The Traditional Construction Methods Construction Essay

September 29, 2017 Construction

Construction industry plays an of import function in Malaysia ‘s economic system. Therefore, it is of import to present more progress or new engineerings from abroad to our state in order to growing the economic system. Pre-fabrication engineering is a new building method in building industry. This engineering has been widely used in many states due to many pros it has over the traditional building methods, which is cast unmoved method.

Pre-fabrication is the piecing constituents doing in a mill or fabrication before deliver those constituents to the building site. After completed the selected constituents on mill or fabrication, those constituents will transport to the building site where the construction is to be located. On the other manus, for conventional building method, which is cast unmoved, is transporting those selected stuffs like cement, sand, sum, brick, etc from mill or fabrication to the building site. Then the assembly merely will transport out on site after those stuffs have delivered to site.

Industrialised Building System ( hereafter referred to as ‘IBS ‘ ) is a technique of building, which introduced by Construction Industry Development Board ( hereafter referred to as ‘CIDB ‘ ) was win and use the pre-fabricated engineering into the building industry in Malaysia. IBS is define as a building system in which constituents are manufactured in a mill, on or off site, positioned and assembled into construction with minimum extra site work ( CIDB, 2003 ) .

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Pre-fabrication engineering has become more and more celebrated and popular in Malaysia ‘s building industry late. This is due to the engineering has many benefits over the traditional building methods which is cast unmoved engineering. However, it besides contains some failings for pre-fabrication engineering. For illustration, the transit costs may be really expensive to present the complete constituents to the building site. Not merely that, the care cost and mending cost is higher depend to the dramatis personae unmoved method. Therefore, for long term edifices are non suited to build by utilizing pre-fabrication engineering.

The range of survey for this research included to specify the background of the IBS system every bit good as the old undertakings done by IBS system with satisfied completed in Malaysia. Besides, research on the advantages and disadvantages of the pre-fabrication and cast unmoved methods. In add-on, it will cover the building velocity for existent building undertakings, chiefly in Malaysia.


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