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March 25, 2019 General Studies

The key elements of cognitive-behavioural therapy or CBT for short, was developed by Aaron Temkin Beck.
CBT is a psychotherapeutic treatment which helps a person to process thoughts and feelings in order to understand and have a better understanding of their own behaviours.

CBT is focuses on disorders such as PTSD and anxiety, this therapy is centred on a persons cognitive ability and how the person deals with and processes their thoughts.

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A person must be ready to give time and effort towards their own thoughts and feelings as CBT is goal directed and a person needs to understand their is a lot of self help to the therapy, the person must learn coping skills and be willing to put them into effective use in their everyday life in order to gain a better self awareness of triggers and flashbacks from earlier events and understand their ability to deal with them.

As I myself await my first course of CBT, I understand that I process information and thoughts differently to other people due to trauma, CBT addresses the way in which a person processes their thoughts which maybe distorted during their cognitive development where a person has gone about learning the wrong ways in which to process information or is unable to process a trauma or thoughts, CBT helps by breaking down the traumatic events into smaller more manageable pieces and enables the mind to better process the events into a memory.


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