decease etc. The head and his council met every forenoon in order to discourse the jobs of the chiefdom. The council members were the extremely well-thought-of members of the society. The meeting was initiated with the White Drink. The drink was made of holly and extremely caffeinted really black in coloring material but was called white as it was thought that it would sublimate the council members.

The Timucua colonies were little. Their place was round in form built on unsloped poles. The roof was thatched. They had immense granneries which was good stocked and were raised off the land to maintain off wild animate beings. There was a bigger edifice which was made for spiritual and ceremonial maps. The Timucua Indians cooked and ate together in a public topographic point in the small town. These people were semi agrricultural people and they planted maize. beans and other veggies. They besides hunted and fished.

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They were tall people and the work forces wore their hair in a roll on top of their caputs. They were besides to a great extent tattooed and they gained these tattoos through their workss. Children started acquiring their tattoos when they started presuming duty. They wereadrk skinned people normally brown with black hair and the apparels were made of moss and carnal tegument. In 2006 an archeological excavation in Florida discovered a Timucuan site datingbetween 1100 and 1300 A. D.

When the Europeans came to North America. the Spanish claimed Florida as their district. The Spanish soldiers were given permission to steal from the Timucuans but the soldiers besides had the duty of learning them about Christianity. Many missions were set up and the Timucuans were taught to read and compose. Slowly the Timucans started settling in little small towns near a mission station. Now they started turning harvests to feed themselves every bit good as the mendicants and portion of their maize were to be given to the Spanish at St. Augustine. They became lessand less like Timucuans and more like Spanish Catholics.


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